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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I don't get it ( Translink Rant )

Hello my lovelies!

Ok not feeling so lovely today but trying to understand what's going on here in my fair city.

 I'm going to tell you right now that a lot of this is based on hearsay and assumption on my part so trying to make sense of this is harder. ( Should research it but it wouldn't be as fun )

Translink has been putting in a new pass system for the Skytrain, Buses and WCE which consists of a system not unlike what they have in London. You receive a card that you have to load with funds in order to ride transit and they don't get ripped off anymore by people that ride the skytrain and don't pay a fare...


We knew that Translink was going to need to recoup what they are spending by raising fares beginning Jan 1, 2013...


but... 12%? Seriously?

not understandable

We can't afford that! At least I can't afford that! Especially if you have other members of your family taking transit on a regular basis and their fares as well are increased. I'll have to get a second job just to be able to afford to get to work!

First off my WCE pass right now it $178 after Jan 1st it will be $201. I almost died. It doesn't sound like much but when you think that a WCE pass is only good for 28 days and a bus pass is good from the beginning of the month to the end of the month that means that WCE commuters pay even more because they can sucker 2-3 extra days a month for the whole year out of each person that pays monthly.

That's not to mention the other commuters that have to go further outside of the city than me paying upwards of $335! I have no idea how they will work with the Compass cards...all the scanning makes my brain hurt. Scan to get on the bus and if you don't go 3 zones then you have to scan to get off and it takes MasterCard and American Express??? WTF

Have you every been at the skytrain station during rush hour???

Once the turnstiles go in and are activated it's going to be chaos! Rolling luggage and ragers everywhere. OMG rolling luggage getting stuck in the turnstiles until people get used to it.

Again I get that Translink needs to get their money back but for people like me with pedestrian & Commuter rage this is going to be a nightmare. Not to mention the positioning of the turnstiles at a place like Burrard Stn., it'll be backed up the escalator... rolling luggage???? OMG I'm light headed.

I've heard "take the bus it's cheaper!"...what by 20 bucks and another 30mins earlier I'd have to wake up to do it? No thanks...

In the end I'll pay the money that I can, with a full house it was hard enough to come up with $178+$46 per month soon it'll be $201+$52.


Now my friend Dubs tried to explain this to me as far as she has investigated and it still makes no sense. She has to commute from Langley into the Vancouver which takes her 2 hrs in and 2 hrs out. Yet she's still sort of rational about the whole thing were I am...not.

Well 2013 is going to start off just great...


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