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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Gong Show

   Nope not the TV game show that I vaguely remember from my childhood years but just the usual crazy situations around the house GONG... SHOW... I told my other half that our house is like 'That 70's Show' but I'm Red not him. He says he's not Kitty but come on now there are Kitty like tendancies there for sure.

    I watched the kids get ready for their Sat night outting and got quite the laugh as they counted them in rounds, you know round 1, round 2 ect. They made Halloween last about 5 days! Their costumes were great for the material that was there and hopefully they are more prepared next year...with more material that is. Maybe something big and fluffy that you can only see your head out of girls???? That would be nice and warm and fully covered.

   Teenagers amaze me. They have no worries except where the next party is or who's doing what to whom and I think or would like to think that most of them are genuine in their sentiments but...they also  lounge around in the basement doing things that I try to ignore and place myself in denial about but yet I... SEE... EVERYTHING... so if you think your doing something that I won't find out about then your wrong.

    Someone will tell me or I WILL bust you it's only a matter of time and then,  (the link sticks for about 12 secs but the rest is golden)
 and you don't need to pay me I'll do it for free.

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