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Monday, January 26, 2015

A Good Monday? Parish The Thought!

Happy Monday Lovelies!

I know...what about Monday is Happy? For me...the sun is shining and it's supposed to be 14 degrees! 14 degrees in January! That is crazy just as the East Coast gets ready for what they are calling the worst winter storm by far. My thoughts are with you over there.

I hope your weekend was fabulously relaxing as mine was entertaining. Anyone who saw my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr posts this weekend would have seen that Touring Tony is in town.

For those of you that don't know the story behind him it goes like this...

Last Fall my brother from Atlanta asked me if I would do my niece a favour because she wanted to conduct a social experiment. He told me I would be receiving something (Tony...) and that I should keep him for a bit take pictures of him to post on Instagram and Facebook where he has pages and if you would like him to come see you then add Tony as a friend, leave your name and contact info in the inbox and someone will get back to you, just search for Touring Tony and see where he's been. After that he gets sent off  to someone else that will do the same. It took him a bit to get to me since he went from Atlanta - New Jersey-Arizona - Vancouver (Port Coquitlam) so the weekend was spent showing Tony in various situations with more to come. I'm having a ton of fun with it I have to say and hopefully in the end he ends up back in his home where my niece can read about his adventures in the journal that he has with him.

I seem to be the project helper of late because one of my pups Megan had a project for a course she's taking in Social Services work (hmmm Social Project...Social Services I'm sensing a pattern) that she asked a few of us to help with but when she comes in and tells you that you have a couple hours to pretty yourself up because she is going to Interview you and then take you picture I was left shocked and a bit dismayed as my kitchen was full of cookie and cake batter because I was on a baking mission. I did it though and in 20 mins becoming photo ready for the 3 1/2 mins of picture taking and interview questions that made me think I think and why I think the way that I do. Let's see, what else have I got for you?

 I have a lot of irons in the fire right now with Fan Expo coming in a few months and trying to get my costume in order and starting the fabrication process, 2 Steampunk art projects, battling my inner demons and as well as trying to make sure I write and post CF every week and hopefully growing as I go along with that one...I hope...a true test of my resolve I guess eh?

It was also Peanuts 2nd birthday last Friday and the fact that 2 years has gone by already is crazy but I found out something really interesting and for a 2 year old he's scared of spiders! It must be because T is DEATHLY afraid of them and he's seen that she is because I have a big Halloween spider that hangs out all year long that he just noticed it this weekend and doesn't like it at all! With the explicit permission of his father who asked me to toss it in his direction and seeing the poor boy jump so fast and mimic squashing it we have definitely determined that he is scared of spiders and that made me laugh as he would have me save him from the fake spider repeatedly and smile but wouldn't get any closer than 2 feet away from it. I love that kid... I guess showing him the 2 tarantulas his Auntie B has would be bad right?

Ok with all of that going on I have a busy road ahead and need to remember how to sew! Not even that but adjusting the tension on my machine...which never works...and makes me want to throw it out the window.

Have a great week!
See Ya,

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Brightside Of Winter

Well... Happy Monday...

Can you my sarcasm this morning? Why I post on Monday's I have no idea, maybe it makes my day better after checking in with you?...and possibly a caffeine IV.

I'll check after this post.

Funny though I have no idea where this post is going to go today! I saw on the news this morning that today is the most depressing day of the year.

I don't find it depressing so much that it's Monday and that's always a long drawn out drag my ass day, but I think of mid January as the road to the upside of brighter days ahead. Not much longer and the weather will brighten up! Clocks will spring forward and being here in Vancouver it will still rain...A LOT...but that's OK as long as the days are light. I'm already thinking of getting back out there on the porch, in the sun and that keeps me going through the possibly awful Feb we MIGHT have. It is supposed to be the coldest month but I still see things blooming and the squirrels are confused too.

For that matter so are my cats and their fur...Bast is full fluff while Oz maintains his coat but Boscoe...poor Boscoe he's so screwed that his winter fur is in a battle with summer fur and he's starting to look like one of those hideous hairless cats! He just turned 9 though so maybe he's going through a kitty cat midlife crisis.

(Oh ya baby positive thinking, that's how I roll with it)

I got an update on Touring Tony who has a Facebook page and an Instagram page but still hasn't turned up yet at my door! I have been assured that his kidnappers have been notified and he should be making his way to Canada to me and hopefully we don't traumatize him too much!

If your interested in having Touring Tony visit you check out the pages and be sure to follow the instructions and he could be on his way to you.

My weekend was so uneventful that I don't even remember what I did!

I wrote ( that's an improvement )
I posted what I wrote ( also an improvement )
I wrote some more ( a pattern? )
Spent time catching up on You Tube videos ( remembered that I have one to edit and post from forever ago and might forget again )
I did some Social Media Maintenance and realized that there are still some things I know nothing about ( keeps me interested and lost at the same time )
Blondunicorn had her birthday! ( and a tech meltdown but it's all good )
Another friend relived a loss and reminded us that life is precious. ( live every bit of it you can )

What did you do?

