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Monday, August 20, 2012

A Tiny Weekend Review

As far as the weekend went it wasn't too bad...HOT, but not bad. The temperature here has been crazy and during the week I work in the city so it's about 5 or 6 degrees hotter where I live compared to where I work.

The office is air conditioned and since the office is so close to the ocean it's not bad downtown, then the West Coast Express has air con but when to door's open at my stop, you get hit with a wall of heat that makes you want to pass out as soon as you step off. That's not as bad as some places around here. The Fraser Valley is even worse.

A few weeks ago we had and intense storm though that cooled everything right down except for Whiskey who was a basket-case through the whole thing. I'm sure I didn't help him by opening all the doors and screaming EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE every time the thunder rolled across the sky. I was really excited! The thunder shook the house so hard the cat bounced off my head, Smokey started barking, Cali hid under the bed and just when you thought it was almost over, Whiskey had FINALLY stop panting like he ran a marathon, a second storm passed over then the shaking and panting would started again...for 5 hours!

Wait, I wandered off there...where was I?

Oh ya,

So Friday night it was too hot to sleep or even think and that makes it hard to write, especially when I constantly make changes to the story. I re-motivated myself thinking of a new angle for my main character and I was up until after 2am thinking about it. Unfortunately every time I picked up my laptop to write though, the heat coming from it was crazy and completely unwanted so I closed it and went to my trusty pen and paper. At least I didn't lose anything in my head.

Sat night I went out for Greek food and to see ' Campaign ' with Smassin and Panda. The movie was funny! I'm not a big Will Ferrel fan but Zack what's-his-pickle was funny doing absolutely nothing! When I got home T and Craig were there with full on baby bump! I mean FULL ON BABY BUMP! I asked her if there was 2 in there and I think she went a little pale. Thank god she took out the bellybutton ring though I was getting worried that someone was going to lose an eye if it popped out of there.

Sunday was overcast and mellow. There was a car show in town so we took off and went to that. I could not believe how many people were packed into our tiny downtown core, it seems like more everyday. Lots more people with dogs and kids because the weather was cooler. I'd have pics but somehow my camera got jacked or my house sucked it into a vortex to a place that collects crap, which is possible because we're always losing things to find them in a completely different place than we remember leaving them.

Well that's how the weekend went and I heard rumours that we're in for another Thunder storm sometime this week which means I'll be trying to lure Whiskey out from under my feet...again.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Fun Never Stops!

Well again it's been a little bit since I've been here. I had some vacation time and tried to unplug myself for a bit which was easy because it was just way too hot to even think. If you read
Facebook I love to hate you. you would now how hard that is!
It was sooo hot it was like you could feel your skin start to blister as soon as you stepped out into it and that was at 9am!!

So in the spirit of some fun in the sun I found this and if I could get any member my zoo to be as friendly as these two it would be a barrel of laughs!

I'm sure this is how my cats feel in the sun which is why they hide in my room all day.

I will never understand how my dogs can lay on my skin melting deck and survive but meh... they do!
I will add pics of the ever growing zoo especially now that Sese has brought in 2 fire belly toads
Pasty and Eddy although... the Patsy is constantly being pinned down by the Eddy and the noise they make at night sounds like squeaky bed springs. Kind of disturbing at first coming out of Sese's room.

Guess what ( drum roll please )... Smokey is back!!

He is such a good boy and now the socializing begins with Whiskey and Cali. So far so good except when walking all three, Whiskey squeals like a dying pig, ( I have no idea if they do that ) if one of the other 2 is anywhere in front of him and Cali does doughnuts practically taking out my knees because Smokey comes up behind her and tries to sniff her butt.

I snuck this post in on my break but more will follow!