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Monday, March 27, 2017

First Ride of the Season Disappointment.

Well Happy Motor Monday!

So this Monday Segment seems to be going well!

 It amazes me how welcoming the Motorcycle community is overall. I have met and made many new contacts and hopefully friends in the process. Where I would usually be quiet and watchful, I have engaged with people from all over. It's funny that when it comes to Motorcycles and Books I have met the most interesting people from all over.

Last Wednesday I went out and got Insurance for my bike. Now I second guessed myself at every turn there. "Should I get it now?", "Should I wait?", "Maybe it's not the right time?" I took the day off of work specifically for this reason and I knew that it was more my fear riding me than anything else because if I was Insured then I would have no excuse not to ride. Now don't get me wrong, I am so stoked and excited to ride that I vibrate but that nagging voice in the back of my head says things like. "You've forgotten what you've learned.", "It was a one off season.", "You didn't ride enough."

True did I ride as much as I wanted to? No Partially because by other half would take my bike out more than I could once his broke down. This made me angry on so many levels but I didn't feel like I had the right to say no since he gave me the bike in the first place. It wasn't even him riding it that was my issue it was the free for all he took with her. If I had the opportunity to ride, i couldn't. I'd come home from work and my bike would be gone. this also made me hesitant to insure it because he's in the process of building his Trike and with me having insurance he'll figure he can have his way.


Does me saying no make me a bitch?

I mean I hope not but at the same time I don't care. It's my bike right?

Anyway, I trucked off to my Autoplan office with my papers. Never told Choo where I was going, I just decided that you know what? I was going to do it...and I did. My Insurance guy was happy to see me when we went into his office to start the paperwork. He looked at me and said "You're going to's March!"

I said "Uh huh.." and got back a hefty "Good for you!" he doesn't insure his until June but I figured if I'm insuring for a year then it doesn't matter when it starts. By the end of it I left with my plates, my current discount and being informed that next month I qualify for Road Star. The highest discount offered with a handshake and a bold "Have a good day Road Warrior." ( Ya...I beamed at that)

I made my way home with a bounce in my step in the rain and when I got in Choo asked me how my walk was so I tossed my plate in his lap and his eyes lit up. Right then I told him not to get that look in his eyes.

The rest of the week was plagued by rain so on Sat morning I went out to fire up my girl and do a pre-trip check before I go through the motions of dusting off my young skills. when I sat on her, I kid you not it felt like home and like she was happy I was there. I stroked her tank and asked myself why I was so terrified, I mean I'm still super nervous to get back out on the road but the memory of how she felt under me knocked some of the edge off. So I put the key in and...nothing.

My heart would have sunk but I was aware that it was possible the battery would be dead. this winter it was left outside temporarily when the temp dropped and we got snow. Choo had told me when he put her away that the battery was dead and he would attempt to charge it. Apparently that didn't happen, I also noticed that my rear tire was flat. Not completely but enough to cause me worry about a hole in which case I'll blame him because he rode the shit out of her. ( I think I'm bitter.)

He did come out and helped me change the battery, giving me his battery and making the hair stand on the back of my neck because I know what this will mean, so on my list is to buy a new one myself. After we tested and replaced the battery I gave it another shot, Fuel on, Choke out, made sure she was in neutral and started her up.

I love that sound...

We inflated the tire and I noticed what looked like a track line of where the rubber has worn away also causing me concern and this time my heart did start to sink until Choo produced another tire the same size and barely worn. Unfortunately I'll have to take it in to get put on but I'd rather be safe than sorry right?

I took video of it so to watch click the link below. Beware I am not good at that!

First ride of the season disappointment.

So this is all a part of the process right?

See ya next week!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Motor Monday - Spring is Here!


Well Spring is finally here and even though it's still below zero here I feel like things are looking up! I have anticipatory anxiety about getting back on my bike and getting my bearings again. I can also thank You Tube for showing me endless videos from Motorcycle Vloggers who most of I noticed just like to put GoPros on themselves and talk about useless stuff while they're riding around and there are very, very few women Motorcycle Vloggers! That needs to change.

I'm addicted to Kickstands up and Scootin America with Adam Sandoval. I love Ride with Norman Readus and Babes Ride them too. I can't wait to be a proficient enough rider to make the trek to California to be a part of that. Let me know if the Links don't work, I'm never sure if I do that right.

So that being said, this week I will insure my baby and get back on her. I've told myself that I will be on her everyday I can. Last year there were so many times when I wanted to give up and almost did. I even cried about it one night in frustration of a day of stalling in traffic so much I wanted to die, but I didn't give up. Up until that point I hadn't transferred her over yet because I needed my learners. Once I got that it was off to the Autoplan office nearest me!


