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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tiny Rant...Just a Tiny One

Hi Guys!

I had a little time off and took the time to shake the cobwebs from my brain to try and focus on what comes the same time with the mentality that I could be hit by a bus tomorrow so I should enjoy my time now. Then I watched the news...and read the news and it made me sad as well as informed but it made me remember why I don't watch the news on a regular basis.

After readjusting my thoughts on top of an insane urge/need, bordering on obsession to go to the UK lately I figured I was going to find the most efficient and cost effective way to commute along with changing other things (now you see where the rant part is heading) in order to help make that happen. It might take a couple of years...who am I kidding of course it will! So After Christmas starting in January I'm going to start saving my pennies...wait we don't have those anymore, so nickles and see how much I have by the end of the year.

I'm so lucky to live in an area where I have access to all forms of transit. I have a few blocks to the West Coast Express $13.75 per day or $201 per month. This includes bathrooms on each car and a coffee car that I never use but it's there. Occasionally it's delayed because of hitting a bear, engine trouble or a switch issue that results in us sitting on the track waiting for someone from Calgary to approve the switch. Still very reliable though. and only takes 35 mins to travel.

Not ranting yet...

I have a bus stop a block away from my front door and that bus will take me straight downtown to 1 bus $5.50 one way, $11.00 per day, day pass $9.75 1hour 15mins into the city and about 1 1/2 hours home. Today I decided to take the bus and skytrain again a block away from my house, same cost but 1 1/2 hours in and almost 2 home.

Now I rant...

So as much as I want to spend less time and money commuting here is where my problem is. If I take the one shot bus it's fine no issues, but the skytrain...oh the skytrain really brings out my commuter rage. You guys that have been there with me through it know that half the time I just want to clothesline people and the Taurus that I am wants to cram a horn up someones ass. I have personal space issues for sure unless I like you.

As I'm standing on the skytrain all is well and I can half read the paper while I hang on for the stops and starts of the train. The train stopped and enough people got off so that I can get a seat YAY! Now know that we're packed in like sardines in a can let the fun begin! I can handle that...most times.

Beside me I have a guy who pretty much has his umbrella on my neck as he's standing, in front of me I have a short woman (yes her height matters here) who is carrying a large tote bag that is resting on my lap and no matter how hard she tried to make sure it wasn't on my lap it would just have to be because she was tiny and I couldn't move in any direction at the same time the gentleman sitting beside me looked like he was having just as much fun as I was because as people moved on or off the train I would be pushed wet neck and bag knees into him every couple of minutes along with my own gear that I carry and trying to read the paper. I gave up.

By the time I got to Burrard I was annoyed and even more so when I got up and my ass was wet because apparently umbrella on my neck guy was dripping down the back of my seat. Yee... Haw..

Then the movement of commuter cattle began again and with one escalator out for the past few months it's a press of bodies trying to get ahead of one another just to get away from each other. So I'm up and out and breathing again when I hit W. Georgia I took out my REPLACEMENT umbrella ( one of the kids lost mine and... um... replaced it ) and it crumbled to the point where I was almost one of those people who'd had enough and had a temper tantrum on the sidewalk.

Deep breath Steph...deep...breath...

I know things can't be helped when commuting and I do take steps to be a less agitated and understanding commuter. I try not to be in anyone's way especially when I hear someone cough or sneeze then thoughts of The Stand come to mind. I know dramatic right? the news this shit happens. So after the longest and most uncomfortable commute I've decided that the bus/skytrain route completely sucks and I don't want to do that again plus it is the longest route. Once the Evergreen line is complete and crosses the skyline maybe I'll try it again?...probably not...someone might get hurt.

Now that the commuting part has been taken care of for now and I am trying to focus on the things I need to do and you know...DO THEM my head is clear and I'm gearing up for the oodles and oodles of Christmas cheer at the Festival this weekend because if I can do this then I can do anything!

Have a great week Lovelies!

See Ya

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Season That Shall Not Be Named.

Happy Monday!

How happy is it really? That there coffee? If so then it's a good Monday.

I have to talk briefly about The Walking Dead! OMG! WTF! I can't believe that happened! Ok I'm done, no spoilers here.

I have taken to a new show though called Peaky Blinders now you guys in the UK only seem to have 6 episodes series' and with some shows it's just NOT ENOUGH! Cillian Murphy has always been a fave of mine but I absolutely love him in this. The show starts off just outside of London in 1919 and as I had a love for Boardwalk Empire it seems that period gangster shows also have my attention as much as Bikers, Zombies, Freaks and Starks. I'm always looking for the ones that are a rare find though like Penny Dreadful.

Ok Enough of that!

So as the season that shall not be named ( but will anyway below ) comes closer and horrifyingly closer it looks like it's time to start checking out the things that explode into being at this time of year. So that brings us to season of holiday lights, creative food and craft ideas and of course the Awful Gifts!

Bean has decorated our basement into a full Santa and Elf haven and you know it was a complete success because Blondunicorn cried at the site of her Angel on the top of the tree. There is glitter everywhere, in everything as Bean loves to make her own decorations and when any of the cats come upstairs they're all sparkly so, thanks to her homemade craftiness that is running rampant in the house it makes me want to do things like this...

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…a schedule of events for 12 Days of Christmas at Leigh Square! Leigh Square Community Arts Village celebrates the holiday season
with a series of holiday inspired art workshops including wreath making, card making, handmade gifts anyone can make, and holiday crafts for kids. Share in the yuletide festivities
throughout the City and at Leigh Square with a choir performance, bring your family for a unique holiday movie experience and enjoy the holiday spirit in your community.
Please visit: or contact us at 604.927.8400.


