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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

100th Post

Hello Lovelies!

My 100th post! I feel like there should be fireworks shooting out of your phones and computers right now! How amazing would that be! More dangerous I guess though eh?

Thanks to you guys that have hung in there with me and have subjected yourselves to being part of my crazy life and the zoo that goes with it. I hope you stick around for the rest of it!

It's been a long road to get here 100 posts later. Really I didn't expect to still be here. Some things fade and some stick...I guess this one stuck for me. Now I'm not going to get all sentimental and you know...girly but it means alot that those of you that have been here since the beginning are still here with me. Always welcome are the new ones!

Now enough of that before I cry on my keyboard or something ridiculous!

Hang on, insert cheesy joke I heard this morning...

Q. What do you get when you cross a Jamaican with a redhead?
A. A Gingerbreadmon!

I had to do it because it made me giggle and well my family is Jamaican so it's extra cheesy.

Thanks for hangin with me!
See Ya!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's Just One of those Days.

Ugh... do you ever have one of those days that starts with an Ugh?

I rarely start with one but a short time later sometimes one will appear.

So you're at work and Clients/Customers/Staff are driving you absolutely nuts, making you want to rip your hair out and it's like the all gang up on you the same day.

You can't make anyone happy!

Screw it! ( There's a Wine for that )
There's also a Bitch Wine ( that'll come later )

Lucky for me I'll chalk it up to one bad day and not let it get to me...unless you don't use your brain on a consistant basis.

Then the Ugh comes out and I wonder how you're all. That then prompts me to ask my bartender/snakebreeder wanna be child to mix me something fancy for when I get home or else it's shots of Whiskey and a hangover from hell that can only be cured with a trip to McDonalds where again you wonder how they are employed when they screw up a simple order.

I think I'll avoid that. I think I scared the poor girl.

Just a quick one today!

See Ya

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Welcome Spring! Sort of...

I's not officially Spring yet but we've had our Daylight Savings Time kick in and it's like with that we have been blessed with sunshine and warmth and that makes me think of Spring...Finally!

Really though here the only real time we got significant snowfall was what... the last week of Feb?? Off and on for a week and it stuck breifly ( like 1 day ). After the last day of snow I got a text from Salt at work saying this...

Salt: That's it I'm done with the snow! I've had enough! ( She had lived in Fraser Lake for 4-5 years.)

Me: What it's been here on and off for a week, really?

Salt: Yes I'm a delicate flower!

Me: You've lived in -30 weather...your a Pine Tree!

Once Winter hit here, she had her snow tires put on...with studs. We usually have a wet Winter, Black Ice being more of a problem than anything but it always sounds and feels like she's driving on gravel. She likes to say that it's like fairies are applauding for her everytime she rolls to a stop.

No she doesn't need a straight jacket. Well yet anyway.

It's been a rough RRSP season at my new job but I escaped unscathed! Money Hell is over. This makes me very happy!

The kiddies are all trying to decide what to do with their lives.

Bean has decided she wants to be a bartender? Aspiring to get people drunk and increase her tips and fund her snake breeding dream? That's pretty outside the box. I always said she'd be good at whatever she wanted to do and funny enough I can see her pulling that off.

T is thinking about what to do with herself having a baby boy that's walking and starting to talk chasing her around. She'll think when she's sleeping.

Sese is still bouncing between school and work trying to fit all the peices together to find her perfect career.

It's been really crazy here getting back into things, but slowing down so I can get back to my much neglected Writing, Blogging, Instagram and Twitter ect. life as it was before and still trying to get Salt to eat something that she can't fathom in her mouth although...

I did get her to take a shot of Crown Royal Maple! I warned her and anyone else that tries it that it's just like Pancakes in your mouth. She agreed through gritted teeth and a look of pure horror on her face as it went down, that yes it did indeed taste like pancakes in her mouth, with a kick and a form of wrongness.

That was a special moment!

See ya.