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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Monsters, Make-up and a Hotter Than Hell Canada Day

Yesterday was Canada Day!

As well as Holy Crap it's HOT Day! Maybe not as hot as the title but close enough.

With projected temps were 30+ and waiting for the scorching sun to frankly stop scorching me when I poked my head out the back door was a long and boring affair and then I remembered that I was asked to check out a website and blog about it.

So I did!

A few days ago while perusing Twitter ( my fave Social Media outlet ) I had favourited a tweet from @monstermagicmag  where I'm sure via auto reply they said thank you for favouriting their tweet. Linked in the tweet was a website   and they asked me to cruise their page.

There I would find places to submit fantasy horror videos, stuff from many Cons ( Comic Con, Wonder Con etc...) and games. So today I registered and logged in for full use of the site. Are also videos related to make-up artistry that I'm sure a few people that I know involved in that industry would love to see and would find useful. I saw many Cosplayers I recognize/follow too.

I'm a Fantasy Horror fan so you can bet I will be checking out many videos that can be submitted to them if you register and it's free!

 So @monstermagicmag I have bookmarked you and added you to things I like to look at and I'm sure I will have more to say about.

After taking that break and attempting to go out back again I noticed how quiet it was. We have a back yard that faces South so we get the sun all day and the deck get HOT. You can feel the heat through your shoes so walking on it barefoot is not an option but yet our 3 dogs are all laying on the deck ( there was shade available ) panting and drooling. As I'm shaking my head at the dogs I see the 3 cats are all ripping their fur out as they lay on the hot black shingles that cover my roommates Harley shed. Even as I tried to get them in the house for a drink of water or anything to lay in front of a breezy fan they just laid there baking, panting and blinking at me.

The thing with our house is that it's not too bad during the day but you want to rip your skin off at night. I'm one of those people that has to cover up with a blanket no matter how hot it is and then swelter. That's only the beginning! That was the first really hot day we've had yet and I saw almost full body sunburns, ( Sorry for laughing Lobster boy! ) because they were NOT protected.

After the sun disappeared behind a cloud for a bit it was safe to go outside and apparently catch the BBQ on fire and almost melt the table. Glad to say it wasn't me this time! After dinner and a couple of the kids went to the fireworks, it was quiet time in the house

I hope you had a good Canada Day and for my American family and friends I hope your 4th of July is awesome. For the rest of you wherever you are if you have days of celebration coming up in the next week I hope it's a good one!

See Ya
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