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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Show Never Ends

After a 2 post week previously I thought I might have nothing to say...

ya right!

Although 2 weekends have gone by now so there's almost too much!

It was busy for us. golf ball size lump in his face. Great... we think abscess, vet says spider bite gives him a shot of Benadryl. His face is fine in 24hrs.

Family came in from out of town, I went to a friends BBQ for her birthday, a Dodge car show to bake in the sun while the heat of hot asphalt made me park my butt on the outskirts in the grass by a shady tree, after I looked at all of the cars first of course. I learned that for being a whiskey girl, 1 glass of White Zinfandel can make me tongue tied and Hanna Barbara's Dick Dastardly's dog's name is Muttley. Say that 10 times fast.

I had some Woodpeckers hanging out with me on my deck! Baby ones it was a weird but cool experience because they did not seem bothered by me at all.

Then the work week as usual!

This weekend was busy too! actually a blur. I don't remember what I did except that it must have involved shopping and plants. I have hit my green thumb mode!
The Dollar Stores always have plants in need of saving for cheap and leave it to me to find them and save them. The worse off they are the better the reward when they come back lush and green for me. There is a death ratio though but out of the 3 plants I had die in the past few months, 2 of them were growing new foliage under the dead stuff. I think I have about 9 new ones now. I suck at outdoor planting. I have lilies in the garden that Choo constantly seems to step on and destroy before they can bloom. My indoor garden though is where it's at.

Sat. I went about my usual trek out to Maple Ridge to pay a bill and see my friend Kris and that perked me up after giving away money.

Just because I owe it to you doesn't mean it hurts any less to see it go.

Went home figured out how to make more plants out of existing ones and got really excited when T and Craig came over to spend the night! We watched an awful movie ( Joyride... for Steve Zahn and Paul Walker it was awful! ) but we were together again! Hmmm minus Smokey who we haven't seen since they left. That saddens me but they say he's good!

Sun Red Couch Day!!!!

Ohhh I didn't tell you about the red couch?

Well the weekend before at the BBQ a friend said she had a couch she was getting rid of on Craigslist. When she said it was red my interest was piqued. I have found a fondness for red lately and when she showed me a picture of it I was in love! It's in good condition and has a little bit of cat love but that's ok because at least 1 of my cats will be giving it love too. So after a trip to the dump to get rid of other stuff it was back out to Maple Ridge back to see Kris because her boyfriend had the truck to move my lovely red couch! It was a complete shit show of weather but we got the couch and took it home.


 Now I just have another couch to pick up and a Foosball table then my living room decor might actually match. The table will be somewhere in the basement and the boys are excited.

So go figure that I get the urge to write late last night after I wind down from the busy days just to fall asleep with storylines swirling in my head. That led into a really strange dream and finding some of the cat love on my living room floor as one of them brought me a gift.

A dead gift but a gift none the less.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sometimes I'm not quite with it...

I occurred to me last night that my last post was titled Weekend Wrap up. Apparently I said nothing about what I did on the weekend.

Friday after work we got off early at 2 and since the first WCE Train doesn't run until 3:50pm a few of us stopped at Malone's Bar and Grill where I tried, for the first time a Grapefruit Beer.

It was definitely interesting I'm not sure how to explain how that tastes? Not like a beer with Lime and not like one with Lemon kinda strange. Who puts grapefruit in beer? I know they have so many flavours these days and even weirder ones like pumpkin...

I think I just threw up a bit there.  I have figured out though, I am developing a taste for beer where I never had one before.

They say your palette changes every 7 years so maybe it's that time.

Saturday must have been sort of boring because I don't even remember what I did except run errands that never go away and it was mildly crappy out, not the summer we've been waiting for but slight on rain. No zoo like chaos like in  Catching up June 9 - 17or  First the Skunk now a Raccoon?

What I did do was prepare for the next day...Canada Day!

Sunday was food day Bean picked some new recipes for us to try and we had T and Craig here ( T moved out a couple of weeks ago because SURPRISE I'm going to be a step...TBA. T's having a baby but that's another story ) so we were about the food makin'!

Bean and I set about the food prep from about 1pm on for the rest of the day. Why does she always pick the " you think we're simple but, we're not " recipes? We had 2 kitchens in use and thank goodness for that because we made a mess. Then just when I think it's going to be a simple get together I find out that 7-8 more friends of the kids show up. Ok great at least we have enough food but do I need more? I lost my train of though when I saw 3 of the19-20yr old boys, men, or so I thought play a game like hacky sack but without the hacky sack. They called it the Shin Kicking Game.

HOLY CRAP! You're kidding!

They actually attempt to kick each other in the shins. At full force. I'm going to need a beer for this...


and I got one!

How entertaining was that? More entertaining than watching them try to hit or purple nurple each other for 20 mins. When all the fun was over they took off to watch the fireworks and for the first time in a long time the house was empty. So I set on picking out the phrase for my t-shirt er shirts.

I had to pick 2 because I have to because it sticks in my head and that one is,

Welcome to The Gong Show and the second is picked out of an e-mail sent to me,

Try It You Might Like It!

So simple yet so many different interpretations this one could have. Next week I should have both of them ready and a volunteer to a friend said 'Strut' them!

That was my weekend.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap up.

I had to throw this in there just because...

I love dogs. Really love dogs! I do love ALL dogs but won't OWN some types of dogs.

My oldest daughter and I go go round and round about dogs all the time. First it's...

Me: I want another dog

Sese: No...

Me: but I want another one, a Husky!

Sese: No, not until one of these other animals dies.

Me: That could take years! Cats live till their what, like 20? I might be dead by then!

Sese: I don't care.

Me: OOO but when you move out your taking Whiskey with you and Bosco!

Sese: MOM!

Me: What...What'd I say?

 Then sometimes it's...

Sese: Mom I want a Scottie dog!

Me: No...

Sese: Mom I want a Corgi!

Me: more little dogs

Sese: Why?

Me: Cause they're little, what do they protect??? You're ankles???

Sese: but their cute and they stay that way.

Me: No they don't! Well some don't.

Sese: but they're cute!

Me: They're hors d' oeuvres...

Sese: MOM!

Me: What...what'd I say?

So Sese wants a Corgi and I want a Husky! Big dog, big paws, big love!!!! That can also rip you leg off if you break in my house, so a friend found this... a Corgi/Husky X.

You poor thing! The call of the wild is wasted on this poor pooch.

Or this one... German Shepherd/Corgie X ( German Shorgi )

It's just wrong...

So! After seeing that and still not wanting a small dog now I just feel sorry for the little buggers!

Ok this will be a 2 blog week. I have some Canada Day shinanagans and the T-shirt phrase I picked...oh sorry the 2 phrases I picked to reveal.

See you soon!