Have a great week!
See Ya,

Monday, January 12, 2015

And Yet Another Gong Show...

Hi Lovelies!

It's been a while since I've used or talked about the gong show that is usually the kids zone in my house. Even though I still call them kids they're all adults now and with adulthood comes things that should be you know

On Friday night I went out to one of our local pubs to see one of the boys for his birthday oh 23 (still a puppy). Myself, Blondunicorn and Choo went lightheartedly into a den of sheer stupidity...yes I said stupidity. In which case made it highly entertaining! Let me say that I did not drink, my body is still pissed at me for Christmas Eve so it was a sober night.

I did have 1 shot for the B-day boy and that was where it stopped.

The Pub wasn't pack in fact there wasn't many people there but then again we didn't show up until 11:30 and the Gong show had already begun buy then. Drunken girls throwing themselves at people who didn't want them. Drunken boys that were mildly aggressive and and my happy girl Bean that just loved everyone. I have to mention the...umm... weird bearded guy who name I have no clue what it was that was very entertaining in that creepy, silent, stalker kind of way. Why was it entertaining? Because you knew he was a regular from his interactions with other people and still in that creepy, silent, stalker sort of way and no one was concerned with his presence.

I found myself looking back to when I was that age and cringing at the thought. I was usually the one taking care of my friends whether I was drunk or not...usually...but to watch it in front of me with another generation all brought back memories of boys and girls doing the exact same thing and I was so glad that part of my life is gone. Don't get me wrong I know it's a rite of passage and some grow up and others don't. I'm hoping a few of these ones do! What I don't understand is

BOYS: Why the aggression? You drunken tiny testosterone full fools. ( I think I answered my own question )

GIRLS: I don't even know where to begin...

Oh wait! The girl that would walk around and use one or two boys like a yo-yo's.
Come here, come here, come here. Go away, go away, go away.

I had a hard time not walking up and shaking that one just to tell her to have some self respect. It's funny the things that we did or saw in youth and learned from.

Essentially though I'm a people watcher, I had a good time for the short period of time I was there and the kids made me laugh, really hard in some cases then took my Bean home for her to sleep it off.

Look at that, I got out of the house on a Friday night!
Wonders never cease.

Have a great week guys!
See Ya

Monday, January 5, 2015

The 100 The Vacuum That Stole My Soul

Hi Lovelies!

I hope you all have a safe and fun New Years Eve! We had a mellow quiet evening, Monopoly Empire was played and heavily examined. There is a certain degree of strategy needed to property steal.

Well even the excitement of a new year does nothing for Mondays though doesn't it?

Some of us still have hope for the day though!

Not me...but some of us...or you...some of

Okay, so before the holidays I had told you that a co-worker asked me to watch The 100 because she knew no one else that watched it and needed to talk to someone about it. As much as I tried to watch it before hand I didn't get to really check out the show until last night and as much as the first episode made the veins pop out in my head, I stuck with it and now it has definitely caught my interest or lets say trapped..trapped my interest.

A loose description of the show is that after a nuclear disaster the human race fled to the stars, the Ark a space-station orbiting earth has been home to humans for the past 97 years. Now because the Arks life support is failing they send 100 teenage criminals back to earth to see if it's inhabitable. There are supplies on Earth from long ago ( how they are still good after 97 years I have no clue ) So they DROP them back to earth and wouldn't you know it they go off course and land on the wrong mountain 20 Miles away from said supplies.

OK are you still with me?

Things happen pretty quickly from the beginning of the pilot to the end on the search for food and I have to say that there was some hair pulling on my part and outbursts about continuity as well as 100 questions ( ha ha ) that I knew wouldn't be answered in the first few episodes, yet I still wanted to know why certain things were happening and of course a heartbreaking scene in episode 4 or 5  in which I cried and the Bean who had only been watching the show for all of 5 mins cried along with me because it was just, plain, sad.

By episode 3 I was hooked! Completely hooked and not only me...I apparently got one of the boys + Bean and Sese hooked during the process. I have to say though that the show along the way answered quite a few of my questions or at least addressed them and that way I knew  that someone looked at it and thought the same thing I did.

Oh yeah so the show is viewed from 2 aspects, being of course in space and on earth. Weaved in between is the web of lies and the surprises that follow. Almost every episode I've seen is complete with some dramatic scene that's leaves you somewhat speechless. Some of the characters I hated in the first couple of episodes have redeemed themselves and now I somewhat like them. This being a CW show was probably why I didn't check the show out earlier being that it's geared to the younger generation. that doesn't mean that I haven't gotten drawn into other shows for the youngins but I tend to I get my prime time drama from HBO, FX, MC, AMC and SC mostly and throw Space in there so this was a nice twist and it's on Netflix so I can see them once...if I didn't need to sleep.

Anyway I would love to know if anyone watches it and if I have in anyway inspired you to take a look at the show then tell me what you think of it!

Have a great week!

See Ya,