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Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh it's Christmas Time Again...

The office got decorated last week...I do not have the best Christmas spirit since my kids have grown older but I have to say that they have enough for everyone and I bet when I get home or shortly after not only will it look like Santa threw up in the office it will look like that at home too.

Santa's projectiles have quite the reach.

As some of the girls are singing songs of Yuletide joy and have little trees with lopsided branches and balls at their desks and I just wish it was all over. Now I'm not a Scrooge because I will try to give my family the best Christmas but I don't have to like it. What I love is the sense of family and the food. Love the cooking and baking! That makes me excited.

 I don't see my side of the family much, if at all some years and I wish we were all closer as a whole but circumstances have prevented that. Nothing we can't change though.

I don't hate Christmas, I just hate the stress of it all and the intense build up for the 1 day that leaves us in a turkey coma and tornado of wrapping paper with stuff that we have no more room for. I love to drive my kids nuts because I won't get out of bed or open anything until they're done and I never want anything except for this year. I asked for 1 thing...a Kuerig. Just putting it out there.

As the countdown goes on until that day we will be inundated with Christmas specials and songs that make my ears bleed like Santa Baby. I wan to poke my ears out when I hear it. I do love the lights though and if it was snowing and I had a Bailey's in hand even better!

No we have to get the tree which I promptly take down on boxing day but this year they get a real tree ( which I'm allergic to ) so they might get to the 27th or 28th as long as I have industrial elbow length gloves. The things I go through for my girls... the sneezing, the hives trying to make sure the zoo doesn't eat the decorations see stress here? They get vacuuming and wattering duty. After it's all done though, the night I love the most besides Halloween comes along... bring on New Years!

2012 Can't wait!

Now the tree hunt begins...where's the best place to find a tree?

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