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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beer, Sweat And A Mixed Up Band Guy.

It's a good day today!

T has Graduated!

She should have graduated last year with Bean but you know having a baby kind of puts that stuff on hold but she did it very well! As Valedictorian she was very nervous but pulled off an inspirational speech and made people laugh at the same time. She walked proudly across the stage with Peanut in tow and excepted her new the stage...and running to the bathroom.

Hey a girl has to pee even at Grad!

Now let's back up a moment to my trip to her Graduation.

I had to Skytrain/bus to the theater where the ceremony was held so I ask to scoot out about 10 mins early and that was all good with the boss and then head to the Skytrain station. Now Burrard station always smells really bad to me. I call it Sewer Ass Station I think it's the mixture of all of the restaurant food smells. Anyway...I run down to the lower platform almost forgetting to do that because I usually head out on the opposite train to get the WCE home.

I get on my train and find a seat! Ooooo I felt like this was a good thing until Beer and Sweat guy sat down beside me. I'm thinking hopefully he'll get off in a few stops and I can breathe because I had about 20 I had to go through before I could get to the next leg of my trip. He was a quiet guy not ravingly drunk so I was alright and then...I don't even know what to call this guy but he's a larger fellow wearing an NY Yankees jersey and hat, board shorts, every finger had a large ring on it, a necklace made of thick silver links and a NY Yankees pendant as big as his fist, BRIGHT blue shoes ( you could see them from space bright ) with orange laces ( oh god really ) and headphones that covered his ears.

With that a newspaper...a newspaper I wanted to take away and beat him with because that's all he did for 15 stops was beat this paper across his thighs to the beat of whatever ( and I'm guessing but I think I'm right ) HEAVY METAL GUITAR LADEN music. I say this because a couple of times he pretended to play the air bass ( judging by his finger movements and positioning ).

So Beer and Sweat guy is clearly annoyed just as everyone else is and starts talking to the guy across from him that I'm pretty sure he didn't know and I'm wondering if there might be an intervention being planned as the both scoot forward and stare at Mixed Up Band Guy ( looks like a rapper but acts like a rocker ) and then the head banging against the door started and both men must have changed their minds and figured this was way too dangerous a task. Mixed Up Band Guy got off 2 stops before mine and just before he got up he appeared to straighten himself up and check his clothes  before he got off...?

The kicker for me to this whole thing is that when Beer and Sweat guy got off ( at my stop ) unnoticed by me as he stepped in front of me, he had rolling luggage...probably full of beer but still.

I got on the bus that has changed routes recently hoping that Sese was right as she instructed me to get on this bus to go to the Red Robinson Theater next to the Hard Rock Casino. The bus driver wasn't helpful at first but I made it before my entire family except for T and I thought they would be waiting for me to show up.

At least I can stay entertained!

Have a great week guys!

See Ya

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