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Monday, February 6, 2017

Just Another Snow Day...Or 2

As we head into the first week of February here in BC we are covered in the white stuff yet again. Now I'm not one of those people that is going to complain about it except for the shoveling part because I'm not used to that, but after the December snowfall we were much more on top of it and diligent in our snow removal process so that resulted in my 3 shifts and Lo's 2 so far since Friday night. in some ways I'm even cheering on the snow as it decimates the incessant Blackberry bush that has taken over my backyard.

Another thing I'm going to have to stay on top of this spring but also there will be Blackberry wine that comes of the crop this year. I'm going to attempt it anyway because I have never made wine before so why not give it a try!

So after shoveling on Saturday morning I ran out to the only place I knew in my area that would have salt because people assume a store so small wouldn't have it so in turn they have lots! Which is awesome for us and by the time I got back everything I had shoveled was covered again. I am not salt savvy so I didn't want to just throw it on top of the snow so I shoveled it again before I did so. After two hours of being out in the fluffy white hell I was pleased with myself and when inside to where coffee was calling my name. As soon as I got inside the door I stopped and looked down. My boots were covered with snow and salt, my hands were red and my jacket and toque started dripping as soon as the warm air hit them and I have hardwood floors. I was much more worried about the effects of the salt on it than anything else so I willed my fingers to work so I could untie the double knots in my boots and that isn't easy when you have a 50-60 lb pit bull that's happy to see you came back because you know...I was gone forever.

Sunday was much of the same except that after shoveling there would be the Superbowl and wouldn't you know it...The Simpsons were right again. Probably the best game in many years and I'm not a Patriots fan but good job guys!

Warm comfort food being made early in the hustle and bustle of the house and I'm thankful. I still have 2 girls in the house and thoughts of them not being here after they go about their own lives makes my heart hurt a little but that's what we do as parents, give them life and raise them to live their lives.

I remember being a kid and being s happy when it snowed and all of us in the neighbourhood would go out in our snowsuits ( if our parents caught us in time ) and having a blast! Now as I watch the coverage of probably the biggest snowfall Vancouver has had in I don't remember when that unless you're on a mountain with a purpose in the snow, having it in the Lower Mainland sucks. No one can drive in it, no one can walk in it and I swear that the sales of snow boots hit an all time high this winter as people swapped out their rain boots for ones that would keep them on their feet. Then there's the freeze when everything turns to ice and you're lucky if you don't slip and slide one your way to do everyday things, after that there's the warm up and it all turns to water and the drains are covered as the young ones driving down the road go out of their way to make sure you get hit with a wall of water on your way to work.

That being said it's still pretty to watch fall from the comfort of a comfy chair with something warm in your hands and a good book in your lap. It's serene as the white blocks out the sounds of cars on the road and makes everything seem infinitely quiet while the big dog lays curled up at your feet happy that you're there for him to warm your toes.

Over all I may not like the Winter here but it's a nice change from the wet, damp darkness that takes over here until Spring and even though I want it gone, it's nice to see that instead of a rainy season we have an actual Winter to painstakingly get through until brighter, warmer days take over. So my feelings are mixed but memories are made and I'll always be thankful I have that.

I'll be over here with my dog and my book.

See Ya!

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