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Monday, January 21, 2013

Still waiting...!

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delayed post from last week...I had an awful Monday that hindered my brain from thinking about anything other than how some people are assholes but... no worries, cause I'm over it.

I've been with T as she's trying to give birth to her baby boy that was due Jan 9th has been increasingly difficult. She has been in labour now for about 6 days the poor thing because they don't want to give her a c-section due to her age. After a few morphine trips, starting and slowing of her contractions this kid should be born today! We hope... although T on morphine was very comical and I have video for little PJ when he gets older...if he comes out...eventually.

One minute she's calm and the next in tears but it was her angry streak that would make us laugh the most. I have to say that i feel for the nurses sometimes when they get someone in that's as agitated as T was.

Tie your hair back - so it won't be pulled out!

Wear safety goggles - so they won't be scratched out!

Stay out of arms reach - so they can't grab you!

To the ladies rotating in the bed beside T...she didn't mean it when she said it sounded like you were having sex during your was the morphine.

PJ's daddy is calm on the outside but I'm suspecting completely insane and stir crazy on the inside. No one could be that calm and cool during something like this for this long.

Besides that, at home the girls are buzzing about being Aunts and already planning on spoiling this kid rotten. The fight already begins for the fave Auntie roll.

This should be entertaining and blog worthy!

Beside that there are a few more projects on the go. I love that people are giving me ideas! There are so many though I'm not quite sure where to start!

 We almost fostered a dog who needed a home which I would have done as long as I knew the dog was leaving.

So far 2013 is moving fast and not so bad! By the end of the day there will be another family member and after this maybe the only one T will give us.

See ya soon!

Monday, January 7, 2013

I posted it and I'm still alive!

Hi Lovelies!

Well I made it! I'm still here...

After posting something that's so close to me and not dying of acute embarrassment I have survived. Even though I did say that this is all in fun, I really want it to go well and I realize that I'm just getting started so hopefully it can hold your interest long enough to get the whole story out there.

Battling the thoughts in my head though was tough and after posting, I actually pulled it after hyperventilating then got some re-editing done. Of course because it's me after all of that I didn't even post the whole chapter!! I didn't even realize it at first but it was not left in the position I wanted it be but still, I did it and was a bit overwhelmed at the response I got from the story so far.

As I've told some of you already though..." I can't tell you what happens, you'll have to stick with it. "

I have barely begun.

For others that know me..." Yes, there will be adult content but it's not 50 Shades here. "

That's all I'll say about that.

For all my extended children..." I know your old enough but, don't read the sexy shit. "

You will all be GROUNDED.

Every Tuesday there will be another chapter posted and I'll try to make sure I don't mess it up too much, or skip shit or sound too repetative but by all means tell me if I do!