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Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh it's Christmas Time Again...

The office got decorated last week...I do not have the best Christmas spirit since my kids have grown older but I have to say that they have enough for everyone and I bet when I get home or shortly after not only will it look like Santa threw up in the office it will look like that at home too.

Santa's projectiles have quite the reach.

As some of the girls are singing songs of Yuletide joy and have little trees with lopsided branches and balls at their desks and I just wish it was all over. Now I'm not a Scrooge because I will try to give my family the best Christmas but I don't have to like it. What I love is the sense of family and the food. Love the cooking and baking! That makes me excited.

 I don't see my side of the family much, if at all some years and I wish we were all closer as a whole but circumstances have prevented that. Nothing we can't change though.

I don't hate Christmas, I just hate the stress of it all and the intense build up for the 1 day that leaves us in a turkey coma and tornado of wrapping paper with stuff that we have no more room for. I love to drive my kids nuts because I won't get out of bed or open anything until they're done and I never want anything except for this year. I asked for 1 thing...a Kuerig. Just putting it out there.

As the countdown goes on until that day we will be inundated with Christmas specials and songs that make my ears bleed like Santa Baby. I wan to poke my ears out when I hear it. I do love the lights though and if it was snowing and I had a Bailey's in hand even better!

No we have to get the tree which I promptly take down on boxing day but this year they get a real tree ( which I'm allergic to ) so they might get to the 27th or 28th as long as I have industrial elbow length gloves. The things I go through for my girls... the sneezing, the hives trying to make sure the zoo doesn't eat the decorations see stress here? They get vacuuming and wattering duty. After it's all done though, the night I love the most besides Halloween comes along... bring on New Years!

2012 Can't wait!

Now the tree hunt begins...where's the best place to find a tree?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Commuting can be Stressful!

    Alright, I've left The Gong Show at home this week thank god I think my brain has turned to weird slang words and Mushmouth from Fat Albert in my head.

    Some time ago I blogged about a bus driver in Bus Driver Abuse that was...well... and asshole. As much as I'd love to think that me ranting and commenting everyday made the difference, I know it didn't. They rotated their shifts and he was gone to the joy of little old ladies everywhere.

    I take the West Coast Express to work and sometimes the most stressful and entertaining things happen. Take for instance me and SM my partner in crime, friend and co-worker when we are on our way to or from the city we always know that people may or may not be listening to our conversations even when they try to look like they're not but sometimes... well we're listening too.

Pet Peeve #1: One sided conversations.

You know those people on the phone who talk really loud like the person on the other end is deaf. Then you try to imagine the other end of the conversation and you know it's no where near what you think it is. You can make of game of that.

Pet Peeve #2: One sided conversations about something really stupid.

We had a woman who had an entire 30min conversation with her dogs hairdresser? Her dog has a hairdresser? She actually called the person a hairdresser. Wouldn't that be a fur dresser? I know, I know it's a groomer calm down.

This woman continually talked about what kind of cuts her dog looked best and worst in??? Next is a mani/pedi and it's a male dog poor thing.  This baffles's a dog and as much as we tried NOT to listen to that conversation it was hard not to.

Pet Peeve #3: People that fall asleep...on me.

Everything is fine, chatting away and the person beside me falls asleep. Ok not a problem until their head lols to the side and ends up on my shoulder. Then they wake up and apologize only to nod off 5 mins later and do it again while I watch SM sit across from me and giggle. I must look comfortable because it's always me.

Pet Peeve #4: People that fall asleep and drool... not on me.

Ok that's not really a pet peeve it's kind of gross yet funny at the same time. We take bets on how long the drool will be before the person wakes up and notices they are embarrassing themselves.

Pet Peeve #5: Rolling luggage.

Anyone who knows me or follows me on Twitter knows that I have pedestrian rage and it's not only me! Since I don't drive and can't have road rage I get angry with pedestrians and there little bags on wheels that drive me absolutely crazy. While I see the convenience everyone in the city is in a hurry especially at 8am if you walk at a good pace everything works out until someone cuts in front of you with rolling luggage almost knocking you into the street or another person, then they block the escalator on the side your supposed to walk on. Drives me nutty! You'd figure they would move faster since they don't have to carry all their crap but, no.

Here are a few commuter etiquette rules from 1949.

1. Sit with your limbs straight and do not with your legs describe an angle of 45 degrees, thereby occupying the room of two persons? So what, don't cross your legs or sit sideways?

2. Do not spit upon the straw. You are not in a hog sty. Uh Huh...

3. Reserve bickering's and disputes for open field? Open Field with what fists up or a pitchfork?? Well we don't have disputes like that anymore now do we?

