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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Party with Sweetlegs.

Out of my ordinary, last night I went to a leggings party and seriously I haven't worn leggings since they came with stirrups.

My girls thought that it was a party where you wear leggings and... I don't know what. What would you do at something like that. Sport leg warmers and drink coolers? Ahhh but their cute.

Any way I was asked to go by someone in the neighbourhood that I know but not well so me and one of my besties went together. The party is being hosted by Sweetlegs and my girlfriend told me to check the website and see if there was anything that I saw that I might like. The leggings are reasonably priced but when I looked at the size chart it said that the longest leggings they had go to 27.5 " well...I have a 35" inseam.

At first I thought well there's no point in me going to the party if they didn't even have my size but my girlfriend said to come and try them on and see but I was still iffy so I looked harder on the site itself and according to the frequently asked questions they said they they have sizes that fit women from 5'1"-6' so my question was if they fit women that are 6' tall then they must have some really short legs for their size.

I think the 2 hours I spend will be least I hope that it is because this is something that I never even knew existed even though I'm not surprised that it does.

I got myself together and threw on some jeans and a turtleneck made sure there was nothing on my face and headed out to meet up with my gf before we headed to the party. I left 15 mins early and it only took me 6 mins to get there ( Yay upbeat walking tunes!) Since I got to her house early we decided to head over to the party early too. As we waited for the guests to arrive I noticed as each one walked in that low and behold...they were all wearing leggings after all except for me and another woman. Awkwardly I commented on the fact that my girls thought it was that kind of party and hey look except for the coolers ( Wine instead ) and lack of leg warmers( thank goodness ) they were pretty much right.

As the sales woman began to tell us about how the company started out in Lake country from the basement of  woman's house only 2 years ago and has blown up so much that they have some limited prints I was inwardly worried about the length issue. I listened and waited until she was done and then no one spoke. All the pretty loud and proud prints were laid out on the table and everyone seemed to freeze so leave it to me to break the silence I just asked outright about the lengths. It turned out that Pipen ( Saleslady ) has a 32" inseam herself so she had me pick a couple out and try them on. They looked like they would fit a 10 year old but when I put them on ( cue the heavenly lights ) not only did they stretch considerably, they even bunched at the bottom.


With a smile on my face I went back down to the party and promptly bought the 2 pairs that I had taken to try on. The time I had spent in the bathroom had gotten all of the other women to mill about and pick out their own.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a comfort zone that I rarely leave...especially with clothes but this time I was all about doing something out of my ordinary. So if your into leggings I would click the Sweetlegs link above and check them out. They are reasonably priced and sell out quickly.

And just to jump out of the zone even more...

BAM! Leggings!

Next up...dresses...oy...

See Ya!
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