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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Countdown is 27 Days in Already.

Hello Lovelies!

   Well those of you that still are lovely because I seem to see a growing trend with some of you and your haunting clown pics just to piss me off have no given me the intense need for payback and payback will be dealt out accordingly.

   Usually I'm the passive aggressive one that takes everything in stride but it seems like now I'm going to have to bite a few of you (family or not) in order to get you to stop because as I keep saying I don't like it, I don't like them and you just keep coming...except the pregnant one because well, she's pregnant and she likes to bug me more about my hatred of Hummus and Pesto (So Gross) so her clown posting is not an issue seeing as she only did it once.

   Now for the rest of you ungrateful little heathens I'm done with it. So take it easy children and sleep well because Mama's done playing, pissed and coming for you.

   Now on to the fun stuff!
   With Halloween just a few days away now the urgency to get things done is feeling like a bit of a pressure cooker. We like to have a signature drink for the evening as well as obviously Halloween themed food, a playlist needs to be made,  furniture moved and a classic B-rated Horror flick to set the mood.

   As usual Whiskey will be hiding behind the closet person all of this week as fireworks go off all over town, Smokey will bark at the noise those fireworks make and California will try and steal stuff off the table in a not so surprisingly obvious fashion.

   Not a cat will be seen except maybe Oz the kitty cat mob boss who has no fear unless you carry a spray bottle the other 2 will stay far...far away from people that wander around perhaps dressed like...

Coca-Cola Vending Machine Costume     

Now yes I have googled these but really who would have thought of this!

     or  this stuff takes imagination and I love it!

I can't wait to see what costumes will grace my door of Friday this Friday the 31st. Is it strange that if you turn the numbers around you'd  have a Friday the 13th?

Easy Breezy this week guys there's a lot to do and so MUCH  fun to be had at the end of the line!

So excited!

Have a great week and an even greater Halloween!

See Ya

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up! Besties and Peanut Love.

Hello Lovelies!

   Monday again and the weekend held alot this time around with a baby shower and 2 b-day parties. at first I wasn't sure if I was going to make it to both of them because of time constraints but everything worked out as it was meant to be as Roland Deschain ( the Gunslinger ) would say it's Ka. ( I'm re-reading the series because of the book Stephen King wrote that lands smack in the middle of it! ) I'm on book 4 ( my fave ) and the newest one falls in after that one. I call it Book 4.5

   My Blonde Bestie ( who's not so blonde anymore ) is expecting her first baby in a few short weeks and never have I seen anyone carry a tiny human with such glowing grace and I kind of hate her for it! I mean I was not graceful...sure as hell not glowing...and not enjoying any part of pregnancy at all but she pulls it off and looks good the whole time. It's funny though Blondunicorn and I were talking about it and for someone who in the past year or so has had to be the center of attention on her road to the wedding and now baby, she takes it in stride and in a way... very quietly and almost shy but you wouldn't know it because she seems so controlled all of the time.

   Out of my... ( another Gunslinger phrase ) Ka-tet she is the so not crazy one! She would be the one showing up to pay our bail. You know if we ever needed to be bailed out of... ah...anything.

   She had a good haul though and this baby is going to have the best of everything boy or girl it'll be a superstar.

    After that it was a short stop home to get hugs and cuddles from my lil Peanut who was uncharacteristically lovey with me AND ACTUALLY CALLED ME LALA...ALOT! He still bites his Aunties periodically...and his Dad but I got kisses and cuddles and hugs OH MY! He's usually a bit of a monster, he understands Lala's tone though and corrects himself or stops throwing things or picks up what he's thrown. As he starts to head towards his 2's we'll see what happens but he always makes me smile.

    Then off to Ridge for a 2 in 1 40th day party! My childhood friend that I've know since I was 5 yrs old finally joined the club! That's a long time to know someone and she's the person that I used to call to watch TV and I mean we would be one the phone watching the same show and discussing it all the way through. There's only a few people that you can do that with and that's golden.

   Starting off this was supposed to be a surprise party but when I opened her front door she was at the top of the stairs looking at me and says "Hi! I'm not ready yet" This brings me and Blondunicorn to look at each other confused but ultimately shrug and go with it. I hugged my niece Nene, asked if help was needed, got mauled by her cat for a bit and celebrated with her and her brother in law who was the other half of the party.

    Now Kris would be the one on our merry band that would be saying "I told you we shouldn't have done that" while we wait for the bail to be paid.

   I also have to comment on the fact that they have 5 different kinds of coffee machines and that just makes me proud that I have a coffee addict just as big as me but yet she's an even bigger fanatic because she has quite the one cup collection going on there! I feel like I need to catch up but I would have no counter space left.

   After all of that I went home and a changing of the guard had happened Peanut was still there but his daddy was gone and T was there so I hugged her furiously because I don't see her much and it's like we have to get everything out as soon as possible so between all of the women in the house it's like a clucking free for all ( yes I said clucking ) so that all of us can get our information out and take info in at the same time as fast as possible.

