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Monday, July 27, 2015

Ramblings Of A Distracted Mind

Hello Lovelies!

I wasn't exactly sure where I wanted to go today for this post. So much has happened in the news and day to day life that I'm not sure where to start so I'm going to let my fingers ramble until I lock on to something.

It was nice to get some much needed rain this weekend! Yet I'm still baffled by the people next door to me that continue to water...their fence...their sidewalk...every f*****g day and consider that the restriction is not their problem. See how I did that? I'm being good (sort of) and semi censoring myself. Why? I  have no idea. Forest fire wise things were a little calmer this weekend.

The house next door is a drug rehab & half way house, 2 doors up we have and alcohol rehab & halfway house we are also being surrounded by assisted living homes and a CFL football player next door too makes it an interesting collage of people. Now the A rehab, their OK and keep to themselves, they used to have a guy that would sing at the top of his lungs every morning and night and he was awful at it but you get used to it and when it was gone I noticed. Mr. CFL, he is like a Ninja you don't see him or his family until they want to be seen and their really easy going. Until recently they thought there were only 3 people living in our house. There are 7 and a complete zoo but it's nice to know we stay under the radar. Assisted living... we've been there long enough for our little corner to become comic relief or drama central of sorts to them and we play a game with the bank of windows that faces us trying to figure out what their watching or even applaud when the old folks are dancing in full view. Many of them still got the moves.

The drug rehab...those guys...need to go if only because their complete rudeness and lack of oh I don't know morals or discretion just plain piss me off. A couple of them are ok and seriously want to get their act together and even one young kid comes over to borrow Choo's tools. At first I thought the kid might be casing the shop but he seems pretty shy and he brings whatever he takes back as soon as he's done with them. That, I can handle but it's the ones that think their tough first of all and that they're the shit and say things that make me want to throw stuff over the fence in hopes to hit one in the mouth especially if their talking trash in the vicinity of any of my girls. So besides them blatantly being loud assholes ( where did my semi censorship go? ) when they come across people they know that are in there with them it makes me feel like it's all for show and I think it's very true because one of those guys got kicked out recently not only for smoking his bedroom but also breaching his parole as Blondunicorn got to see the action with the cops.

So from that constant distraction to trying to set up my writing space, the writing itself as my weekly posts come up every Wed and rewriting what was previously written. During the week, I'm a soldier at it but on the weekends it's a bit harder temporarily because I'm mildly obsessed with the book series I'm reading, it's more like consumed and forcing myself to put down the books is very, very difficult now once I'm done them that will be different and I feel like I'm rewarding myself if I make large strides with my own writing throughout the week.

So with that said and something random injected of me being completely stoked that I found Lita Ford on Twitter it was a good hard week and I'm all the better for it.

I even made myself sit in the car when we took a trip to Costco would have been a bad thing for me to get out of the car...because it was Costco on a Sat morning and it was safer in the car for everybody else. I can't help it though I'm ok with crowds, we have a common goal, get in, buy stuff, you know but it's like stores need a fast and a slow lane and Costco has large lanes to begin with but more often than not there are 3 carts side by side and walking at an alarmingly slow speed. Annnnd...that sets me off as muttered curses are a constant until that one person stops dead in front of me and the curses aren't muttered anymore... they are focused. That's when BU and Sese step in grab me by the arms and shoulders to whisk me away. I just hate being delayed when I'm on a mission and to me shopping of any kind is a mission that takes prep.

BU was was thinking this time though she figured if we got coffee first I would be nice and calm and she told me that was the plan. I told her all she did was give me a weapon and as soon as we hit the parking lot I decided that staying in the car was a much better idea.

Ok I have rambled enough, my fingers have thrown up enough words here. Go about your day and have a great week!

See Ya!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Stupid Is As Stupid Does...

Hello Lovelies!

As another week rolls in and we go about our daily jobs, tasks and all of the other fun stuff can I just say something about Donald Trump? Just something small...

I never really cared either way about the guy as the years have gone on and even indulged in The Apprentice. When I saw that he was getting into the political race in the US I seriously did a WTF double take, that was weeks ago and I'm still having trouble with the fact that he's attempting this.

I'm not a political person by any means and really I only lightly pay attention because all the parties ever do is throw stones at each other. I have enough trouble dealing with the anti Justin Trudeau ads here in Canada with them confusing me with the semi nice ads saying he's just not ready yet and has nice hair. Mr. Right just not right now?

Like so many of us here we know way more about US politics than we do our own. Donald Trump however seems so random and at the same time I'm surprised it took him so long to step up to the plate. Now he just needs to be struck out and benched. Every time he's in the headlines I cringe and can't even take in all of the words on the pages. Once I hit the offensive part and there seems to be many, I just can't read any further.

This morning I read about how he won't apologize to John McCain for low pots shots at being a POW.

He's. Just...a dick. Plain and simple.

