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Monday, January 27, 2014

All Fun and Games Till Someone Loses an Eye!

Hello Lovelies!

Nobody lost an eye. At least not in real life.

So the week went without much let's see what happened...

...nothing until Sat. T, Peanut and Craig moved into their own little place not far from us and on moving day I got to watch him while they moved. Man can he move now! just turned a yr last week and it's like his tiny legs kicked in at the same time because all he did was walk, fall down, say uh oh and keep on truckin'. The kids did their move and after roughly 2 months of being with us they disappeard off into the night with their child...who I saw the next day as I went over to try and help them unpack.

This has prompted B, my little snake breeder in waiting to want a place of her own so she can...breed snakes! Which would be good because I'm in the process of trying to save on of the feeder rats because he's just too cute, All blonde and red eyed and super friendly. He's my Shy Guy but really like we need to add to the Zoo we have already have and small creatures in any form Mice, Hampsters, Guinea Pigs any of them are really a pain in the ass to take care of and they smell. So B let Paige take the Shy Guy and give him a lovely home sweet home!

I caught up on a couple of my shows!

Bitten...I love! The casting pretty much fit what I had in my head. Clay Danvers played by Greyston Holt, I have never enjoyed death by bicep as much as I did in the last episode. Laura Vandervoort fits Elena Michaels persona for me completely and I can't wait to see where they take it.

The Following...I'm pleasently confused that's all I can really say! It's like I missed something...or a few things and I'm peicing it back together.

Being Human... ( yes I love my dark fantasy shows ) Sally, Aiden, Josh and Nora each week make me laugh just by the chemistry between the characters and how natural they make their craziness seem.

Oh American Horror Story...your season Finale is this week and as sad as I am to see you and you crazy stabbed eye scenes that I couldn't even look at because I have eye issues, you bring me closer to the next new episode of The Walking Dead and the rotting corpses that are constantly trying to eat our merry band of survivors.

So besides that and trying to convince Salt to try something she might not want to the week has been pretty uneventful

Monday, January 20, 2014

Survivers With Fins! So Far So Good!

Hello Lovelies!

I have no idea why I call you guys Lovlies but you're stuck with it!

It's Monday again and unfortuntely nothing really intersting happened last week. You guys know I started a new job and in my old office I was plant obsessed. So far after 7 weeks in my new office I've accumulated 7 plants(mostly in the first 2 weeks). I promised myself I wouldn't go overboard! A co-worker in the office is almost as bad with fish as I am with plants.

Ok not quite but close enough.

I call her the Fish Pimp...

So many of my co-workers have Beta fish on their desks. Beautiful...yes but I can't keep them alive to save my life. 7 days tops! I told her this and last week she brought me goldfish! Which was AWESOME except that I've only used goldfish to cycle my fish tanks for other tropical fish, so they usually make it about 5-7 days too. I know how goldfish work and they have a high maintenace level in my book because all they do is produce waste...constantly and they're not in a tank they're in a bowl so they're even more work. That's ok though I'm up too the task although now I'm itching for a tropical tank once again.

It could go right on my jungle plant table...wait no daydreaming about the perfect environment for fish and plants.

Anyway, I had them about 2 days and then had to leave them for the weekend! I worried about Bob and Doug the whole time (and yes if I had a 3rd his name would have been Mackenzie)They were the first names that came to mind and it fit them, sort of as much as any name can really fit a fish. When I got into work this morning I was so happy that they are alive!If they survive another week I'll celebrate by locating a tiny plastic case of beer that I can throw in thier bowl.

Besides that nothing much happened so what have I got to look forward to??

A challenge I offered a new fellow blogger involving food she probably won't like but I'll get her to eat it.

In an effort to get us off the couch and out of the house, planning a once a month something to do project. It could be in the house as long as it's motivational. The nicer side of weather is on the way so I'd like to start taking advantage!

We'll see how that goes...

That's it for now guys!

See Ya

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday's Stranger Danger Lesson! Homeless and Hellfire.

Hello Lovlies,

So today is a Stranger Danger Lesson for the week!

I walk to the Commuter train every morning and have to cross our local Recreation Center to get to the train yard. As you cross the parking lot there is the Terry Fox Library and then little covered bench area for people to sit in. Over the years I've seen various homeless people there sitting,sleeping and drooling. Where I live most of them are harmless, where as in the city most of them are harmful, rude and kick McDonalds cash registers over.

I will never forget that...

Sometimes though you get one that freaks you right out. I mean made me want to walk all they way around the building to avoid him before I could even hear what he was saying.

This morning I was walking in my usually fashion, in time to my music with my headphones in. I can see lunatic guy and I know he's crazy because he has very animated movements and he's talking to what I thought was himself. As I'm walking up and get closer I figured out quickly that I should have made a wide berth around him but, not wanting to let him know he freaked me out I decided to keep walking my usual way.