   I was Bestie day for me and I appreciated every minute that I got to spend with them and all on the same day! It was exhausting by the end of the day though and well worth it.

   I love you guys!

That's it for me, I'm counting down the days to Halloween so excited I still have a costume post to make and that's coming too.

Have a great week!

See Ya

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gasp! Awwww! RUN...And Fall Down!

Hi Lovelies!

OK for those of you that watch...
American Horror Story Freakshow
The Walking Dead
Sons Of Anarchy

If you have not watched the newest episodes then don't read any further!

With Thanksgiving behind us now up here the Fall has really set in. The changing of the leaves, the wet, windy weather forcing us inside into the comfort zone where we watch an MC let loose, Zombies decay in there quest for flesh and OF COURSE psychotic killer clowns that kidnap stupid people that don't know when to RUN...AWAY...just to fall down and get captured (because that's typical ) Why does the bad guy NEVER fall down in the chase? Is it because they're more focused on the target? Because the target is not as focused on getting away as they should be?

Anyway let's begin this week in review..sort of...

Sons Of Anarchy - That show makes keeps me grounded out of all three and not only because the other two are about zombies and UGH...clowns. There is a distinct feel of realism and the connecting of characters for me so at the end when Juice is ready to shoot Gemma I did what I normally do and screamed at my TV because...dare I say it...I Like Gemma! I mean come on, who wouldn't want a mom that would take people out to protect her own. Yes her morals are questionable but wouldn't you rather have her on your side? I'm glad Chibs is getting some action finally and the Tig/Venus connection is awesome and had me howling with laughter and Unser looks like he'll never die.

Still I hate when it ends each week then I'm counting the episodes until it's gone...forever...

AHSF - Since there has only been 1 episode I'm still trying to grasp how this season will do compared to the other past seasons. Seeing as we've already seen Murderous Clown Guy hovering about stealing what looks like a family. The creepy smile on his stupid clown face meant nothing as dumb girl had a conversation with him before he stabbed her date to death in front of her repeatedly and then commenced the running, falling and getting caught thing.

1) You're in a field...take your shoes off, use them as a weapon if you have to and run.
2) If said Clown is filthy, covered in grime and looks like he has someone else's skin on his head I would call that a red flag.
3) If you wake up and clown guy seems like he's having way too much fun murdering your date another red flag.

I have to say that the smallest woman in the world is the cutest thing EVER and she made up for the She must hate that. I can't help it though every time I see her I can't help but say Awwww... and the fact that I can only understand about every third word she says because of the pitch of her voice as well as her accent doesn't matter because she is the cutest thing. The show keeps me intrigued though and I must say that the Candy Striper chick must have wished she never went into the tent that day. Nothing will ever be the same for her you blame her?

They have been renewed for a 5th season after the premier of the 4th! They can go anywhere with this show!

The Walking Dead - OMG OMG OMG the most anticipated premier for me.

1) It's the only one of the 3 that picked up from right where it left off even though Carl grows half a foot each season.
2) The gore of it all is a makeup artists dream.

I was shocked that Terminus got leveled so soon and after the way it started with my boys about to be bled out I'm glad that Super Carol showed up! I said to Blondunicorn that as far as kick ass women go Carol is second after Sarah Connor in my book. The shift in Rick though over the past couple of seasons I think has been more traumatic then anyone else's. You could see it happening and not like in the season finale when Carl was about to get raped and it's like you saw the switch get flipped in his eyes. You could see the panic surge in Glen as one by one the "cattle" got knocked off. That fight or flight mode was most definitely flight for Glen. The Darryl and Carol reunion was awesome!!!!!! Second only to the reunion of father, brother and lil Ass-kicker which almost made me cry...ALMOST. It was well worth the wait...'re useless and your mumbo jumbo sucked "fire with fire" but I like to laugh at your mullet.


Where's Beth???

Congrats to The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead for breaking premier records!

Thank goodness Game Of Thrones isn't on at this time of the year, I wouldn't be able to contain myself.

Ok I'm done for now! Halloween approaches and a parade of costumes to follow!

Have a great week!

See Ya

Monday, October 6, 2014

Scary Movie Love Lessons Part 2

Back again with Part 2 for you guys! So let's just dig in shall we...

10) Pale Dudes that hate garlic - Now this one isn't really that bad...maybe pale dude has an allergy? I mean really unless you never see him eat and he runs away at dawn he might be a nice guy just you know...nerdy...

11) Date a real man - What exactly is a real man? Is it the guy that protects his love at all costs and slays the Demon so to speak? What year to we live in? Come on ladies how may kick ass women are out there that have a strong enough will to get the job done? I think this needs both a real man and a real woman!

12) If they're a's over - I have to agree. I'm cutting your head off...end of story.

13) Don't date Writers - Hey now...that wasn't very nice...