And I know that there is always going to be that crazy person that thinks having all the money in the world means you can run a country but come on...really?

As much as I loathe the way that in politics in general they feel the need to slaughter each other in the press in order to gain ground no matter what country your from, I know that's what some of them have to do. The scared ones. Their actions should speak for themselves. That's it I have no other words about tweaks my inner rage.

On that note, the weekend was way too hot, we still have a stage 4 water restriction going, I now know how vampires feel when they step out into the sun and feel their skin baking there is no twinkling only searing and ya when is Fall coming?

 I am making progress revising and continuing CF. As I'm doing it post by post there will be portions that don't mesh up yet with the newer content but it will all make sense in the end. In between all of it I am reading a new series to me called the Black Dagger Brotherhood and have read 6 of the books in roughly a 2 week period and I will continue to say that I am in love with this series and I told the author that as well. My biggest problem at the moment is creating my writing space, I have the space it just needs to be set up and that will be my next chore because my story-boarding process needs a home not a folder.

So with reading, writing and my low tolerance for stupidity the week was productive! Now I just have to keep the train moving.

Ok guys, have a great week!

See Ya

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Writer Refreshed And Renewed?

Happy Monday!

OK I can't even be fake happy about Monday but with coffee in hand and after a weekend of grey skies and weird rain patterns it looks like everyone can breathe again...barely but a deep breath was had anyway! The raccoon is back and has the balls to actually enter the house now repeatedly and my cats stay out of it's way which is just...great...

I had a 3 month check in review at work a couple of weeks ago and my office manager asked if there were any courses that I wanted to take to further my career, my answer right away was no, not that I would decline the chance to learn but we all know that my current job although it is my career at the moment is not what I want to do forever and it made me think... hard about where I'm at now.

In the past week I have reacquainted myself with my characters and have been more than motivated to continue CF.

Last week I tweeted that I fell in love with another authors characters, my own are outraged and demand attention. So I've been giving it, thinking about them, remembering them and treating them like the living breathing beasts that they once were and are again.

My problem is always that life constantly gets in the way and I've probably said it 100 times that I need to get back on the horse and I have. I make sure that at LEAST an hour of every day is dedicated to some angle of writing and utilizing the resources I've had in place but never really took advantage of. I'm even thinking about creating writing space which I don't have now.

With my lunch breaks at work are a perfect time for writing for an hour, it also means that anything I do at home is bonus time. From this new motivation came a new character I created and am very excited about.

 And then the daunting task of revising what was previously written and posted begun.

When I went over what I had written over a year or so ago I was mildly appalled! I definitely realized that you should not lose track of what your doing. Too many things fall away and end up missing and then things don't make sense. Way too many!

So after seeing that and being horrified, section by section things are being readjusted and re-written to rebuild that loss of continuity and balance. There were a lot of RE's in that sentence and this entire post actually. That's where I'm at though.

I get help and encouragement from the family and I have to say though that Bean is the one that tries to propel me forward the most when it comes to writing, finding things to help me concentrate, linking my to storyboarding you know telling me to enter contests stuff like that.

I gave Blondunicorn a CPW (Character Profile Worksheet) to create a character for me and I think that's going to be a kind of social experiment I'll probably ask some others to do as well. Just create a character, You have no control over what happens to the character however you create a small back story and hand it over. I'm excited to see where it could go. She's so excited about it and thorough that one I tell ya. Maybe she could write about how the experience went for her? I'll have to ask her or if she's reading this then I just did!

So if your interested let me know and I'll send you out the character sheets or I could just post them I guess eh? Hmm...

Now as I said I've fallen in love with another authors characters and between writing my own and reading hers my brain is full of words...all the time. I have to seriously force myself to put down J.R.Wards books and I'm reading them faster than anything else I read except The Stand which I read in 3 days and these are the same that way 2, maybe 3 days tops.

So if you see me posting writing quotes like this one..

or this one...

It's just me keeping my motivation up until the whole process is like breathing and I end up completely obsessed with it. That's my goal.

Have a great week!

See Ya

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Where There Is Smoke There's Fire and a Pimp Bitch.

Hello Lovelies!

Well today's post comes to you from between half closed eyes as the smoke from various forest fires is temporarily settling on the city. Sunday morning as I opened my front door I smelled smoke and could see the haze and wondered where it was from. After about an hour we had heard that on of the High Schools in Maple Ridge had caught fire and that it was probably the cause...we were wrong. We have such sever water restrictions here right now that even numbered houses can only water on Mondays between 4am and 9am and odd numbered houses can only water on Thursdays.

They said on Sunday that there were about 79 forest fires burning in BC and as of this morning the count was at 182 the closest ones to us being 2 on Burnaby Mountain and Pemberton was on fire as well with the smoke is funneling down to us. We also have smoke coming up from Washington and I truly don't think I've seen it this bad before. Our house topped out at 34 the house and I now know what a Vampire feels like when it steps out into the sun and instantly feel the sizzle on the skin. So with that it was a long and hot weekend.

