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Friday, September 28, 2012

Bring on the Netflix...eventually.

It’s Friday! So in an effort to be more present and just because I had something interesting (at least to me) happen I figured why not!
So last night I’m in the kitchen trying to make Lipton Sidekicks Broccoli and Cheese rice, which isn’t even rice anymore but vermicelli (drives me crazy). Sese was looking for something one her cell phone and found a new show she’d never heard of that’s a NETFLIX EXCLUSIVE show. Obviously she wants to see what the show is like but we don’t have Netflix and have never really considered it.

Sese: Mom we should get Netflix!
Me: (Stirring gingerly) uh huh
Sese: No really we should get it!
Me: (hmmm that looks like too much water) You need a credit card…
Sese: I have a credit card!
Me: (still trying to figure out how to not turn the crap to mush) Well there you go then!
Sese: Alright! Let’s do this!

She proceeds to turn on the PS3 and connect to install Netflix, however you’re supposed to do that and her excitement turns to something not so cheery when she realizes that she will need to update the PlayStation first.
I don’t know how many updates it had to do but all I heard for the next 10 minutes was “ Oh my god! “ , “ come on!” , and  “If you load again, I’m gonna be sooo mad!” The frustration is making her straight hair curly in my opinion but the worst thing was the big deep sighs and groans coming from her.

Patience my dear it’ll be over soon.
Shortly after that, the cheeriness returned as she subscribed and used her credit card to get the family some more TV viewing! Not that we need more but I guess it’s nice to have more variety. Expecting that her sister Bean would be excited about Netflix, Sese told her with more excitement than I’ve seen this week since she’s been fighting off a cold. Unfortunately Bean was not as enthusiastic as Sese hoped with barely a grunt about it. Obviously too concerned with raiding the fridge to make some weird concoction right before dinner.
So after all of that, Sese scrolled through the menu and promptly turned it off to watch regular TV and then go read a book.
Remind me to never buy that rice again because cheese and broccoli covered vermicelli does not appeal to me at all. It did turn out fantastic though on the texture side!
 I didn’t burn any of it!!

Monday, September 24, 2012


My very favourite season of all the seasons! Warm filling comfort foods that mark the beginning of the weight gain for the rest of the year. I'm excited because all I want to do is bake and fatten up the kids since the weather was too hot for eating anything except freezies, Slurpee's and DQ Blizzard's for a month. Among all of that is the odd salad or two because it was just to hot to cook.

Fall also brings out my creative side.

I got quite a bit of writing done this weekend! Go figure, the sun goes away and I can focus. Adding the changes to the storyline actually came easier than I thought they would. There's still more research involved but it's fitting together better now. I was having this insane problem of separating one of my characters from my youngest daughter. I didn't realize how her drama queen ways had flowed in it.

I love you Bean but you know you are the Queen of the Dramatic! Oh besides T, you both go from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds.

When I write the angst of the character she comes to mind which is fitting because in some way shape or form some of the characters are loosely patterned after certain people in my life and I'm enjoying testing their fictional limits now that I'm into the core of the story.

I'm still trying to weed through and edit Choo's late mother's story too but I feel like I'm hacking it to pieces. My biggest problem there is that there are just way too many characters. She named and gave a voice to almost every character she has... and there's A LOT of them. Her story is and end of the world si-fi story so we have many, many people in a small contained area. I wish she was here so I knew who could be faded more into the background than others. Unfortunately along with the editing comes the rewriting. Sometimes I just have to tuck it back into the case and walk away.

For those that asked about Oz, He's fine a tough kitty he is!

Now without bells all of them have gone back to rat hunting but now as a team...



Monday, September 17, 2012

What does it take to stay asleep around here?

The end of Summer in sight and my favourite season is about to start! The kids are back in school for their last year and the weather cools down to become to cozy comfort zone that I love it to be. The weekends are full of baking and filling foods that make any house a home.

Before we get to that stuff though, the summer officially needs to end. That doesn't seem likely with the heat we still have here in Vancouver and as much as I love animals (wild and all) I have a couple of Coyotes that I hope will freeze to death ( I know they won't ) because they almost killed my cat a week or so ago.

If it wasn't for California barking I would not have woken up in time to save Oz's ass from the 2 Coyotes trying to rip his precious face off! Now I've heard all of the "keep your cat's inside!" speeches already and the fact is, that they are cats and I'm allergic. Litter boxes are not a good thing. So why do I have cats??? 10 years ago my beloved dog died and Choo gave me Oz for mother's day shortly after. I was not expecting that seeing as I'M ALLERGIC.

The kitten stage seemed to be the worst of the allergy phase for me but, I knew he would have to go outside. Later on after we had to move and give up our other dog, I couldn't have Oz be alone so along came Boscoe as a buddy for him. Bast..? Well she's Bean's baby. When threatened to be left outside to fend for herself B brought her home and there she stays.

I didn't go back to sleep and spent 2 hours looking for Bast on Coyote night to make sure she wasn't their next meal. Only to find her sitting pretty on the porch when I went to let Smokey out to do his morning thing.

In Oz's 10 yrs we have never had an issue with any animals except other cats. He promptly kicks the crap out of them and they then avoid our yard. So coming in and out of the house has never been a problem besides that... they are hunters and they should hunt. He had a couple of puncture wounds but he's ok and really seems unfazed by the whole thing. I can say I'll never own another cat after these guys pass on.

A few days later while trying to catch up on some missed sleep from the Coyote fiasco I'm woken up at 1:30am to the sound of an explosion that scared the shit out of me! I had to think for a second about where I was and if I was dreaming. Nope...a transformer blow up outside of my house knocking out the power. Then just as I'm about to tumble back into dreamland the fire trucks start rolling slowly up the street which is almost louder than driving quickly, next comes the flashing lights of BC Hydro to fix the damage.

I drift off finally, and get woken up by the buzzing sound of my DVD player coming back to life as the power comes back on.  So sleepy once again I wake up and go to work.

A few days after that I get a frantic phone call at work from home saying that there is a swat team next door and they are kicking in the back door because... drum roll... well go figure it's a GROW-OP! I'm sure I've mentioned them before, the neighbours with what I call the Red Neck swimming pool? Maybe not but their pool was a wooden box about 4' x 6' with a pool liner in it. I wish I got pictures of that.

They're old-er-ish? Since my landlord owns about 5 properties on the block, now all of our houses need to be inspected and that's fine but for some reason my world gets turned upside down because of their stupidity.

A guy I work with says that in PoCo every other house has a dog or a grow-op in it.

So much happened and all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn't even mention the other little things that caused me aggravation but that's another blog post waiting to happen.

So for now that's it and as for the coyotes...I'll get you little bastards.