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Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Movies Should Never Be Made...

Well it's a short week  due to Easter weekend coming up so that makes me very happy except that Sese heads of to LA to see a friend on Sat.
She's travelling alone...on a plane for the first time...leaving me, the family and her new BF for a whole week. I'm trying not to project my fear of flying onto her but I keep asking questions like...

Me: Lauren's going to be at the airport right?
Sese: Yes mom she's picking me up.

Me: but, your sure she's going to be there?
Sese: Yes mom..

Me: And you'll be ok on the plane? Don't take a window seat! Don't look down!
Sese: MOM! I want the window seat, I want to look down!

Me: O_O oh...
Sese: smiles devilishly

Me: What if someone steals you?
Sese: No one is going to steal me!

Soon we'll get to attempt to navigate YVR and she has to be there at 6am??? Oh this will be wonderful seeing as I haven't step foot in that airport since I was 6. Great I'll be one of those moms that's sobbing at the window watching the plane take off.

 Neither of the girls have been that far away from home for that long so a little separation anxiety is kicking in, she's tough though and so am I. I'm trying to get her to stalk the cast of SOA for me but I don't think she'll do that for me. You know being creepy and all.

She better come back...what if she doesn't want to come back!


Sat night we attempted to have a movie Marathon. After posting on Facebook for ideas we decided to just go with stuff we hadn't seen and I got to explore NetFlix. We started off with a movie called

The Asylum- I don't even know who was in that movie! There were some people that looked familiar but we couldn't place where we had seen them. 2 of the 4 cell phones in the room have the IMDB app and yet we were too lazy to find out. The movie took place in a University where a certain building that they have remodelled was actually an asylum. How original! So a bunch of fresh new college students move into this co-ed dorm only to find a locked door with a secutiry code...oooooo.

So of course the smart guy who cracked the code tells them they have to open the door! In turn they let out the insane crazy ghost doctor that they had investigated just moments prior to cracking the code. The thing that gets me is that out of everyone that is supposedly staying in the dorm that we see in the beginning of the movie, you only see 7 people throughout the whole rest of the movie...even outside. I do have to say though that the dumb abrasive guy was very entertaining and I was sad when he...ummm...I don't even remember what happened to him.

Impostor- I'm sure that would have been a great movie if I got to see more than 10 mins of Gary Sinise before one of my fav people in life showed up from Redcliffe Alberta. He completely surprised us because we haven't seen him in about 14-15 years! With that the Marathon was over.

I did try to watch a movie called Space Milkshake the next morning though...strange, strange movie with Kristin Kreuk, Amanda Tapping, Billy Boyd and Robin Dunne. Seeing as they all had a hand in producing the movie it made sense that it was really strange and I'll never look at rubber duckies the same way again.

So this was unusually long this week, I got it all out though!

I think... oh wait...

Jessie! You didn't bitch enough...

See ya!

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Boys Edition!

After last weeks post I got a message on Facebook from T's boyfriend Craig saying pretty much that he's hurt because I never mention him it's always the girls I talk about and he is SOOOO AWESOME that he should be shown some love in my blog.

Hence the Boy's edition!

   Allan ( Bean's boyfriend )- Stepping out of the 1940's Brooklyn street kid style was the first thing I thought when I saw this kid a year and a half ago. My second thought was "What was what do YOU want with my daughter?"

Choo was the first one to say the thought he was a good kid because he liked and knew cars. Apparently those were the only credentials needed to pass the dad test. He was shy at first so I was harder to convince.  This was my baby girl but he stepped up and takes care of her, kept her close to home and mellowed her from her teenage partying years. Thank God, I'd hate to see what it might have looked like without him around.

   Steven ( Sese's ahem... friend ) has been around almost as long as Allan. Bean and T brought him home from school one day kind of like a puppy. Another good kid that has a plan for his future, two jobs and is finishing up school on top of that he's good to his mother so how can you go wrong with a kid like that! Also shy at first I didn't need to worry because he wasn't dating one of my daughter's...until now.

Now you're fair game...

That's not a good thing.

   Craig ( T's boyfriend ) oh Craig...we inherited him when T came to live with us. The day she moved in was the first day they started seeing each other. NOT shy! He is the complete and utter opposite of shy. Shy does not exist when his big head enters a room. If he wasn't making me laugh so hard most of the time I might have worried about him but he worked his way in with his constant smile (even when he's mad ) and his protectiveness over all of the girls. Keeping the shady ones away.

Good job Craig! You get the UFC fight and Yorkies for your constant support. We will continue to watch you chant "it's o.k." to your baby boy to stop him from crying, while at the same time telling others * cough cough * to GET TO WORK and listen to you sing that Thrifty whatever song about having 20 dollars in your pocket.

There are many others I could mention but these 3 being so constant for so long, get this week's honorable mention. ( Oooo that could be a thing! )

With that said so far you guys have made the girls happy, which you should continue to do because if you don't...

well you don't want to know what happens if you fail this.

That's it for the boys...for now.

Oh and still owe me a shovel.

See ya

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Over! I'm Back!

Things are back to normal now...sort of.

A lot of things happened this week...

RRSP season is over!!!

After a stressful week of RRSP season, (I say week because that's when people decided their business should come in instead of the 2 months they have from Jan to March) it's done until next year! My branch manager got me a bottle of Crown Royal Maple Finish for my hard work. It smells and tastes just like MAPLE SYRUP!

You know what that can't mix that shit with anything I tried. Shoot it or sip it are your only choices so, shots it was!

Sese had a date!

She was cute and nervous and oh sooo cute!!! Sleepy but still cute ( She'll kill me for this later )

Bean's having a small life crisis!

17 and doesn't know what to do with her life but very excited for whatever she does chose to do. Today she asked me for three things to describe her or something I would say to her frequently.

Unfortunately...'Your a brat', 'calm down' and 'you're kidding me' don't count as positive things to tell your child so we changed them to you're very helpful ( which she is ), you're determined ( to rip your face off if you get on her bad side ) and I think I left number 3 up to the girls to decide.

T has the cutest baby boy ever!

Yes I'm biased, he's too cute for words which is great because he had a hell of a time getting here and makes up for it in smiles.

We had a great sunny weekend and I got to do some stuff outside and my dog's got to hang out in the sun. Smokey got humped at the dog park and then decided it was best to pee on the insanely hairy Collie that had mounted him. His owner seemed unfazed by this so ok then!

Whiskey had his nose so far up a Multipoos ass it looked like a wheel barrel race and they would have won.

California my timid little girl was just that...timid.

Next is a trip to Saint Paul's on Wed for Choo to get another shot in the back and be high as a kite for the trip on the transit system. Whooo Hoooo!

I can feel the commuter rage already.

OK Lovelies away I go for now and I'll have another section of CF for you tomorrow possibly Wednesday if I can pry my laptop away from those that don't use their own stuff!!

See ya