The highlight of the weekend was playing Never Have I Ever...with the girls of the house, oh and Allan the poor guy although in hindsight I think we all agree that that's a game parents should never play with their children no matter how close they are because we find out things about each other that we wish we didn't know but it was fun and we laughed and that kind of time with them is always the best. We had friends come in from Alberta and all they wanted to do was find a're in BC now take your pick!

With the talk of rain around the corner and I can't wait! As long as it's not the, let's drizzle for 5 mins and stop for an hour and then do it again type rain. We just need even if it's overnight a nice summer downpour to soak everything and help put out the blazes. So with that said I hope that the people that have been evacuated can go back soon...if they haven't already.

This leads me to a tiny rant I have that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the topic above.

My daughter that I spoke about previously and her interest in Social Media Marketing quit her job at the Matchmaking Office yesterday because her boss was was going to cut her hours to 2 days a week, 2 hrs per day and was yelling at her ( which she normally does ) Bitchface ( sorry for my language I will no doubt be using ) told her that basically she too nice and that a failure in parenting was at fault, that because we don't own a house that was our downfall in her raising.


 First off she knows nothing of what any of us had to go through just to raise them. It was not an easy ride and the kids took it in stride and we did the best we could at the time with what we had just like millions of other family's. After I calmed down because I wanted to leave work, go to her office and grab her by the throat for the things she said to her I realized that my girl is the bigger person. She doesn't force people into taking something they don't want and actually has compassion for people. Well stop the presses we taught her to CARE! OMG we are horrible people!

Bean can hold her own and says what's on her mind just because she doesn't belittle people all the time, she shouldn't be classified as weak. She loved her job and is devastated that she had to let it go especially after all of the work she did to build up their online image that was non existent until Bean got a hold of it. So Fuck you Pimp Bitch! I'm glad she left your toxic environment and I hope she sees you in the future successful and proud after surviving your relentless verbal torture.

Me on the other hand?... I'm not as nice as my kid, she wouldn't like me when I'm one else does.

So back to smiles! I am shifting gears and off to do the things that make me happy and smile! Oh wait I'll be working on stuff that doesn't make me smile but that's ok I'll smile despite it because I'm proud of the things my kid accomplished in a short period of time.

Have a great week!
See Ya!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Just Because It's Awesome.

Hello Lovelies!

 I'm back from Vacation...sort of. I did have to come back to work for a day so that my co-worker could attend her daughters graduation...that she forgot about and asked at the last minute if I could come in, then it turned out that she had graduated the day before so she spent the day off taking her girl to get properly done up for her dinner dance. At least it was a Friday so I got to go into work in jeans.

I didn't do too much because it's been stupid hot and since they knocked the houses down behind us the heat is baking the yard. With the water restrictions being a bit heavier this year our back yard looks like a field of wheat that's been flattened like a crop circle. The nights are even worse though and sleeping solidly seems to be almost non existent and attempting to sleep in was not an option. The nights heat up it seems and if I was ok with bugs I'd just sleep out on the back porch because by 7pm outside is much cooler than inside. Unfortunately have you seen the shit that flies around at night besides the Bats? We have new, weird and strange bugs that like nighttime, our Hazelnut tree and that gives me the heebie jeebies.

So yesterday was Canada Day and we did our annual BBQ trying to keep it simple because of the heat but as every year we soak fruit in booze, put out the skewers and go for broke... after the meal of salads, burgers and hot dogs. This year it was Mango Splash Malibu that we doused our fruit salad with and it was pretty amazing! The usual suspects were there but we were missing a few that would normally be there but it was a good day! Unless you're Blondunicorn who decided we should have Mimosas but had never opened a Champagne bottle before and while my eyes were elsewhere she opened the bottle...straight up, not away from herself and got a cork in the lip...hard, splitting it and I wish I saw what she was doing so I could have warned her but you know what?

She'll never do that again now will she?

A few things about eating your alcohol is...

1) It's delicious
2) No hangover ( thank god )
3) The buzz is completely different
4) The socializing that happens as people enjoy it! It's brings us together as we discuss why the watermelon no matter what is always the fruit where the booze tastes the strongest.

Bean went all out with decorations, everything from $100 bill napkins to Canadian flag toothpicks, plates, tablecloth and a red and white packed with glitter top hat that had glitter EVERYWHERE and on everything. She loves her holidays that's for sure. There were firework restrictions too yesterday because it's been so dry but we could see a few rebels lighting them off from the back porch after the kids left to hunt down some they could watch traditionally.

All in all it was a good day, screaming hot but a good day! All we need is one day of rain...just one...full on downpour where I don't have to feel like the only relief would be stripping down naked and covering myself in an ice bath is my only recourse and yet I have to sleep with the covers on!

Ok guys, Have a great rest of the week!

Happy 4th coming for my US friends and family! I hope your day is as good as ours was!

See Ya