My bike came from Alberta and the guy who sold it to us had given us the wrong portion of papers necessary to complete the transfer into my name. Thank goodness he was a friend of our mechanic because we had to get Jon down to the Insurance place and give us the info on the previous owner. After we got that they plugged the info into the computer and it told them that the bike was registered in BC...well...what? They had already gone to my house to check the numbers on my bike and confirmed they matched the papers.

Me: No the papers say Alberta
Ins: The computer says BC
Me: So now what?
Ins: The previous owner needs to come in and straighten it out.
Ins: *blink*

After some minor raging where Choo just sat there quietly and smiled they told us that the previous owner could fax in a specific document to them and we could go from there. We went back home and Choo was about to leave to fax the paper to Alberta. The town only has 1 fax machine at the Post Office and Greg ( previous owner ) was ok with hanging out there until everything was sorted. He gets them, signs and faxes directly to the Autoplan outlet. We go back to the Insurance place and they received the document. Woo Hoo!


Ins: That will be (a stupid amount) per mo. (grabs the debit machine)
Me: Whoa...I have a 40% discount.
Ins: The computer says no you don't.
Me: (lean on the counter) The computer is wrong...

But now my rage is apparent because it's taken us almost 4 hours to get this done and frustration is nipping at me. Choo still sits there quietly smiling away which is really annoying. Finally she finds that I do have a discount and we finish up the paperwork I get my sticker and plates and get to go home and put them on her.

On the way home. I asked Choo why he was smiling.

Choo: Because you were a true biker mama in there ready to lose it if you couldn't get your bike.
Me: Ah...Oh...

Guys are weird.

After practicing all that time in my driveway. Working the clutch, running through how things were going to work without actually being on the bike. The day Choo pulled my bike around front and tossed me the keys was the most exciting and yet most terrifying day of my life. Maybe if the bike was smaller and not a 1200 but I am almost 6 feet tall. Every awful thought went through my head. "What if I can't do this?", "What if I can't balance?", "What if I can't get my feet up?", "OMG is anyone watching me?", well when I turned around my whole family was on the street watching me.

Great...No pressure there.

Choo came up beside me and reminded me of what I needed to do while he made sure my helmet was strapped on tight ( too tight I couldn't open my mouth ) and then stepped back. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears so loud it was like everything else faded away. My bike rumbled underneath me and I thought right at that moment that this machine might be too much, that I'd tip over but I eased on the throttle and slowly let the clutch out. She started to roll, I realized I didn't stall it and so I gave her more gas and got my feet up on the pegs. When I reached the end of the street I had to turn her around and I was not there yet to do it smoothly so I had pretty much mastered the 3 point turn... on a slight incline. Thigh pain...hell ya.

Once I had gotten her straight again I took a deep breath, shook out my shaking right hand ( the other one was still holding the clutch in ) and rolled on the throttle, let the clutch out and off I went back towards my love and support system as they cheered me on. Apparently I had the biggest smile on my face and I hadn't even noticed as I came towards them and stopped. Choo asked me if I was going to keep going when I put the bike back into neutral. I said yes but that my heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in my chest and I just needed a minute to calm down in my excitement.

Best day ever was that first ride for me even though I only went up and down my street about 20 times and only stalled her 3 times (that time just wait).

My family was proud of me, I was proud of myself and the dreams began big and hard just like my bike.

The journey continues...

Monday, March 13, 2017

Motor Monday Journal Of A New Rider #1

Something new but yet not new.

I've been having a lot of anxiety or just plain terror at getting back on my bike. I hear this is normal but that doesn't help the feelings. What do I do when I have feelings to sort through??
I write them down so what better way than to write them here and work out my issues in my usual public way on a weekly basis.

Don't worry my ridiculousness will still follow between Wed and Fri.

As most of you know I started riding a motorcycle last April. In the beginning I was pretty apprehensive about it. 2 years ago my other half brought me home...for my birthday an 1971 BSA Thunderbolt. This was to be a build bike and I was pissed. He had asked me about the bike before hand and I told him no...emphatically. Not even an hour later a truck pulled up with the bike. I got over my anger pretty quickly though once I sat on it.

Build bike I could handle and she needs a lot of work. I figured I could take my time. Get to know how I felt about riding.

I stripped her down...yes her. Sexy Bitch is what I call her because that's what she'll be one day.

Last April just before my birthday Choo once again came home with a bike...for me...2001 HD Sportster 1200 all silver and black.

