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Friday, February 13, 2015

Even The Doctor Was Surprised...

Happy...what day is it?!

How was your week? Mine was wet and rainy but good despite it. I can feel things outside and indoors waking up, not that they slept much with our supremely mild winter. I have roses already starting to bud and the Hydrangea that I hate with a passion along with the evil Yucca that we tore out roots and all that is starting to grow too.  

Alright...I had something else completely lined up for this post but like I said 2015 is the year to roll with it and apparently this is how we roll. (cheesy I know )

As I'm working I get a frantic call from B crying, hysterical and talking so fast I could barely keep up.

B - Mom! jflfsljf jflsflf jdjffs;k;!
Me - Um...what?
B- I  jlfj hfoewo in my dpia!

Almost on the verge of hyperventilating, and talking so fast without taking a breath that her voice got higher and higher as she spoke.

B - Something flew in my ear and I can hear it moving!

Oh... now that was interesting...

Me - Something flew in your ear?

Now being Feb but warm I have noticed insects still milling around...this wasn't one of those.

Me - (Calmly) Ok did you have Auntie look in your ear?
B - She said there was BLOOD IN MY EAR! She's taking me to the doctors. IT'S MOVING MOM, IT'S MOVING AGAIN!

Me - Ok baby breathe...Wait our doctor? The walk in Clinic? The hospital?

This is where she stopped freaking out and used her brain.

B - It's Tuesday...our doctor doesn't work on Tuesday's, I lost my wallet though and don't have my Care Card.
Me - The clinic has you on file...
B - The clinic is GONE!
Me - nope it's just moved.
B - Oh... ok the clinic then.

By now she is slow talking and waiting for her sister and Aunt to get themselves together and take her in and I get a message from Blondunicorn...

Taking B to the clinic. She had something in her ear and she's freaking out. Sese coming too.

I let her know I had B on the phone and if you knew B you would understand the state of her FREAKING OUT reaches far and can get out of control if not curbed immediately. There is no end to the horrors that go through her brain and come out her high... speed. 

Did I mention high speed?

Now surprisingly the clinic worked really fast and the next message I got was that they were in a room waiting and that was about 15 mins later. 

The last message was unexpectedly this 

She had a tiny spider in her ear...
Even the doctor was surprised

Even the doctor was
Leave it to my kid...that sleeps near 2 tarantulas to get a spider in her ear. What a way to start a Tuesday!

If you want to read what happened from the other end click the link below to That Is All...

Ok Lovelies!

Keep sending me the weird news.

Have a great week!
See Ya

Monday, February 2, 2015

And The Bus Smelled Like Pee..


I'm really not that chipper today but hey they say if you fake it enough you will become the emotion that you're faking. That is an experiment for another day.

I hope your weekend went well! Mine went... not the way it was supposed to but isn't that always the way stuff happens for some of us?

Had a lovely day with grandbaby boy who spent part of the time screaming bloody murder unlike last week when he was all love and hugs and apparently his bad mood was due to not napping. He's still cute though because whenever he says NO in anger I reply YES and by the end of it he's agreeing with me. at least for now anyway. The Superbowl was big news and usually I would watch it but I'm not a fan of either team so I chose British smut TV instead and house puttering. I call it puttering because you're kind of lazy cleaning while wandering from room to room not really wanting to do anything extensive but not wanting to do nothing either.

and then the weekend was over!

I've been taking the bus to work for the past month trying to save some pennies...wait we don't use pennies anymore, OK save some nickles and for the most part it's fine. Last week a woman almost passed out on the bus and everyone there worked together to check her out and make her feel better. The commute itself is an extra 45 mins to and from but it gives me more time to read and I do love to read. Days like today though are days I miss the WCE (which I take on Fridays to treat myself sometimes) painfully so.

First-I get on the bus and it's freezing because the bus hasn't warmed up yet.
Second-My usual seat is taken so I take the seat on the opposite side of where I usually sit.
Third-The floor is wet so I keep my bag beside me instead of putting it on the floor.
Fourth-The bus starts to warm up.
Fifth - I...SMELL...PEE...

Now if you have pets then you would have been doing exactly what I was doing at this point which is mentally thinking about weather it's possible that your cat or dog could have peed on anything that you are now carrying.

Bag - nope Smokey slept on it but no pee.
Jacket - Nope hanging up on a chair
Clothing - Nope nothing like the dreaded Skunk incident.

So now I'm on the bus shyly sniffing myself to try and see where the pee smell is coming from because it smells like cat pee and now I'm worried...until I put my foot down and it slipsand not just slips it was like have slimy and slippery. That's when I realize that it wasn't me... but pee... on the floor... at the back of the bus. (Insert retching sounds here) and then that was all I could focus on the whole rest of the ride, well that and not putting my feet on that part of the floor again and better late than never checking my seat itself.

Welcome to Monday! Bus peeing and all! Is it springtime yet? Did the groundhog see it's shadow? Will this day ever END!

Have a great week guys!
See Ya