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Friday, June 21, 2013

I Think I Snorted When I Laughed

I've been talking to a few people and it seems like this is the year of changes for almost all of them. At first I thought it was just people around my age but it's not just them.

Many employment changes, weddings, babies, graduations, dreams and nightmares. You all know about the changes going on in my life so far. Now after B has pulled it together and graduated early. she's all done! 

My girls are grown and their lives are their own...NOW WHAT? Trying to figure out what to do with myself seems to be the hardest part now that I'm laid off even though I'm still not quite off yet.

I always try to focus on the humour in The Zoo and there's plenty of it. It's hard to pick which one to talk about. I have a pick for this week and it's kind of at her expense but hey...she's used to it and does it to herself! Now my girl has this bucket list of weird things she wants to do. One of those things is to go grocery shopping in Walmart in a gorilla suit.

Why you ask?...

Because she's bat shit crazy that's why.

So me being me stepped it up a notch and fed into crazy.

Me: Why a gorilla?
Her: I don't know? I just have to do it!

Me: But why a Gorilla? Why not an Orangutan or...OMG a Baboon! (The light-bulb over my head shows up just as horror starts to sneak into her eyes)
       You have chaps! (She rides a Harley)
      We can paint your ass blue! (Horror fully takes over)

Her: Why?...

Me: But it would be so funny! (Almost falling off my chair laughing because I can really SEE her doing this!)
Her: NO!
        No ass painting,
        NO chaps...

Me: Go big or go home... (I think I even snorted when I laughed)
Her: Woman don't throw that in my face!

The conversation quickly changes from NO to BABY STEPS! So if you see a crazy woman in a Walmart in the Lower Mainland in a monkey suit of some sort and it's not Halloween check and see if her ass is blue. Take a pic, a good one because I know I will!

See Ya

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sneaking it in!

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry for the constant delays but I should be back on track soon! I'm doing a side job right now so I'm still sort of working! Hooray!

Now it seems like I'm chasing the time off, which is perfectly fine by me. Once I get the time off though I can concentrate on upcoming and ongoing projects. I would like to concentrate more on my writing and another project with a friend.

You will have to check back shortly for the next 2 pics I have yet to upload. They will be there though! I have them ready.

Ok guys gotta sneak away now but I'll be back... frequently.

See Ya,