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Monday, November 5, 2012

It's all over...or is it?

The weekend is gone goes by so quick.

The week was really mellow with all the wet weather we've been having, here we have to embrace it because we live in the Lower Mainland and for the next few months it's all we'll see. I don't mind the rain too much but when monsoon season hits it seems even harder to stay dry.

After a less than thrilling Halloween ( one bumblebee kid ) and very little in the way of fireworks ( rain beat us down ) it was a quiet evening. Whiskey didn't end up tramatized for the first time!

Now it's about that time of year where I choose something new to do for the next year. Some stuff sticks and some doesn't but at least I'll give it a shot. I'm still deciding on the next new venture, on the direction I should go. Gotta live a little and might as well start now since my kids will be leaving me soon and I'll be left to my own devices anyway!

I had them young so now it's time for Mama to go exploring.


I should have thought of that when the weather was still nice.


Wait a sec? you know what I totally forgot about? The T-shirts! Next week I'll put a pic up! An it might be a hint into my next experiment!
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