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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Zoo Doesn't Disappoint!

Hello Lovlies...

I was chipper this morning, we pulled into Waterfront Station and there was the first Cruise ship of the season! Lots of tourists now will be flowing on Vancouver streets again as the kick off to the upcoming Summer. That generates a bit of excitement, enough where I had a little spring in my step on the way to the office.

Usually as soon as I open my office door Bob and Doug ( More so Bob )get pretty excited that they are going to be fed especially on Monday's because of the weekend and the first thing I say is Morning Fishies Your Still Alive! This morning Doug wasn't alive and Bob was almost swimming towards the light himself. I changed the water and Bob is no longer swimming sideways and seems to be breathing better...

I think...

I have no idea!

"Why are you talking about fish?" you ask?

Because frankly I'm surprised they have lived this long in the first place being that they are feeder fish. They are the fish that other fish eat or in my case the fish I use to cycle a fish tank for tropical fish so they usually die in a week but these were my first feeder fish pets.

So this is an accomplishment! Well was anyway...

Also because it made me kind of sad at the same time although Doug was the boring one and he never got enough food because Bob was a lil' pig of a fish ( a little Surf and Turf humour there )

Ya ya I know...

In other news, almost all points of my life right now are in a bit of a tornado that has lifted up my house high off the ground and hasn't put it down yet.

A close friend said to me today that my Zoo doesn't disappoint in the drama department. No it doesn't, it's always a gong show but at least my life isn't boring! Even yesterday while I flaked out out, watched Iron Man 3 ( Twice ), X-Men Last Stand and the Avengers all the while thinking about Cosplay Characters I want to be for next year, I watched T straighten an afro on a 29 year old man for about 3 hours for the sole reason of seeing how long it would the end of it he had a Gene Simmons helmet and he rocked it. His hair actually helped me decide on my Cosplay Character!

It was... needless to say... interesting!

Ok guys, Have a good one!
See Ya,

Monday, April 21, 2014

I Am A Fan of Fan Expo!

Hello Lovlies!

The title of this one says it all for me. I had so much fun! Keep in mind that Fan Expo Vancouver is smaller than any of the other Conventions and at the same time it was great to go to something at the start that will turn into something much bigger over time.

This was only the 3rd convention in Vancouver so far and I loved every minute of the day. There were so many people in costume as it should be and I'm glad I started here. If I went to Comicon as my first one I think my inner Nerd would have had a heart attack as it was she was swooning from the second we went through the doors. My Social Media outlets were all a buzz with stuff. I haven't been able to upload all the pics.

I do wish I had been more comfortable with asking cosplayer or 30 for a photo though and next year as well as being one ( I'm really going to try and make that happen ) I'm going for broke. Some of their costumes were just amazing and inventive except the really bad plastic bag Batman.

Oh and the Steampunk! I almost went to Steampunk heaven, the clothes the jewlery all of the other stuff! I even bought a 50 calander that looks like a... I can't even explain it kind of like a clock but not really. I'll post it later and give kudos to The Attic who had a table there that I didn't want to leave.

The pics of it will be posted on my Instagram and Tumblr. Tabs are at the top.

I think I stalked Robert Englund for over an hour. He was one of the only celebs that sat in his booth regardless of whether he had autographs to sign or not and chatted away with fans. so I stood directly in front of him and stayed there! Paige got a picture with him and I thought she was going to die. Sese got a picture with her Cosplay idol Jessica Nigri and she is super cute.

There was so much going on and so much to see and all I kept thinking was Comicon is much bigger than this...I... have... to go.
For now though I'll focus on what's in front of me, making things better as well as worthwhile and making my dreams come true.

Everybody needs some of that right?

See Ya,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Growing Up Is Hard To Do.

Hello Lovlies,

I spent most of the weekend not feeling well and it's typical because the weather was amazing. You know, it was warm enough and so bright out that your eyes just couldn't adjust to it because they've been in the dark, grey and hooded due to rain and grey sky's for the past few months. I noticed alot of picture taking ( My Instagram exploded )and smiling happy faces. Ok...well...a few smiling happy faces and some faces that wished they hadn't gotten out of bed that day.