I listen to my music relatively loud so I figured that if he said anything I could get away with "not hearing him".

I was soooo wrong!

All of a sudden he's 2 feet away from me screaming that I ( meaning me ) put God in prison, I put Jesus in prison and because of that I was going to get smacked in the face???

Me, mouth open...

*blink blink*...

Now if there were any 2 people that could get out of ANY prison...prison of the mind...trapped in a cell ect, it would be them!
It's like not putting baby in a corner ( shameless Dirty Dancing plug )

Before I could even say anything or scream or run away, a very nice large man walked up and gently turned me away from the crazy guy and pushed me forward. He didn't even say anything it was like a scoop and walk quickly very quickly.

I had time to say a confused thank you and he was off on his way with the crazy guy behind me assaulting someone else with words of trapping God and his son and how that poor guy was going to be strung up and fed to demons for his trouble.

I might have to find a new route to the station...

See Ya

Monday, January 6, 2014

...And Then We Could Have Caught On Fire

I hope your New Year is going well!

Ours was strange...well it's always strange but this was interesting and proof that we need to think in a more logical manner.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I woke up for work, turned on my bedroom lamp and proceeded to get ready. I went in the bathroom and when I came out and when I looked into my kitchen and noticed my stove was off. Back in the bedroom the lights were very dim. Now this isn't odd because sometimes if you turn on both ovens and the kettle we'll blow a breaker between the upstairs and downstairs suites. The funny thing was that it only seemed to be certain parts of the rooms. After about 20 mins of flipping switches and wandering around slightly confused everything came back on.

No problems again until...

This past Friday. So on Thursday night we were talking about how odd the power thing was weeks before. You know you get to the point where it's like hey...this could be paranormal!!!! Paranormal...I wish!

Fast forward to Friday night. Everyone is home things are good and then the TV in the living room sounded like speakers when the sound is too loud and it's blown out. It shut's off, the PS3 shuts off, and the heater kicks out but the Digital box, modem and telephone stay on... in the kitchen the stove, fridge and microwave kick off but the coffee pot is on???? All of the lights in the bedrooms upstairs dim significantly except the bathroom and, downstairs the bathroom and laundry room lights go completely out.

Then we're back to tripping breakers and hoping things will work out. After a while of doing that and the fridge and stove continuing to shut on and off, TV's ticking ( like timebomb ticking ) We figured we'd go to bed and see if everything righted itself in the morning like the last time. The larger items seemed to just not be getting enough power. We still had the internet but it was FREEZING, you know on the coldest day we've had in the past month! Like deep frost "look ice!" cold for us.

We researched what it could have been, even down to the Smart Meters causing power surges but those surges ended up in Fires and Explosions...ok, not making me feel better.

I wake up!
High hopes!

Teeth chattering I go into the kitchen the stove is on yay!... for about 10 seconds. Then it's one of those things where you ask do I call and Electrician or BC Hydro? I called BC Hydro and guess what the had a menu selection for exactly what our problem was! They sent someone out to check it and he tells us ( in a matter of fact way )that there was a break in our line and the electricity was arcing from point to point trying to connect and we were lucky because we could have caught on fire.

Caught on fire?

Now we've been EXTREMELY lucky we haven't caught on fire...unless you count the time Allan lit the dryer lint on fire by accident and the shop caught...nevermind that's another story. Usually our bad luck in the house is water related.

Ugh I think it's time to move...

See ya

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year! 2014 Let's Hope You're a Good One!

Did you have a good New Years?

Let's see... now I'm all willy nilly with the posts as I've decided, why the need for a post once a week when I can just do them any day anytime! Mind you in the Winter there's just less to talk about because there's less to do besides cozy up and watch Winter Previews!

The Following
Bitten ( New show... I read the books )

To name a few and the return of other shows off the break!

American Horror Story Coven
The Walking Dead ( Not back till FEB 9th! This saddens me! )

Now as excited as I am for those I'm even more excited because the next season is SPRING and things will be warming up...eventually...after the Jan & Feb freeze fest but our weather hasn't been that bad so far it was kind of warm yesterday! That just means the worst of it is on it's way but still hoping for a mild winter. My outside plants are confused and because the ground hasn't completely frozen and some of them are trying to bud. That is not normal at all!

There's still Squirrels running around, Chickadees chirping and BUGS! The one and ONLY thing I love about Winter is the lack of bugs because it's too cold! So far that is not happening.

What new things await us this year??? I don't know and I've made the mistake in asking for suggestions...

The requests for me to do strange things is well, really strange like Messy Twister (sounds like something you do with a significant other... or a porn star)? and Human Foosball???

Apparently the stranger the request, the better or... the better for me to emphatically wave my arms and say no to! This will be interesting.

I hope you all had a great New Years and that 2014 is a good year for you. I hope it is for me since I was told to stand on my right foot at midnight to start the year off right. I hope that works!

See Ya