14) Some Hotels aren't worth it - Yes old hotels where people have died should be avoided at all costs because chances are you'll either get the room itself or the one across the hall from where the bad shit went down. I have enough trouble with creepy noises and stuff in my own house let alone an entire thanks.

15) If your boyfriend doesn't come back for a while - He might have gotten caught up watching Family Guy. This is where the kick-ass ladies come in! Always take something that can be used as a weapon and go save your man! Although if he's been gone to long there might not be much left to save but still, give it a shot.

So now that we've talked a bit about these scary lessons it makes me think of B-rated Horror movies that always make me laugh like;

Zombie Strippers - A zombie movie that never tickled that crawling out of my skin vibe like 28 Days Later. I think mostly because the Zombie strippers had a plan...yes they had a PLAN! They had brains...sort of to capture their food ( Men ) and caging them for later consumption. Honestly I don't even remember what the movie was about except for certain scenes that went against everything Zombie related.

In the Mouth of Madness - not exactly a B-rated movie but close and still though it creeped me out because number 13 is right in a way, scary movies about writers mess with your head. I couldn't sleep for weeks and I must had been around 23 when I saw that movie.

PIN - um..ya...I don't even remember what happened except for it was creepy. The acting sucked as it did in most movies back then. If I watched it now I'm pretty sure I would have a different take on it.

There are so MANY to explore just pull up a seat, drink in hand, load up that B-rated horror flick with a bunch of your friends and have a good time.

That's what I do!

Ok I'm done!

Have a great week!

See Ya

Friday, October 3, 2014

Scary Movie Love Lessons? Let's discuss!

Hi guys!

On Wednesday I had tweeted this link below...

15 Love Lessons From Your Favorite Scary Movies | YourTango

Now after reading the article I figured that hey why not let's explore this topic a bit more seeing as it's October and all things scary, bludgeoning and creepy are allowed to be prominent until Halloween. Well that and I had to add my 2 cents. I might not be able to get everything into 1 Blog post but we're going to check this out.

1) Don't have sex in the woods. - Um Duh...does anything even need to be said there? Not only can you be brutally murdered but if you survive and come home your Bestie will be picking twigs out of your hair.

2) If your Boyfriend is really creepy, he's probably a killer. - Let's see...why date a creepy guy anyway? He's creepy! Who wants creepy guy? You don't really know what he's thinking and if you have to second guess his creepy actions...GET...OUT!

3) Stop splitting up - YES people! Why is it that when someone says "We should split up" someone doesn't smack him up the side of the head and says "Are you stupid? We all die that way!" because they do...all the time...

4) Check on your oversexed roomie from time to time. - Ok...sure but do we really want to? There might be things we don't want to see...or hear...or know about in any way. Besides Oversexed does not mean LOUD so if your oversexed roomie isn't usually loud and you one night can hear strange, gurgling that might or might not be sex noises just yell from the door. "Moan loud and long for sex and Grunt twice for I'm being strangled" We'll get the message, bust in and save you...or go blind one of the 2.

5) Beware of Mama's Boys - well that depends. A boy that takes care of his mother and cares about his mother is one thing because she raised him right and will have some respect for women. A boy that has an unhealthy almost obsession with his mother you know like their a bit too close well that's another story and you don't want to get in the middle of that because if the boy doesn't kill you...then Mama will.

6) Being pretty isn't everything - Well...being pretty isn't everything but might not be a bad thing either! Jamie Lee Curtis is pretty and survived in Halloween, she may have been mentally scarred forever but she survived because being pretty and smart saves lives while being pretty and dumb as a post gets you killed.

7) Seeing dead people isn't a gift - I agree but if you're seeing ghosts that are just hanging out with loved ones or you know intact and trying to speak to you sure but if they are lets say 13 Ghosts type ghosts...HELL NO! Anything name Juggernaut or missing half their flesh and covered in blood is not the type of ghosts I want to see.  Find something that makes those guys go away! I like sleeping and nothing should destroy that!

8) Watch out for over obsessive people - Yes like a Bestie of mine that is a tad OCD about cleaning. She will probably stab you with a fork if you disrupt and sanity right Kris?...ya stay away from them because you never know what can make them snap and decapitate you in a murderous rage that they will have to clean up later but you know what I mean.

9) Do NOT buy a house with your significant other that people have died in - Another Duh... statement! Cheap why? because there was a mass murder? Well that's the perfect place to raise a family! Are you kidding? Not only do you have ghosts and possible possessions happening of your loved ones you have the constant stigma of being the people that live in the murder house. Unless you live with Ryan Reynolds and 28 mins into the remake of the Amityville Horror, he's shirtless for 8 mins take that and then move the hell out. He can leave the shirt behind. I have to say as well though that if you child is telling you they see things....TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY!

you never know...

Ok guys I'll go through the next 5 later but feel free to add you own 2 cents wherever! Twitter, Facebook, G+ ect.

See Ya