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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Body In The Road...

This random Thursday I felt the urge to share with you the events of yesterday because it actually rattled me a lot more than I thought it did at the time.

When I get into Downtown Vancouver I have a few blocks to walk to work after I get off my bus. As I walked that towards my office I turned a corner and ran directly into police tape. A quick look to the right an there was a body in the road. It was covered already thank goodness and it took a second to realize that I was being re-directed back the way I came and back around the block.

The next thing I noticed was that there were only 2 police cars, coroner and someone taking photos of the scene. it seemed oddly quiet and light of presence. I got upstairs and some of the ladies were looking out the window speculating on what happened but nothing said seemed to fit what we were looking at. I have never seen a body covered or not outside of family members that passed suddenly and that was no picnic either those memories stay with you when you tried to help and couldn't, but what I saw yesterday layered a level of sadness on top of the shock.

Our receptionist is lightning quick and found only one little blip about what happened and it was possible that it was a suicide which would explain the lack of presence and the eerie quiet. I never claim to understand how or why people commit suicide but the see that and then hear the possible cause makes me curious as to what was so bad that ending your life was the only course of action.

This isn't official yet, just what we've heard so far.

One of my girls fights with anxiety and depression everyday and she's usually pretty good but we had an incident recently where her thoughts turned that way and thank goodness she turned to me. I know that for her sometimes when altering her meds, suicidal thoughts are a side effect but when she tells me that she feels like a burden and feels like her not being here would make my life easier. I honestly want to shake her and then hold her so tight and never let her go. So I told her that her not being here would make my life harder not easier. My girls are my heart and soul and I can't survive myself without either of them. I would be a very dark person if I lost one or god forbid both of them.

So she hates it when I'm mad at her and that is like never...and really everyone hates it when I'm mad period so I told her that I would be very upset and angry if she ever left me like that especially thinking it would be better for me.

Yes I guilted my child, I won't apologize for that and I made her laugh when I said it so we're good.

I'm glad to say though that she is feeling better now. I just had to get it out of my head because I usually like to keep things pretty light here and yet every now and then there is a serious note. Yesterday with the unknown man in the road it made me think.

Alright I'm done now.

See Ya

Monday, January 18, 2016

Short and Sweet That's How It Is.

Hello Lovelies!

How was your week?

Mine was good, well Saturday was kind of a blur  but I distinctly remember going our for dinner to our local PUB and feeling the floor shake from the excitement of the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals game. There were definitely more Packers fans in the PUB than Cards fans and I am not a Packers fan  but I felt for them in their defeat  as I clapped for the  Cards. I do love football even though it's been a long time since I have followed an entire season. I'll follow my teams progress but the Sunday game day ritual has been lost in the raising of my kids. That night though it felt good to be around people that were excited about the NFL Playoffs and reminded me of that part of me that's drifted away.

Sunday I went for lunch and a Matinee with one of my besties to see Daddy's Home . I hmmm and hawwwed at first because I'm not really a Will Ferrell Fan. I do watch his movies but it's less for him and more for those co-starring with him because he's one of the ones like Adam Sandler that was stuck doing the same types of movies but I love Adam Sandler either way though the movie was funnier than I thought it was going to be and I found myself laughing so hard at a few scenes that I couldn't breathe. It was good to have that time out with her for the afternoon.

My writing has been pretty solid and I'm proud of myself for that since distractions are constant. I have added a Book Tracking Tab above so that you can see which books I've read over the course of the year. I'm still finishing the list for 2015 properly because when I was tracking the books last year I didn't have them listed under the name of the book, more like the name of the series but anyway I'm still hoping that I can finish web story this year and begin the next one.

I can't even get into the deaths this month. The news is everywhere and anywhere and has saddened many hearts.

So short and sweet it is again as I head into the 3rd week of the season but I'll see you soon enough in  some capacity because some surprises are in store.

Possible a Puppy naming intervention and campaign (long story).

Happy Birthday to Blondunicorn! I have been tormenting her this morning with pics of her gift that she won't see until after midnight because she has a job that takes her normal days away. So far it's working and some of the guesses she's had have been down right scandalous.

Ok guys have a great week!

See Ya

Monday, January 11, 2016

It's All A Blur

Morning Lovelies!

This one will be short and sweet. Let's hope anyway!

