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Monday, March 20, 2017

Motor Monday - Spring is Here!


Well Spring is finally here and even though it's still below zero here I feel like things are looking up! I have anticipatory anxiety about getting back on my bike and getting my bearings again. I can also thank You Tube for showing me endless videos from Motorcycle Vloggers who most of I noticed just like to put GoPros on themselves and talk about useless stuff while they're riding around and there are very, very few women Motorcycle Vloggers! That needs to change.

I'm addicted to Kickstands up and Scootin America with Adam Sandoval. I love Ride with Norman Readus and Babes Ride them too. I can't wait to be a proficient enough rider to make the trek to California to be a part of that. Let me know if the Links don't work, I'm never sure if I do that right.

So that being said, this week I will insure my baby and get back on her. I've told myself that I will be on her everyday I can. Last year there were so many times when I wanted to give up and almost did. I even cried about it one night in frustration of a day of stalling in traffic so much I wanted to die, but I didn't give up. Up until that point I hadn't transferred her over yet because I needed my learners. Once I got that it was off to the Autoplan office nearest me!


My bike came from Alberta and the guy who sold it to us had given us the wrong portion of papers necessary to complete the transfer into my name. Thank goodness he was a friend of our mechanic because we had to get Jon down to the Insurance place and give us the info on the previous owner. After we got that they plugged the info into the computer and it told them that the bike was registered in BC...well...what? They had already gone to my house to check the numbers on my bike and confirmed they matched the papers.

Me: No the papers say Alberta
Ins: The computer says BC
Me: So now what?
Ins: The previous owner needs to come in and straighten it out.
Ins: *blink*

After some minor raging where Choo just sat there quietly and smiled they told us that the previous owner could fax in a specific document to them and we could go from there. We went back home and Choo was about to leave to fax the paper to Alberta. The town only has 1 fax machine at the Post Office and Greg ( previous owner ) was ok with hanging out there until everything was sorted. He gets them, signs and faxes directly to the Autoplan outlet. We go back to the Insurance place and they received the document. Woo Hoo!


Ins: That will be (a stupid amount) per mo. (grabs the debit machine)
Me: Whoa...I have a 40% discount.
Ins: The computer says no you don't.
Me: (lean on the counter) The computer is wrong...

But now my rage is apparent because it's taken us almost 4 hours to get this done and frustration is nipping at me. Choo still sits there quietly smiling away which is really annoying. Finally she finds that I do have a discount and we finish up the paperwork I get my sticker and plates and get to go home and put them on her.

On the way home. I asked Choo why he was smiling.

Choo: Because you were a true biker mama in there ready to lose it if you couldn't get your bike.
Me: Ah...Oh...

Guys are weird.

After practicing all that time in my driveway. Working the clutch, running through how things were going to work without actually being on the bike. The day Choo pulled my bike around front and tossed me the keys was the most exciting and yet most terrifying day of my life. Maybe if the bike was smaller and not a 1200 but I am almost 6 feet tall. Every awful thought went through my head. "What if I can't do this?", "What if I can't balance?", "What if I can't get my feet up?", "OMG is anyone watching me?", well when I turned around my whole family was on the street watching me.

Great...No pressure there.

Choo came up beside me and reminded me of what I needed to do while he made sure my helmet was strapped on tight ( too tight I couldn't open my mouth ) and then stepped back. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears so loud it was like everything else faded away. My bike rumbled underneath me and I thought right at that moment that this machine might be too much, that I'd tip over but I eased on the throttle and slowly let the clutch out. She started to roll, I realized I didn't stall it and so I gave her more gas and got my feet up on the pegs. When I reached the end of the street I had to turn her around and I was not there yet to do it smoothly so I had pretty much mastered the 3 point turn... on a slight incline. Thigh pain...hell ya.

Once I had gotten her straight again I took a deep breath, shook out my shaking right hand ( the other one was still holding the clutch in ) and rolled on the throttle, let the clutch out and off I went back towards my love and support system as they cheered me on. Apparently I had the biggest smile on my face and I hadn't even noticed as I came towards them and stopped. Choo asked me if I was going to keep going when I put the bike back into neutral. I said yes but that my heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in my chest and I just needed a minute to calm down in my excitement.

Best day ever was that first ride for me even though I only went up and down my street about 20 times and only stalled her 3 times (that time just wait).

My family was proud of me, I was proud of myself and the dreams began big and hard just like my bike.

The journey continues...

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