Again I was pissed. For me it was an unnecessary purchase. I didn't know how to ride, no interest. Yet anyway, I had committed to the BSA in you know like 5 years or something dumb like that but here in front of me was a fully functional motorcycle...oh...god. So with that came a sudden pressure as my bestie has her 91' Sportster and another close friend was in the process of building his. Choo was waiting for his Softtail to be delivered from Alberta, so here stood... mine.

And did she intimidate the hell out of me. I stood there for I don't even know how long trying to process that I now had a motorcycle and not just a motorcycle but a Harley Davidson bike, me who doesn't even own a car. I know that I put the pressure on myself every second I stood there looking at her.

"Well then..." I said. "It looks like it's you and me."

The second I said it I felt like the air had been sucked out of me. I had been around bikes, ridden on the back but never on my own so for me to even think about being in control of one, and a big one was terrifying but I accepted that I was just going to have to learn sooner than I had planned. Once that acceptance settled in the whispers started. I like to think it was the bike telling me that it was going to be ok, that we'd work together and get to know each other and build our relationship.

I probably just needed meds.

After that day all I thought about was riding but I had time because I couldn't transfer her over into my name until I had a license so with that I hit the books and studied. I looked over her backwards and forwards until I could identify all of the controls and the parts I needed to and what they did. I would imagine myself going through the motions that would be needed to operate the bike. My brother in law would give me tips and talk to me about tipping points, friction zones and pointers on what I might expect. He'd make me straddle the bike and gently sway her back and forth so I could accustom myself to her weight and balance. Things I could investigate and research before I even turned the key because that's what I do.

Just a brother helping a sister out and he never did it in an overbearing way. Sure he'd pick on me and ask me to get on it so we could go to Tim Horton's but he took all of my questions seriously and all of the riders I knew did the same but I wouldn't start the bike until I had my learners license and that was my own choice.

I finally went to go write the test and here you have to have a drivers license in order to get your motorcycle license so I had to write 2 tests one after the other and passed them both after serious anxiety over the motorcycle test. You had never seen a happier girl.

Taking a course had been thrown at me on more than one occasion in conversation even now but I'm one of those people that lives pay cheque to pay cheque and I simply can't afford to take it having a family of 6. I've been self taught my whole life. I taught myself how to ride a bicycle, skateboard, ice skate I'm not dumb enough to think I could do this without instruction, that I had from multiple sources and the Internet is wonderful on the theory aspect. Don't get me wrong though, I could have taken the course which I should have back then but in all honesty I was scared to be put in a situation with other people that could observe my possible failure because my brain went there telling me I couldn't do it.

Stupid I know so if you ever have the option...Take the course.

Over the past year so much has changed in the way I see riding and how I'm finding the "Me" in it all and wanting to be around other women riders and submerged in the culture.

As I go along I will include Information sources on all sorts of stuff including my completions and failures. Is that pessimistic or realistic?

I guess we'll find out because this is a life altering journey for me and I'm more than happy to share the experience.

So concludes this Motor Monday.

See Ya!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Sammydress Experience

So, you know those ads on Facebook for clothing super cheap?

I always scrolled past them even if I liked the page because of what I saw on it the first time. I liked a cute shirt or dress ( not that I wear dresses ) but never actually thought about buying anything...until now.

I finally decided to check out Sammydress especially since I've been doing more online shopping of late and I've been comparing service and site navigation so let's start there.

Site navigation: I sucked for me.

When I chose an item that I wanted to buy and added it to my bag, actually even before that when just choosing an item to look at the specifics for, it wasn't so simple to go back to shopping maybe for the lack of a Continue Shopping button. Using the back button isn't that bad except once you have added it to the bag because then you have to cycle through what you have already seen you know if you look at the item from different angles and so forth.

The first time I went through the payment options that are only available through PayPal I had backed out of the purchase thinking I needed a PayPal account in order to complete it. Yes online shopping is still a relatively new thing for me aside from buying books so I was not used to this.

I told a girlfriend of mine about it and she informed me that I could pay by credit card but had to go through the PayPal system to do it so that night I went back in and purchased. I chose things that I liked but that were also deliberately cheap just in case I had issues or was disappointed by the items. Then again seeing as I went cheap there was a high possibility that I would be disappointed.

I chose what they called a Cold Shoulder Empire Waist Babydoll Blouse and the Split-Neck Plaid T-Shirt both in blue.

After ordering they sent me a notification email with a order number and nothing else. Ok...I can handle that I figured I would get a tracking number once the items were shipped. 2 weeks later I received notice that my stuff was shipped but there was no tracking number.

