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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Parents with power? Not so much...

So I know they say that kids don't come with a manual but there are certain things that should just be common knowledge when it comes to them. Especially with girls!

I used to joke around when my girls were little and say that when they got older we would have to watch what we say because sometimes an innocent comment will end their world as they know it. I found this to be true with mine. Some subject have to be approached carefully and there I'm like a bull in a china shop because I just say things, mind you in the back of my brain I am considerate enough to try and rephrase my thoughts before they come out of my mouth so \i can still say what I want to say but put it in a way that it won't hurt their feelings.

I'm a parent that's my right as one, I don't like to hurt their feelings and sometimes it's necessary and always comes with a reason for why I'm saying it but when you have other people of authority in a child's life like a teacher they should know the boundaries of what they say. They shouldn't tear down a child self esteem and make them feel like they will never amount to anything. Don't tell my mom that though, back then parents did have the power and she used hers very well but it never did the things to me emotionally that if those same words were said to my kids in this day and age they would would not have faired as well.

Some kids are tough and maintain their composure but my 15 yr old... no way. She has a teacher that would constantly berate the kids in his class and embarrass them in front of everyone. My daughter seemed to deem herself the protector of those kids which didn't help her place in this guys class. She would be physically sick  almost every morning, I figured from the anxiety of going to his class everyday and I'm not a doctor but the circumstances seemed to point that way for me. Some days she would sleep in and when she woke up with plenty of time to get to the remainder of the class she just wouldn't go.

Isn't that bullying too?

Now when a school protects it's staff ( which is normal ) at what point are they supposed to seriously look at the way the students are being treated?

As I found out they don't. With 1400 students they have learned the fine art of placating parents, I hear one thing and their actions show me another. So I met this... teacher, part of me thinking that my daughter might have been exaggerating  even a little about his attitude well... she wasn't, the ego this guy has is incredible! Even as I stood there listening to the crap that came out of his mouth about my kid it took me everything I had not to close my fist and punch him in the face. We got mouthy with each other and I got from him a harrumph and under his breath comment of how he sees where I she gets it from.

Yes I have rage issues...

So effective immediately he no longer teaches my child...ever. Not next semester, not next year, never again. It won't guarantee that my kid gets up on time and won't have problems with other teachers but she can feel better about being there and concentrate where she needs to.

Was I rambling??? Maybe but I feel better now.