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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Sammydress Experience

So, you know those ads on Facebook for clothing super cheap?

I always scrolled past them even if I liked the page because of what I saw on it the first time. I liked a cute shirt or dress ( not that I wear dresses ) but never actually thought about buying anything...until now.

I finally decided to check out Sammydress especially since I've been doing more online shopping of late and I've been comparing service and site navigation so let's start there.

Site navigation: I sucked for me.

When I chose an item that I wanted to buy and added it to my bag, actually even before that when just choosing an item to look at the specifics for, it wasn't so simple to go back to shopping maybe for the lack of a Continue Shopping button. Using the back button isn't that bad except once you have added it to the bag because then you have to cycle through what you have already seen you know if you look at the item from different angles and so forth.

The first time I went through the payment options that are only available through PayPal I had backed out of the purchase thinking I needed a PayPal account in order to complete it. Yes online shopping is still a relatively new thing for me aside from buying books so I was not used to this.

I told a girlfriend of mine about it and she informed me that I could pay by credit card but had to go through the PayPal system to do it so that night I went back in and purchased. I chose things that I liked but that were also deliberately cheap just in case I had issues or was disappointed by the items. Then again seeing as I went cheap there was a high possibility that I would be disappointed.

I chose what they called a Cold Shoulder Empire Waist Babydoll Blouse and the Split-Neck Plaid T-Shirt both in blue.

After ordering they sent me a notification email with a order number and nothing else. Ok...I can handle that I figured I would get a tracking number once the items were shipped. 2 weeks later I received notice that my stuff was shipped but there was no tracking number.

Now I start to feel some shipping anxiety. Maybe I didn't get one because of how much I spent, seeing as it wasn't much. It cost me just over $20 USD for the shirts. I ordered from Amazon last November and it took me 2 months to get what I ordered so I get nervous. Then I saw that it was going to take another 15-30 days to get them because they were coming from the Orient.

The Orient? Where in the Orient? There are so many places that could be. That kicked in another anxiety about the sizing. Great, that's what I needed but that's also why I chose simple items you know, just in case. If I had an issue I have so many girls they could go to.

I go about my weeks since it was crazy at work and I had other things going on and in just over a week my Sammydress items arrived!

Pleased as punch was!

I tore open the package and was super excited to see my new items. At first when I held them up to myself they looked really big for mediums but once I tried them on I saw that they fit comfortably for the most part.

So the Plaid Split-Neck T

Had a few bunching issues in the back but that could just be because of my butt and the shelf it creates. The fabric hangs about mid thigh and I have long legs. I am thinking though that I can slim it down and eliminate the bunching by adding a belt to it and it's good to go.

The Cold Shoulder Empire Waist Baby-Doll Blouse.

I love this one even though I'm not used to showing that much cleavage but I think I can adapt and it will show off my shoulder tattoo that I got last year which is part of the reason I chose this one.

Overall the experience with Sammydress wasn't too bad aside from the website issues I had. We'll see how these hold up after the first wash though. I feel like I should hang dry them to be safe.

Would I order from them again?


See Ya!
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