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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Add-On to Canuck Skate Day

Alright, I was told that there wasn't enough detail about the players themselves and how the were at the skate. It's really hard to say actually. They were professional and catered to all of the things we were told they wouldn't or we shouldn't ask them to do. They seemed like ok guys overall.

The important thing is that they really looked like they were having a good time although... Alex Burrows looked like he wanted to run a couple of times when he got cornered by women telling him how much they loved him.

At that he looked a bit shy and kind of scared.

Cory Schneider was a bit chatty actually which I didn't expect and has a good sense of humour where Alex Edler was all smiles but quiet.

There was a second skate after ours where Kesler and Lapierre were the players for the skate so we didn't get to see them but like I said maybe next year!


Friday, January 20, 2012

A Day with the Canucks.

I should have posted this earlier in the week but here it goes anyway.

I couldn't sleep the night before the skate, which I figured I wouldn't. Lucky for me my girlfriend Salt from Fraser Lake showed up on my doorstep to crash for the night so that took my mind off of the possible impending skate failure I was expecting.

The next morning I got up and was ready to go about an hour and a half before we had to leave. SM showed up and I said goodbye Lori so she could go do whatever thing she was here for before she had to drive 10hrs back home then...we were off!

Did I mention that it started snowing Fri night and I almost died? We left my house and it was snowing, by the time we got to Braid Stn it was raining and when we got to Roger's Arena the sun was shining, what a pretty picture. Thank god because I had autographs on my hat and that would have ruined them.

We found our gate and were directed to an elevator that took us up to Wisers Grill were you looked out on the ice to see the Canuck's in a full practice which was... amazing. We received and full buffet brunch and tiny smoothies in the smallest martini glasses I ever saw. I don't have much more detail I can add  because there's too much to say and I'd be here forever, but I can ADD PICS!

Ooo I got excited there for a minute.

Alex Burrows, Cory Schneider and Alex Edler
 Me at center Ice in Rogers Arena

Dave Babych and Stan Smyl

All in all it was a great day that I'll never forget and after getting used to the skates I was wearing ( men's hockey skates ) I was fine no falling or anything! I was pretty happy about that and forgot how much I loved skating.
I'm hoping that my boss let's us go again next year. Bribery might be in order.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Pre Canuck Skate Day

I forgot over the chaos of the holiday's that a chose few of us at work were asked if we wanted to skate with the Canucks! I haven't been on skates since Sese was...maybe... 6 or 7 and still used a little blue chair to stay on her feet. Well she's 19 now so wouldn't it be wonderful to step out on the ice with some real skaters, my boss and co-workers then fall flat on my ass!

We'll find out hat lovely day is tomorrow!

Hopefully it doesn't come to that. I'll have enough problems trying not to pass out from the sheer fact that I'll be there with Ryan Kesler, Alex Edler and Cory Schneider! There's a brunch but like I'll eat in front of them. I'm so excited/nervous that passing out will be the least of my problems if I eat first. Wouldn't that be a picture worthy of a frame.

I'm pretty stoked about the whole thing though, it's an opportunity I wouldn't pass up. So...I'm going and with SM with me, what could go wrong?

If anything does I'll be sure to tweet it.