This next one I need translated...

4. Refrain from affectations and conceited airs. Remember that you are riding a distance for sixpence, which, if made in a hackney coach, would cost you so many shillings: and that, should your price elevate you above plebeian accommodations, your purse should enable you to command aristocratic indulgences.


What bugs you?


Monday, November 21, 2011

She Tasted, She Tested, She Tingled.

   Well it's official! My baby girl Sese got her first real taste of drinking.... sorry a taste of a taste of drinking on Sat night, she did really well knowing her limit already is good. She'll be 19 in a mere 2 days but she's still my first born baby girl and it was kind of surreal to watch. The night I had her when I was 19, I looked into her tiny face and said, " Only 18 yrs, 364 days left and I'm no longer legally responsible for you " I guess that time has come.

    We tried several different things with her and it's not like she drank everything. Whatever she didn't like she didn't drink, lucky for her she liked most of it. The Daiquiris and Pina Coladas she figured were too sweet and with the size of her sweet tooth I was surprised. Anything beer was out the window, she did try Heineken and Rickard's just a sip and an emphatic " Nope I don't like that! "

     Palm Bay ?? I'm way out of the circuit because I'd never even heard of it so i tried it and it was weird.

     She tried Mango Cider and Bacardi Breezers too, now what 19 yr old girl doesn't like the breezers? Her fave of the night was actually some homemade Amaretto and Pepsi that one of the boys brought by. Thanks to Craig for bringing it and thanks to me for mixing it just right ( patting myself on the back )

     She liked it and even danced a little while her legs were tingly and she felt warm all over, and made me leave the room before she would. Who wants that feeling of death if seen by her parents doing something she's not accustomed to. Yet once LMFAO came on 'Sexy and You Know It' sent all of the girls into a dancing tornado of Tasmanian devils in my living room.

Do we really need to see this? It doesn't matter, Sese had fun ( so she says ) slept until after noon the next day which is not normal and felt fine. Brat... I was hung over the next day probably because I didn't use all the tricks I told her to in order to prevent it in the first place!

Thanks to all of you that were there that didn't push her too hard.

She's on her own now.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You'll still love me won't you?

    Ok so this post took me a while this week, it's been up and down at the house these days. You know already that my house is always a den of wierdness and constant entertainment. I'm trying to step away from that but the kids are just too funny.

    Why aren't adults this funny? I guess we could be but we're just too damn tired from chasing all of you young ins around all of the time.

    They are so impressionable aren't they? Sese turns 19 in a week and legal to drink here in BC. She's behind her friends because of her birthday being so late in the year and I think I'm more excited than she is! She doesn't know what she'll like to drink though, she wasn't into that stuff in her teenage years so this is all new territory for her and me.

    We have been arranging a little taste test for her this weekend and have lots of exciting things in mind that she may or may not like and that's what the whole thing is for anyway. I just have to remember to make stuff I'll like too in case she doesn't and then I can drink it...not a problem.

   Problem??? A couple of the boys wanted to whisk her away out to the bar but that can't happen until we find out what she likes being a bar newbie and all, so the boys have agreed to also come over and help. Insert Sese's face here .

    I'm sure she'll be fine! Maybe... we'll see. She's a light weight being all size 3 and everything, size 3 WTF! We already know that she doesn't like Wine or Beer or Whiskey...I'll get that anyway just for me. I'm almost positive she won't like Tequila but after a couple of drinks she'll like I might be able to slip that in. I don't want to make her  though or she'll never go out so balance is the key!

   Here we come Sese, here we come.

Love Mom

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Gong Show

   Nope not the TV game show that I vaguely remember from my childhood years but just the usual crazy situations around the house GONG... SHOW... I told my other half that our house is like 'That 70's Show' but I'm Red not him. He says he's not Kitty but come on now there are Kitty like tendancies there for sure.

    I watched the kids get ready for their Sat night outting and got quite the laugh as they counted them in rounds, you know round 1, round 2 ect. They made Halloween last about 5 days! Their costumes were great for the material that was there and hopefully they are more prepared next year...with more material that is. Maybe something big and fluffy that you can only see your head out of girls???? That would be nice and warm and fully covered.

   Teenagers amaze me. They have no worries except where the next party is or who's doing what to whom and I think or would like to think that most of them are genuine in their sentiments but...they also  lounge around in the basement doing things that I try to ignore and place myself in denial about but yet I... SEE... EVERYTHING... so if you think your doing something that I won't find out about then your wrong.

    Someone will tell me or I WILL bust you it's only a matter of time and then,  (the link sticks for about 12 secs but the rest is golden)
 and you don't need to pay me I'll do it for free.