Now I start to feel some shipping anxiety. Maybe I didn't get one because of how much I spent, seeing as it wasn't much. It cost me just over $20 USD for the shirts. I ordered from Amazon last November and it took me 2 months to get what I ordered so I get nervous. Then I saw that it was going to take another 15-30 days to get them because they were coming from the Orient.

The Orient? Where in the Orient? There are so many places that could be. That kicked in another anxiety about the sizing. Great, that's what I needed but that's also why I chose simple items you know, just in case. If I had an issue I have so many girls they could go to.

I go about my weeks since it was crazy at work and I had other things going on and in just over a week my Sammydress items arrived!

Pleased as punch was!

I tore open the package and was super excited to see my new items. At first when I held them up to myself they looked really big for mediums but once I tried them on I saw that they fit comfortably for the most part.

So the Plaid Split-Neck T

Had a few bunching issues in the back but that could just be because of my butt and the shelf it creates. The fabric hangs about mid thigh and I have long legs. I am thinking though that I can slim it down and eliminate the bunching by adding a belt to it and it's good to go.

The Cold Shoulder Empire Waist Baby-Doll Blouse.

I love this one even though I'm not used to showing that much cleavage but I think I can adapt and it will show off my shoulder tattoo that I got last year which is part of the reason I chose this one.

Overall the experience with Sammydress wasn't too bad aside from the website issues I had. We'll see how these hold up after the first wash though. I feel like I should hang dry them to be safe.

Would I order from them again?


See Ya!

Monday, March 6, 2017

A Sunday At Trev Deeley

Hi Guys!

Well it's been a little bit.

Last week was the end of RRSP season so there was not much time for anything besides trying to stay sane during the end of the season rush. And it's over now!

On Feb 26 though I went to Trev Deeley Motorcycles for the Red's Indoor Garage Sale and Swap Meet.

Our bike mechanic had 2 tables there so we helped him out for the day. At first it was a little nerve wracking as the ball got rolling, so many people, so many MC's and RC's and women riders. I almost feel like you could tell the women that ride on the back of bikes vs the women that ride their own and in that as well I've found that not only am I becoming a Motorcycle enthusiast I have been actively seeking women riders here where there are few that make themselves known.

I'm gearing up to not only insure my own Harley but continue to build my BSA so the Swap Meet was a chance to meet people that can help me with that. I saw some faces I knew and some I had seen before and couldn't remember without prompting but we were well met once again. It was strange being on the other side of the table though.

Choo took me for a walk around the dealership we ran into the AIM ( Association for Injured Motorcyclists ) lady who is at every function where we bought 50/50 tickets and didn't win but hey it's a good cause.

He took me into the showroom where I could see bikes that I would never least not currently maybe I can get a 2017 in 2027 but wow were they gorgeous. While we cruised through Choo ran into someone he hasn't seen since before we got together so we're talking 24 - 25 years checking out a new bike. We went up into the Motorcycle Museum and looked at some amazing bikes including the bikes from the movie Easyrider. I was so excited for that and the photos up top on my page.

After the tour we went back to the table and I watched the guys chat and haggle with all sorts. When the time was up we stripped down the table and packed up. I'm thinking next year I'm going to have to help with the organizational parts because he needs that! We loaded the rest of the gear into our truck and I heard someone call my name. When I turned around it was someone I hadn't seen in many years. She was one of my best friends in Jr. High and she was standing in front of me more beautiful than ever and actually asked me if I knew who she was.


She said that she had been watching me from afar all day not sure if it was me, so after hugs and giggles she told me that she had just bought a new bike that day and what a sexy bike it is. Very fitting for her and for as much as I love her I kind of hate her a lil bit right now but she has motivated me. Her sheer excitement made me smile. We are complete opposites who went in separate ways so drastically that I'm truly surprised we found each other again on this level. She even had boys to my having girls! We weren't in contact, not even on Facebook and not only does she ride but her youngest sister does too.

She started riding last year like me but she has definitely had more solid road time that I have. That will change this season especially because we want to ride together at some point too. So in that respect she has motivated me to up my game. At first I felt like I was competing with her in my head but then I realized that we're too different for that and it was motivation not competition and whatever motivation I have to get this journey on it's way...I will embrace. I am currently also a member of a women's riding group called Wind Sisters since the beginning of January so my search for women riders is a constant an I'm hoping to ride with each and every one I find here so I will tell you more about them in another post.

This is going to be an interesting season, can't wait to get it started.

See Ya!