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Monday, July 7, 2014

A Little Bit Of Everything Even Clowns...

Oh it's Monday again, although I posted last week on a Wednesday...I think anyway. Now it's Monday!

I'm surprisingly chipper today even though most Mondays are a stay away from me zone until I've had about 5 cups of coffee. Maybe the weekend rain helped before we go back to the hot temps making for a beautiful July.

Ugh...I'm even too chipper for myself to handle.

How were the last few days? Pretty good! Lazy yet productive not necessarily in that order.

Bean brought home 2 more snakes, like the other 3 weren't enough but they are pretty cool and one of them is the biggest one yet in the house and her name is Xena ( yes I used to LOVE that show ) and Damien not Damien as she says because she wants to change his name so he's DND to me now, so they reside with Dr. Kinky MD, Julius Squeezer, and Matilda ( Big Mama I call her ). Now though she is not the biggest one anymore, but come on B the Spiders are being neglected. Not that you should get more because your Auntie Lo might jump out the window and run screaming into the night and straight into the arms of carnivorous Squirrels. (Long story)

I spent time writing and editing yesterday and that felt really good because I've been neglecting that part of my life as new things I'm interested in, want to learn and explore in regards to costuming and fabrication. When you watch shows like Heroes of Cosplay and Face Off it makes a girl want to get messy. So crafting and playing with different mediums has been leading the way. My laptop got so much use yesterday that I think it had a stroke and needed a rest. I was almost scared when I went and turned it on this morning thinking that I was just going to see a blank screen but I didn't. It's all good.

Oh and to my boy Craig who posted a video of a guy in a terrifying clown suit that purposely scares the crap out of people with his creepy clown face and creepy music box. F**K You! That was disturbing and I hate you for it because after it started I COULD NOT look away and found myself screaming RUN and NOPENOPENOPE to everyone that encountered this guy in the video. You know what I want to see though...

The one person that didn't go running and chased that psycho down instead! You know turn the tables and see if he got scared. To see the look of shock on his creepy face would be awesome!

Where's that video?

Oh something new! I have a couple of sites I was asked to check out and one that wasn't but I will anyway because it was mentioned to me and I'm curious. That is super cool because they asked me which is also super odd because they asked me, whatever I'll go with it and I'm glad to. So besides all of the work I'm piling on myself it feels like I have 4 jobs.

I guess I do.

OK Guys have a good Monday and stay out of trouble or get into it and tell me about it.

See Ya
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