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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up Easter 2016

Short and Sweet today guys!

Well on this beautiful sunny Tuesday with cold mornings and warm afternoons all I want to do is not be trapped in an office. At the same time though I don't want it to move too quickly. Winter just left and I'm dreading the next one already. I know I know...

I hope you all had a Happy Easter! I spent mine a various amount of ways. Friday me and the brood went to see Batman vs Superman. Alright I'm not going to say it was awful because it wasn't completely. How do I say this without spoiling it? Hmmm...quickly.

The action sequences were good, they should have utilized Wonder Woman more, the only crazy Lex Luther I can handle is Gene Hackman, Ben Affleck made a really good Bruce Wayne but Batman???? Not his fault though Batman is hard to live up to, so is Superman but Henry Cavill can do it and was really the only thing that held me to the movie besides seeing how Wonder Woman was going to fit in. There were many random points to me and although I know that some of them are there for the introduction of the Justice League they still seemed too random to me. Randomly placed? Unexplained....

The next night was a b-day party for Bean's Boyfriend and that was entertaining watching a bunch of 20 somethings, remembering when I was a 20 something and thanking god I'm not a 20 something anymore although my 20's was not what most are... there are still stories in there that should never be told. 


Sunday was when Parker did his tiny Easter egg hunt. Since T lives with us again and is getting a foothold back into her life, I leave the little man to her because now when he comes over it's more so to visit with his mom than it is to see the rest of us. Don't get me wrong I get in my hugs and cuddles the I love you's and it's nice when he looks for me and wants to play or show me something. He's 3 and the world through his eyes is big, unknown and always holding a surprise. Had coffee with my bestie and her tiny man who's about 1 1/2 and is just realizing himself how big the world is. and looks at everything through big eyes.

So the rest of the weekend held sitting in the sun contemplating my existence. Which I gave up on and instead spent the rest of the time studying for my learners to ride.

Just a quickie!

Have a great week!

See Ya

Monday, March 21, 2016

Planning The Future, Easier Said Than Done.

Hello Lovelies!

Now that Winter is gone the Spring purge begins. Gone are the darker days that made us just want to stay home in the nice warm cozy confines of our homes away from the sideways rain and the chill of winter. Although it is Spring and here we will still get the sideways rain, it's warmer and brighter though so it doesn't seem as bad as the previous seasons rain. When the sun is shining though you get to see all of the dust bunnies and if there's one thing I hate more than laundry it's dusting.

So how do you purge your home? I say Purge instead of Spring clean because in a house with 7 people, Spring cleaning is purging. Do you use a list? Do you formulate an extensive plan of attack? I prefer to go room by room but reality has me starting something in one room just to move on to another and get distracted by other things, dogs, cats, kids or young adults I should say.

Now thanks to the Under The Covers Book Blog that I follow on Twitter and now every other avenue they have I am trying something new this year.

I can't write lists...I forget them or never look at them after I have written them. To Do lists don't get done, Shopping lists get left on the table behind you know what I mean. Now Bean has had this planning thing going for years now but I never put much stock in it for myself and it's only now that I considered it but a YouTube post from UTC was what sold me and made me think I should give it a try. Sure I use my phone reminders and Calendar but there seems to be something about writing it down and having to look at it all of the time.

So I went out and Chapters was having a sale on their 17 month planners and that was fine by me to get things started so I picked this up last week,
it's a little more pink than I'm into and selection was limited in store but if this works out for me it will be much more for next year.

Maybe I can keep everything straight between reading, writing, bike building, indoor gardening while keeping my social media and household intact. You don't realize how much stuff you have to do until you write it all down and realize that there are not enough hours in each day.

So it's Monday and on Monday's my Twitter and Tumblr feeds are full of musical posts because #musiccreatesmotion and everyday has it's own soundtrack. My Freelance Friday project will start Apr 1, 2016 and I'm excited so if you have any artwork, musical talent or just want to tell a story then let me know!

Ok Guys! Have a great week!

See Ya

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Post Virus Episode and Popcorny Jellyfish

I realized yesterday that I hadn't blogged this week and mostly that is due to me being sick and sitting in an upright position would have been detrimental to my health in the way where I probably would have gotten lightheaded, passed out and then would have suffered from a concussion. My dull, foggy, pressure filled head could not have taken that kind of trauma. I don't know what this was/is but it's awful.

I always find it weird how if more than one person in your household gets sick, everyone seems to get a different part of it. Sese was near death apparently her reaction to how are you feeling was a constant "I feel like butt." for over a week but where she had body aches and a constant headache nothing Advil was helping me and Lo had it differently. For me it was all head, Sinus pressure runny and stuffy nose a nasal cavity nightmare. My ears didn't pop for days and I couldn't even stand up for longer than a few minutes at a time and even then I would be so drained of energy that every single thing even thoughts were an effort. 

Lo on the other hand had pretty much the same symptoms but she was achy all over. and there are still 4 more people at home that could possibly get sick we'll see what happens. 

I'm on day 5 of this now and feel better. Well the rest of me does my sinus's aren't quite on board yet but they'll have to get with the program. I made it in to work and before I left home I told myself that I would take it slow and walk leisurely so I didn't run myself down too quick but apparently my legs didn't get the memo and as much as I tried to slow down...with music in my ears my legs move with the stride they are accustomed to. by the time I got to the station my head was spinning so much I almost thought about going back home.