It's funny how the weekend can sometimes be so boring but yet speed by and you're only left with a 48 hour blur.

Friday night was a cooking frenzy ( that I should have Instagramed but yes I was slacking ) I love it when someone stops by with a club pack of meat, shoves it in my face and without actually saying "cook for me" instead says "So I hear some food's being made here tonight." with pleading eyes. come on now food is being made every night.

Sat might have resulted in a couple of hospital trips because Friday night it rained and then promptly froze over so anyone coming down our front walkway well...not all of them made it to the door upright and all 3 dogs almost slid right off the deck to their impending doom. Everyone was alright though!

As a bonus from work I received a gift card so how did I spend it? Making dinner for 8 people 6 of whom live there already so it wasn't much of a stretch. T was home for the night and desperately wanting food that didn't contain Beaners and Wiens as she so innocently put it but me and Lo almost died laughing and forever now Beans and Wieners will never be the same. I love having her home and in a good head space. We used to be a household that had Sunday dinners every week with friends and I miss that too. I miss them, some more than others as the people we knew have drifted away over the years but maybe it's a sign to have that weekly thing come back.

Now my posts for the next 6 weeks will probably be sporadic since work will take up alot of my brain along with attempting to de-clutter my house. You know the problem with cleaning things out to get rid of them? Letting go of the things you feel obligated to keep. First my living room looks like a bomb hit it because for everything I take out and recycle, throw out or choose to donate, the pile on my couch gets bigger. What do you keep and what should go?

I guess though that if this is the year to Go Big then I should just tank it all, right?...oh boy...we'll see how that goes.

Ok guys, have a good week. I'll try to stay in touch!

See Ya.

Monday, January 4, 2016

And So It Begins...

Welcome to the New Year Lovelies!

    I hope your New Years was all you wanted it to be. I ended up ringing in the new year with my little Peanut and Sese. Ok P almost made it to midnight at about 11:45 he finally fell asleep so I rang it in with Sese and her online friends who since they were in Ohio and Massachusetts they had theirs before us. I attempted to watch 3 different movies but little man was having none of that so we watched the Croods...what a bizarre movie...that he didn't watch for more than 20 mins because he was having too much fun being the tiny human wrecking ball.

    I got calls from the kids periodically throughout the night from a party they were at and I have to say you guys are ridiculous but highly funny in your need to share with me what was going on for you even when it involves things that confuse me and make no sense. Feeling the love kiddies!

    Vancouver finally put on a New Years celebration on the waterfront so I got to watch a countdown that wasn't taped 3 hrs prior to ours. Now as much as I love my West Coast  home I think the only place I would go to ring in the New Year in frigid temps would be New York just to be in Times Square as the ball dropped and the confetti was free to fly. That would be something to see.

    Now that we're in the new year...what next? We are 4 days in to 2016 and although nothing has changed it feels like everything has changed. The way I'm thinking going into few months (besides the urge to jump out the window because RRSP season is starting) is going to be more about what I need to be a functioning, well rounded happy...mostly happy person.

    By the end of the 2015 I had read 53 books and had posted various things about my shock at that achievement for me. I didn't even realize it was an achievement I was only keeping track of what I had read and then someone asked my why I don't review the books I've read.

    Simple...I am not a reviewer on that level or any level. I mean sure I have mentioned books that I've liked or not ( Wolf Gift ) but I'm not sure that is in my realm of well anything really. If I like something I really like it. I'll tweet and message the authors when I fall in love with a book or series and I know they probably don't even see it except for JR Ward and Kim Harrison who responded and made me a very happy girl. Anyway...where was I? Oh ya I don't think I'm qualified to voice my opinion in that format. Does that make sense? My goal this year though is too finish writing my own book and read those that have been suggested to me by other authors and push my own boundaries.

And they will be pushed, pushed and pushed again I'm sure. so if you have any thoughts or suggestions of a good read or 3 let me know!

    So after seeing our first snow fall here that will be all washed away tomorrow I'm full of energy and hope that this will be a great long as I survive RRSP season without injury, jail time or being committed to a facility after having a breakdown.
I kid...sort of.

Some revamping will be happening as I change everything for a fresh look that will occur periodically throughout the month and I'm sure after that I'll look a little like this...

Ok guys, off I go.

Have a great week

See Ya