Name: Port Coquitlam Christmas Festival 2014
Date: November 29, 2014
Event Description:
The Port Coquitlam Christmas Festival includes dozens of holiday themed events put on by PoCo Heritage and their partners. The Festival kicks off with Christmas at Leigh Square on November 29th and wraps up with an awards party for the Christmas Tree Decorating Contest on January 3rd. In between, there are dozens of events including holiday craft making, entertainment, teas, music and choirs, socials, movies and Christmas tree tours.

Learn more at

So with all of that said I'm going to support local to start and give the season a shot as long as my own elves don't try and force the holiday cheer down my throat then maybe I'll try to find my holiday spirit and leave the bah humbugs behind.


Have a great week!

See Ya

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Year Later...Can It Better?

Hi Lovelies!

Here we are almost halfway through November and with only 7 weeks left of the year it feels like things have moved incredibly fast for 2014.

I felt reflective...

This time last year I was unemployed, EI penalized me 11 weeks and everything was pretty much falling apart. If the duct tape I call my family wasn't there helping hold things together, I might have had to commit to the padded room or have been living down by the river but thanks to all of them that pulled together and helped get us through that this year is very different...not by much in some cases but much better than last November.

By December 2013 I had a new job and a new heart rate...a slower one as I began to calm down. The job is good, had it's ups and downs and yet still in a field and industry I didn't want to be in any longer so here's my dilemma...

1) Do I continue to plug along everyday doing the best work I can and continue to build this as my career?

2) Do I hang out for a while longer while I  pursue other things as well to get into my field of choice?

3) Do I build something brand new for myself and put my passion and effort into making that work?

4) Win the lottery? ( If only! Whistler here I come )

You guys know I don't like to talk about the bad things and I'm not really, we're still here fighting through everyday and of course I know what the sensible choice should be. How do you know when the best time is to move forward? How do you do it without screwing everything else up that you've built? How do you know it's not too late to build something that can represent what you love? I have so many things that I love and if I could put them all into one place that would be awesome!

So a year later...can it be better? Ummm it better be! By this time next year there is going to be something new and exciting and hopefully all consuming!

You guys will be there every step of the way with me.

With that said I love you all and hope that this doesn't seem depressing because it's not supposed to be! Things are looking up so this was my semi sad rant for the next 6 months...I hope anyway!

Side note and completely unrelated...being Movember and all seeing men all over growing their staches, I thought after watching Tombstone yesterday,! All shapes and sizes in there, almost every character had one.

Sam Elliot's is still my favourite though.

Ugh... Christmas is coming...sooner rather than later. Bean has already started decorating the house and making her decorations by hand and glue gun. We finally have frost outside and getting out of bed is so much harder now but at least for this week there's no rain and that is a really good thing for us!

OK guys I hope you have a good week!

See Ya

Monday, November 3, 2014

Fire In The Sky for Halloween

Hi Lovelies!

Did you have a good Halloween? I did even though it was harder than usual to get into the spirit of things it was a good night.

Besides Bean being the spirit of the party, she put a majority of the food together and decorations...she went a tad crazy but I loved it all. except that to stick it to me she dressed herself as Mrs. Clause and the next day made me watch a Christmas movie...already...ugh...

Before I continue though I have to mention a conversation I had with one of our party goers though because it cracks me up every time I think about it.

I went into the shop at the back of the house to ask Choo something...(I don't remember what) and he was in there talking to one of our regulars Jer. Now Jer was a wee bit intoxicated before he showed up our house so imagine a slightly swaying man in an over-sized jacket.

As I'm talking to Choo this happens...

Jer - Hey Steph...want a smoke. (creepy, soft spoken, pusher smooth here)
Me - Ahh no thanks I'm good! (eyes shift to Choo)
Jer - (leans in closer not breaking eye contact) No really...want a smoke I have smokes...
Me - (slowly backing away) Um...nope I'm ok but thanks!

He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a brand of cigarettes I've never see before and hands them to me...still not breaking eye contact.

Jer - I've got you covered. If you need smokes I can get you smokes ( still giving off pusher vibes )
Me - (I take them and look) Oh is this a new brand?
Jer -  ( no change of tone still creepy pusher smooth ) No...
Me - (looks at Choo, looks at Jer, looks at Choo again, shrugs looks back at Jer ) Um...ok?

A bit of a staring contest...

Jer - (finally after what seemed like forever) They're Native smokes...

Here I realize that it makes complete sense that I wouldn't have known them...mind you I wouldn't have smoked them...I'm trying to quit and those would have destroyed me.

Me - Oh! So you got them off the Res?

At that point Jer snapped out of what whatever weird haze he was in, looked at me with this shocked I should have know better, eyebrow raised expression and says...

"No! I get them in the park where I buy everything!"

I almost died laughing right there.

After a while I strolled into the kitchen and Choo was out back telling me to come quick and what I saw from that same Reservation we had been talking about was the biggest, brightest firework exploding and lighting up the sky. We collected everyone outside on the back porch to watch 20 mins of entertainment that almost felt like it was for us. We've lived in that house for over 4 years and never seen anything like that.

They put on a show that's for sure! Many OOOOO's and AHHHHH's from all of us made it one of the coolest things. Thank goodness it was a dry Halloween!

There will be pics to follow here and on Instagram soon so check back.

Oh! one final thing I HAVE to mention...I like cider...I like Growers and always like to try any new flavours. I picked up the newest one Bing Cherry...yum right? It smelled awesome and it tasted good...until I swallowed it....then you know what it tastes like???...

Cough medicine...that's it... cough was gross....kind of like Robitussin or Cherry Nyquil... more so the Robitussin.

Here's a smile for your Monday!
That kills me!

Have a great week!
See Ya