Of course not though because I was at the station and knew I'd be sitting down in a matter of minutes and then the train was maybe...3 minutes late and it felt like forever but wait!...That's not the best part!!

The course of Escalators and Stairs were next and I hated every single second of it.Every. Single. Second. You know because there's like 8 FLIGHTS of them by the time I get to the office.  

So to reward myself for not dying of exhaustion, I went to get my morning coffee but you know what? Everything still tastes like dirt so that was less than satisfying and I stuck with it because regardless of how it tasted my body and brain were not going to function without the proper dose of caffeine. 

Lunch came and I was so hungry I ordered a Wonton Soup from the Sushi place in my building and when I got it...there were popcorny tempura like things in my soup. I tried to pull the soggy weird little things out and they just refused and slid back in like Jellyfish. Once I made that connection in my brain it was all over and ws really not appetizing at all, so needless to say I went back downstairs and got my usual a Dynamite Roll and a Deep Fried California Roll.

Now as the day goes on and the sun is shining in my window, I'm glad that this happened during the crappy weather part of the week with windstorms, downpours and threats of losing power yet again a possibility and am praying to whoever is listening that the sunshine will knock out the rest of this awful feeling since it will be here for a few days. Soak up the Vitamin D people.

Anyway so much to catch up on.

Have a great week!

See Ya

Monday, March 7, 2016

Time To Say Goodbye To Breakfast

Hello Lovelies,

I'm back after a grueling RRSP season.

Yesterday as I stood in my kitchen window watching the dark skies duel for supremacy over the sky with the rays of sunshine trying to break through I tried to think about what this mornings post would be about. I usually don't pre-plan my posts and apparently this one was no different because what I thought I was going to blog about yesterday went out the window after a trip to Walmart.

The trip itself wasn't that exciting but recently Bean and T have been on the workout train of thought. You know spring is near when all the women in the house start thinking about Spring/Summer clothes and how our butts have yo fit back into the lighter wear. The girls have been doing the "Call Me Maybe Challenge" and even talked one of the boys into doing it...once. So with all the talk about getting into shape. Me and Blondunicorn checking out Yoga programs, the girls and their tortuous workouts involving Pilates death poses as I call them, Sese putting on some weight which is good for her because she needs to weight more than 100lbs at 5'2".

Do you ever find that some workout programs you watch are so annoying that you can't do them?

I watched the CMM Challenge and that was the result of that I did find that Fitness Blenders was more for me.

Oh ya, Walmart I went in for dog food and dinner and came out with that, Walking Dead munchies and a scale. A nice digital soon to be pain in my ass scale and yet I was excited because our old one must be wildly inaccurate ( I'm hoping ). Now so many of us women and some men I've come across hate more than one thing about their bodies and my household of women is no different if not even more so because we are all different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately for Choo and Allan it will be chaos.

Between the 5 of us we have our share of common dislikes and then the ones that make us look at each other and go "You're kidding! Have you seen you? There is nothing wrong with whatever you think is wrong with you!"

I've been working out a bit more steadily but there is no rhyme or reason to it. I use my commute to and from work as a workout because I have 6 flights of stairs including escalators that I walk up to get to work, I will dance like crazy while doing the dishes, sweeping or in the shower and just recently do leg lifts while letting the dogs out before I have to brave more stairs to chase Cali back into the house because she doesn't want to come in or wrestle with a puppy that is almost as big as Smokey and trying to use me as a chew toy. Now though, I'm trying to designate a block of time and right?

I have Chrons' Disease and a Dairy allergy that doesn't leave this girl a whole lot of choices but I can seam to handle pretty much anything in moderation. Except the Dairy, I'll go from 0 to itch in 15 mins especially from chocolate. Oh how I miss chocolate you have no idea.

I love food too much to really give anything up completely though. I can give up the amount of it I consume like my McDonald's breakfast wraps. Not the Kale and Feta one because I couldn't eat that if I tried but the sausage, egg and hash brown wrap is amazing.

 Damn...the scale...

So I get it home and it's the early evening, I know I shouldn't weight myself until morning but hell it's new and I want to test it out. Then I almost cried and was horrified because it told me I was 11lbs more than I thought I was! I'm 5'11" and for most of my life I was under weight by at least 30lbs until I got an office job, muffins ended up on my desk constantly and my ass expands anyway, my family and friends tell me the weight is fine and I look healthy well yay... but clothes don't fit right anymore. Enough of that now because my weight is fine, I just need to change how it sits on my frame. I have no problem with the extra...wait are they extra if I'm supposed to be this weight?

No, I won't tell you what that is.

Back to the I tell myself that it's ok, it's 5pm and it's you know day weight but because I'm a glutton for punishment before I had a shower I strip down and step on the scale again. Well look at that it dropped 8lbs! How I was wearing 8 extra pounds of clothing I have no idea but who cares! Happy Dance! That left me only 2lbs over what my normal weight should be and then...and then I have the bright idea to measure parts of me that haven't been measured since high school.

What a mistake that was too and yet now I have the starting point I need to shape myself the way I want to be shaped. I'm not so concerned with losing weight as I am losing inches and yes I know the 2 go hand in hand but trimming and toning in preparation for the nice weather is all I'm after. Having all of the ladies on board though helps alot in trying to keep the motivation going and come up with a plan to keep us all on track.

So goodbye breakfast wrap for now.

Maybe I can treat myself to you on Saturdays or Mondays because you would make my Monday's better in some small way.

Have a great week!

See Ya