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Monday, March 27, 2017

First Ride of the Season Disappointment.

Well Happy Motor Monday!

So this Monday Segment seems to be going well!

 It amazes me how welcoming the Motorcycle community is overall. I have met and made many new contacts and hopefully friends in the process. Where I would usually be quiet and watchful, I have engaged with people from all over. It's funny that when it comes to Motorcycles and Books I have met the most interesting people from all over.

Last Wednesday I went out and got Insurance for my bike. Now I second guessed myself at every turn there. "Should I get it now?", "Should I wait?", "Maybe it's not the right time?" I took the day off of work specifically for this reason and I knew that it was more my fear riding me than anything else because if I was Insured then I would have no excuse not to ride. Now don't get me wrong, I am so stoked and excited to ride that I vibrate but that nagging voice in the back of my head says things like. "You've forgotten what you've learned.", "It was a one off season.", "You didn't ride enough."

True did I ride as much as I wanted to? No Partially because by other half would take my bike out more than I could once his broke down. This made me angry on so many levels but I didn't feel like I had the right to say no since he gave me the bike in the first place. It wasn't even him riding it that was my issue it was the free for all he took with her. If I had the opportunity to ride, i couldn't. I'd come home from work and my bike would be gone. this also made me hesitant to insure it because he's in the process of building his Trike and with me having insurance he'll figure he can have his way.


Does me saying no make me a bitch?

I mean I hope not but at the same time I don't care. It's my bike right?

Anyway, I trucked off to my Autoplan office with my papers. Never told Choo where I was going, I just decided that you know what? I was going to do it...and I did. My Insurance guy was happy to see me when we went into his office to start the paperwork. He looked at me and said "You're going to's March!"

I said "Uh huh.." and got back a hefty "Good for you!" he doesn't insure his until June but I figured if I'm insuring for a year then it doesn't matter when it starts. By the end of it I left with my plates, my current discount and being informed that next month I qualify for Road Star. The highest discount offered with a handshake and a bold "Have a good day Road Warrior." ( Ya...I beamed at that)

I made my way home with a bounce in my step in the rain and when I got in Choo asked me how my walk was so I tossed my plate in his lap and his eyes lit up. Right then I told him not to get that look in his eyes.

The rest of the week was plagued by rain so on Sat morning I went out to fire up my girl and do a pre-trip check before I go through the motions of dusting off my young skills. when I sat on her, I kid you not it felt like home and like she was happy I was there. I stroked her tank and asked myself why I was so terrified, I mean I'm still super nervous to get back out on the road but the memory of how she felt under me knocked some of the edge off. So I put the key in and...nothing.

My heart would have sunk but I was aware that it was possible the battery would be dead. this winter it was left outside temporarily when the temp dropped and we got snow. Choo had told me when he put her away that the battery was dead and he would attempt to charge it. Apparently that didn't happen, I also noticed that my rear tire was flat. Not completely but enough to cause me worry about a hole in which case I'll blame him because he rode the shit out of her. ( I think I'm bitter.)

He did come out and helped me change the battery, giving me his battery and making the hair stand on the back of my neck because I know what this will mean, so on my list is to buy a new one myself. After we tested and replaced the battery I gave it another shot, Fuel on, Choke out, made sure she was in neutral and started her up.

I love that sound...

We inflated the tire and I noticed what looked like a track line of where the rubber has worn away also causing me concern and this time my heart did start to sink until Choo produced another tire the same size and barely worn. Unfortunately I'll have to take it in to get put on but I'd rather be safe than sorry right?

I took video of it so to watch click the link below. Beware I am not good at that!

First ride of the season disappointment.

So this is all a part of the process right?

See ya next week!

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