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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Costco The Hell with Concrete Walls

Hello Lovelies!

It's the almost halfway through Jan. already and I've felt really good about the year so far. I feel like I'm taking this year to prepare for the next one if that makes any sense? Like everything I do this year will be for the benefit of having an Epic 2018 and even though I know that it's so far away 2017 feels like a preparation year.

I've been trying to get things in order on all levels and now that I have the work space it's seems to have fallen into organization. Last year I took up Planning. Not as a hobby as some I know do but to hopefully keep my crap in order. So far it's working but I'm torn. Last year I had one for SM work and another for all things personal but I don't think I need that. I think one should be good for me at least for now but anyway. That led me to looking around my house and noting that it can use some organization too. I have a storage unit I barely use and I really, really should.

Unfortunately that led me to home improvement projects, mostly storage solutions go figure!

Now I've have found out that my company is changing our paydays effectively reducing how much we get per paycheque completely throwing off the payment schedules I've had for years and having to re-organize the direction of my money, now I have to add budgeting to the list of things to Focus on this year.

I was not anticipating that...and I suck at it...

So that being said I've had to crunch numbers and realize that I have to be more responsible with that now too. Like instead of buying food stuff on a daily basis I have to go shopping, grocery shopping and make a list that I will hopefully remember to bring with me when I go because I never remember it...ever. I will never say that I have to try and save money but I will try to spend less and that means getting this budget thing done.

If you've been with me for a while then you know I have a small case of consumer rage. I don't shop in store at Christmas or Boxing day or in stores that are highly chaotic. With that being said I never go to Costco...if I do I will wait in the car while Lo goes in and does her thing. I can't handle the fact that the aisles are wide enough to accommodate the amount of traffic in there but yet you have 3 carts going in the same direction and they're all at a standstill, completely blocking the people behind them as they try to get around their slow asses.

 In this case though I will have to bite the bullet and I told Lo to her surprise because if anyone knows how much I don't want to be in a Costco it's her.

Me: If you can swing it I will need you and your Costco card on Sat. This is a big thing. I'm asking for Costco exposure so you know how serious I am about my budget.

Lo: I got you. Let's do it!

Me: I might have to bring a weapon...

Lo: I'm your weapon...

Me: Don't worry about that I can defend myself, You will need to find me a way out so that I don't go to jail.

Lo: I've always said I'm your sword and shield. I'll put my blade away and pull out my shield.

Me: Keep in mind you're not protecting me but protecting others from me...

Lo: Better leave the sword at home then.

I wish she could leave me at home but that wouldn't help now would it? So I'll brave it and probably swear like a trucker the whole way through and be super frustrated but as long as I accomplish my goal it will be worth it.

Now I'll find a place of serenity as I peruse my beloved book blogs and not think about the hell I will be entering in a few days just to make sure my completely fully grown family doesn't starve to death because only I will provide them with sustenance.

See Ya!
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