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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Ordinary Girl Review

    Now I just have to note that this is just my opinion on the shows I let envelope my brain on a weekly basis. some are new and some are old but none the less what I appreciate as a viewer, an ordinary girl.

    I don't want to say too much about the episodes just in case... you don't want spoilers do you?

    I have to start with Sons Of Anarchy for those of you that know the show and know me then you know that I think it's one of the best shows on TV right now. I'm an loyal follower of the show, and will sing it's praises from the rooftops. I love the story, the depths of the characters and all of the layers of the show. I literally don't move when the show is on until the credits roll by. The Season 3 Premiere had me glued as I was heartbroken and shock at the same time

    True Blood! I love this one too, the humour always gets me along with the story and the weird places it takes me. I just watched the Season Finale honestly there are some parts of it I'm glad to not have to see anymore but at the same time thinking " holy shit I have to wait how long? " Some of the characters I fell in love with in a short time are gone and I didn't like that part much but I'll still be there when it comes back.

Nikita - I must be a bit biased from watching the original movie, the remake of the movie and the TV series that ran for years but this 2010 version couldn't hold my attention. Now that's not to say that the show wasn't good, (what I saw of it anyway...) I just couldn't stop comparing it to the previous show and it was hard not to do. I might give it another shot not quite sure yet.

Vampire Diaries - Ohhhhh I am a Damon lover!  I love everything about the bad boy and my heart goes out to the poor guy I mean come on how much is he supposed to take? I know you Stephan fans don't care but how long will the golden boy stay good? We've had a taste of him being bad but you have to agree Stephan was much more entertaining when he wasn't brooding.

last but not least Lost Girl - So far so good I'm liking the Showcase new series and I had to watch it in parts due to conflicting shows but if a show can keep me looking or watching then I'm all over it. Finally I saw the whole thing and I'm liking it so far it has a Canadian touch to it and I'm all over that.

    A few of my friends call me a stalker, a show stalker that is. If I like a show I will find out as much as I can about it. So I'm done for this week but I'll still be watching trying to find a pattern to my madness as I work and if you have anything you think I should see or check out let me know.

I'd be happy to watch more TV...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Somewhere to Start

Being new to this makes some things a bit confusing for me but with the wisdom of my family and friends it helps make things easier.

I've always wanted to be a writer novels mostly but as I've grown my tastes have changed and I would love to write a screenplay. As tough as I found it to be I already have a novel started that plays out on my head as a TV series. I've gotten some advice from different sources and they all say the same thing. " If you want to write a script for TV then you have to watch alot of it and love to watch. " Well I definitely have that.

I love TV! I find that it always gives you something to talk about different shows for different people and if the show is really good then everyone you talk to will know exactly what you're talking about. Stangers on my train home one night, me and my friend were talking about the Bachelorette and the 2 women next to us jumped right in. Now I'm not a big fan of those reality shows but I will check them out sometimes usually the first eposide and the last...sometimes.

So now with one daughter that will be going to school for TV and Film in the fall of 2011 and another who has decided she wants to Act in life as well as be a top chef you can see where a lot of our conversations  end up and alot of our nights are full of analizing not only the shows we watch but how the shots are taken adn the scripts are written so why not give it a shot I mean really what's the worst than can happen? Some time and energy spent and an experience gained.

There's nothing wrong with that!

So Se and I have decided to have a little fun and write up a bit of a premiere review for some of the shows we've been checking out as well as returning shows that we love and they will be put up on Sunday nights for giggles so feel free to help me express myself and we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A New Journey?

Bare with me here just a newbie at blogging.

Ok now I'm sure that everyone has had the thought " what am i going to do with my life".

Now for me i've always known what i want to do but i have been sidetracked along the way... not that my journey has been bad but delayed. I went through lots that took my dreams away alittle. Do i still have my dreams HELL YA! but other things have to come first... or do they?

My kids are almost grown still young but they don't need me as much anymore, I believe i'm still young enough to accomplish what i want out of life but for those who know me and my taurus ways i love my stability and therefore to set out and reach my dream goal i have to take chances... big ones. I've put everyone and everything they want first for so long how do i stop and take care of what i want to do and how do i tell my girls to go out and get their dreams if i haven't gone out and got mine?

Who the hell knows eh? All i know is that i have to get off my ass look the fear of usstability in the eye and smack it around alittle ( or alot).

So now my journey is going to take me into the unknown and all i can say is " I need to get as much out of this life as i can cause one day tomorrow may never come".