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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your Shoulders or Mine?

Do you ever feel like you just want to run away screaming from your life? Wish you were young again so the responsibilities that are piled up between work and home just disappear?

Do they have a pill for that? Apparently there are many stress relieving remedies, like this one.

Although this is perfect for work stress what if you have other multiple sources of stress? Bills, family ( extended included ), everything that involves not enough hours or means to take care of them all?

They should make a pill called TAKE IT OFF YOUR SHOULDERS! Take at night and activate with a glass of wine or your fave type of alcohol  and voila! Nothing weighs you down! In 20 mins all of your stresses vanish and get put on...

...anyone else who cares as long as I don't have it anymore.

I believe the below kit would help!

 What happens if you take all your worries and frustrations and give them to some superhuman being that thrives on chaos?
Can they handle it? You won't care you took TOYS!
Will they screw it up?  You won't care you took TOYS!
What if that same person gets bombarded with the stress of more than one person? Well that would be a bad side effect by results may vary!

If taken too much this may happen 

With all that said and my rant being much tamer than I planned, sometimes you just have to take each issue one at a time and hope you have someone to listen to the craziness and completely understand why you'll need a padded room and not allowed to use cutlery in the next few years.

Maybe I'll start with the wine...