Watched Bean, Allan and Jeremiah make dinner and BBQ for about 6 hours. In their defence they had a lot of food and a tiny grill to work with but they made it work. Everyone seems to be geared up to get things done this Spring/Summer. I've been asked for Passport applications, the two youngest are getting their Official ID because they will both be turning 19 soon and legal ( That's trouble ), BlondUnicorn is getting ready to insure her Harley for the riding season and I have to do something that I've put off for almost This is the last time, if I don't do it this Summer I'll never drive.

No...I haven't done it yet.
Never really needed to. Transit was my friend and could never fit a car, and insurance, and gas into the budget.
Did take the road test once and failed only because I ran a yellow light...twice...I thought I was too close to the intersection to stop! The instructor said "stop anyway I'm a witness if you get rearended"

Ok then!

First though I get to re-write the learners exam, should be good I got 100% last time and when you've taken the test as many times as I have I think it would be questionable if I didn't get them all right. So back I go again and will book my road test as soon as I pass the learners exam. Drive the crap out of BU's car and pass.

Fan Expo is coming this weekend and I heard that we'll be having FREEZING rain!!! What a way to tease us Mother Nature! Hopefully Sunday will be Sunny Day because I'm going! Just confirmed by Sese and Steven! Sneaky Buggers.

They're lucky I'm not crazy into Cosplay.

We'll that's it for now.

See Ya

Monday, April 7, 2014

To Go or Not To Go...To Fan Expo Vancouver!

Hello Lovlies!

So Easter Weekend is approaching soon on Apr 20 and at the same time that weekend is Vancouver's Fan Expo and on top of that 4/20 Day so I'm assuming there will be youngins ( well younger than me maybe some older ) filling the streets not only in their fav character costumes but also in a green hazy cloud that will blanket the city.

I have a question though! so if you a family that celebrates Easter on that Sunday and your kid is a pothead where do you foresee your child being that night? Dinner with the family or 420? How do they get out of it? How would that conversation go?

Back to Fan Expo so the lineup many Fav's!!!!!!


That's only a few! Freddy in person though! EEEEEEEEE!

So much more!!! I haven't even touched on the video games, Anime so much more!

It may not be as big as Comic Con but it's out tiny piece of that world and every year it gets a bit bigger!

Wait why am I undecided about going?

If you want to check it out the web info is below,

Ok guys! It's been fun.

See Ya

Friday, April 4, 2014

Undercover Monkey.

Not actually about monkeys undercover or otherwise.

Have you ever been somewhere in public like on transit or in a coffee shop something like that and your absorbed in something big or important to you or in my case just reading and you don't realize that you make facial expressions while you're doing this?

That was me last week...

I'm trying really hard to read this book by one of my fav authors but for some reason I just think it's awful and that in some ways the story is too... how should I say it...out there for me? It's just a very painful read for me.

So I'm trying to reading this really hard to deal with book on my commute to and from work last and Friday I was reading away, headphones in and in my confusion of the story I was making facial expressions while reading and apparently really showing my confusion. Head shaking ect and it wasn't until I made a gesture with my hands that I realized that I was actually... making the gesture with my hands!!

Instant insecurity appeared and when I lifted my head up about 4-5 people were watching me. Only 1 of them looked at me like I was crazy but the others really looked like they could relate to what I was going through at that moment AND...

I'm pretty sure at that hand gesturing moment I was trying to figure out how a Werewolf could travel from treetop to treetop and then drive a car, oh ya and use a cell phone all in werewolf form, did I mention he would aslo travel from rooftop to rooftop too? I mean why not though? If vampires now can twinkle in the sun, then a werewolf can be an undercover monkey with opposable thumbs so he can shift gears in a Porsche and look for a cell phone signal to call 911.

Oh Boy...

I'm really hoping that there is meaning to all of this though because I really do like the authors previous work.

I really hope it gets better
Have a good weekend!

See Ya