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Monday, December 29, 2014

Farewell 2014...Good Riddance!

Ok I can't really say was better that 2013 that's for sure. Slowly moving upward just too slow in some cases am I right?

How were your Holidays? Some of you I'm sure are still on holidays so in that suck. Mine were unexpectedly painful simply because in this case...well... boys are dumb. I'm fine with a drink or two on Christmas Eve and do my baking and prep work for the Christmas Day while in between I'd watch The 100 for a girl at work so she has someone to talk about it with because no one she knows watches the show.

My plans were hijacked by a bottle of Appleton Estates ( give or take the other 2 bottles of I don't remember what ) a couple of shots glasses and the persistence of the boys that wanted to spread Christmas cheer through our home...and alcohol poisoning.

That on top of no food all day is the biggest mistake ever...I mean really...ever. The picture says it all.

There is a reason why people at my age don't drink like we're 20 anymore and it's because, WE'RE NOT 20 ANYMORE! Now as far as I can remember it was a fun time but the next day was not fun. Not fun at all and I will never drink like that again. Even though I was hungover as hell and almost didn't get the turkey in on time because the thought of it made my stomach roll, I did it and it all worked out really well. At least I wasn't the only one that had to deal with the pressures of a Christmas hangover. Bean had to nap all day on and off. Blondunicorn had to work from 3pm -11pm that day and was not looking forward to that at all but she made it.

Now the boys...lmao! I haven't seen one of them since that night and the other ( the whiner that started it all in the first place ) I was glad to hear that he barely survived the day too and has now said at his young age that he is done drinking for a while too!

My work is have seen the errors of your ways, now stay away from me.

So besides it taking 2 days to recover everything was good and mellow while thoughts of the New Year ahead filled my brain. I love New Years Eve even if I'm at home watching retro videos with apple juice. This year though it's a game of Monopoly Empire where I'm going to prevent Blondunicorn from owning Coca-Cola while we ring in the new year all quiet and sober with only a glass at midnight and that is just fine with me.

I don't like Resolutions only because it's like as soon as it's out of your mouth it's destined to fail but it's safe to say that my only Resolution is to make the next year better and fabulous! All wrapped up with a nice little bow.

As my last post of 2014 I wish you all a Happy New Year be safe and all of that and I hope that everything you wish for comes true!

See Ya

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry...? Happy...? Geez...

Well Hello Lovelies!

Second to last post of the year and with Christmas coming up in a few short days this will be a short one too.

Me and mine just wanted to wish you and yours a very...

and every other politically correct and diverse Holiday greeting that goes with it from now until the end of the year!

Have a great weeks guys and I hope that your holidays are fabulous!

See Ya

Monday, December 15, 2014

More Awful Xmas Gifts!!!!

Hi Lovelies!

I have the beginnings of a cold (Thanks B) so if some of this blog doesn't make sense you can blame the fogginess in my head.

I'll have one more post before Christmas and after only 2 more it will be a whole new year, once more full of things we hope to do and probably won't but we'll try!

I'm trying to see how this is a bad one? Cheesy YES but completely useful! I have a couple of spider freaks for friends that would LOVE not having to get close the bugs they fear!

I think my cats and dogs would love this one! Oh wait only 1 cat and one dog. Bosco would run and hide...forever, Cali would bark and attack it, Oz would stare at it with loathing, Whiskey would have a panic attack and not know what to do. Smokey and Bast though both of them would probably roll over and indulge themselves! I still think it's awful though and if you notice the top of the box there's a Turtle? a Ferret a Lamb and a Horse?? A Turtle??? 

<b><a href="" target="_blank">PET PETTER</a></b> $8<br /><br />
For those who find pet ownership a stressful and angst-ridden exercise, this device eliminates actually having to touch your pet ever again. Now the only thing you’re responsible for is picking up poop. (Okay, the device is fake. It's actually just a prank box, but, really, who wants an empty box for Christmas?!)

This one...well it makes me want to watch Golf just to see if anyone has one...but we all know they don't. Uroclub! The golf club with a Pee receptacle! 

<strong><a href="" target="_blank">UROCLUB</a></strong>, $24.95.<br /><br />
For the golfer and flagrant urinator in your life, there's the UroClub, a golf club that's actually a pee receptacle. And as you'll note in the photo, the UroClub comes with a "privacy shield" (loincloth) to protect whatever dignity one has left.

And this because, you know...Jason needs a girlfriend. It's really Rejuvenique a system to remove wrinkles or in a horror movie thought, sear the skin off your face and make you a hideous monster that seeks revenge from pretty people!

<strong><a href="" target="_blank">REJUVENIQUE</a></strong>, $28.99.<br /><br />
Serial-killer mask? No, it's just Rejuvenique, a mask that's supposed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles with the help of a 9-volt battery strapped to your face. On the plus side, it's recession-friendly, and can double as a hockey mask or Halloween costume.

Wait...I like this one...let's move on!

<strong><a href="" target="blank">COFFIN COUCH</a></strong>, $3,500.<br /><br />Who wants to be reminded of their own mortality while vegging on the couch watching <i>Six Feet Under</i>?

Do you know what this is! It's a ticket to Heaven complete with everything you'll need to ensure your entrance past those pearly gates. I can see the Infomercial now! 

Worried about getting into heaven?
Do you think there won't be space?
Reserve you place now with easy to use Ticket to Heaven Reservation Kit! 

No Fuss
No Muss 
A guaranteed spot waits for you!

<strong><a href="" target="blank">TICKET TO HEAVEN</a></strong>, $12.79.<br /><br />These tickets are for the trip of a lifetime — heaven. They come complete with a handy travel kit that includes a certificate of your reservation, the Official Heaven Identification Card, and a Heaven 101 informational guide. We wonder what their returns and exchanges policy is.

Ok this one is the best...When someone in your family or friends insists they don't want anything for the holidays, they probably don't mean that they want you to get them Nothing. But this'll teach them or me because I'm always the one that says nothing

<strong><a href="" target="_blank">NOTHING</a></strong>, £3.99.<br /><br />
When your significant other insists they don't want anything for the holidays, they probably don't mean that they want you to get them Nothing. But this'll teach them.

Except for the first one these are courtesy of Marie Claire.

Ok guys, Have a good week!

See Ya

Monday, December 8, 2014

Weird and Awful Christmas Gift Time!

Hi Guys!

It's that time again! I can't even remember if I did this last year or not??? Oh Well it's here this year!

Last Wednesday I posted a link to some weird gift ideas for Weird News Wednesday and that made me look for more! The link below will take you to the Huffington Post weird gift page from last week.

Let the fun begin!

For you smokers that want to keep your hands warm and still be able to indulge...and yet still have to take your hands in and out of them not only to place that cigarette but light it and put it out. I see it being more work that just having numb fingers.

This next one is just creepy but boy does that kid look happy! Doesn't it remind you of the original Total Recall in a way?

If you're ever really that lonely...I think you might need a little help. Its coping a feel and she looks like she likes it!

I...ahhh...I...don't even know what this is supposed to be besides one moose head away from a restraining order.

For the fisherman in the family! I have nothing else to say...they are fish...on feet...nope.

You must hate who gets these...blow bubbles! I dare ya!

Kind of sweet...maybe...if you're mushy like that and do you lift it from the pan to the plate? It seems like more work than necessary, I mean what if it breaks? Then you have a broken egg heart and that's just sad.

So it's back to the grind! I'm hunting for more before the big day arrives and looking a nice long board game to play on New Years Eve!

I need suggestions!

Have a great week!
See Ya.