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Monday, September 15, 2014

Girls Day Out, Pulled Pork and a Meteor?

Hello Lovelies!

This is more of a Weekend Wrap Up! Only really concerns one day but meh...whatever.

Saturday was a stellar day for me and with those being so few and far between I felt I had to share. Saturdays are the only day of the week where the men are gone and the girls have the whole house to ourselves. So with that we start our day out with morning coffee out on the deck and usually me, Sese, Bean and Blondunicorn having our morning chat.

What happened last night?
What's going on today?
Who's doing what to who?
and for some reason we always end up talking about this normal?

It is for us it is!

So our day started out with a plan. I had been talking all week about making Pulled Pork in the slow cooker so we set out to go shopping for ingredients. We had a plan to stop at the neighbourhood PUB for lunch but oh look... There's McDonald's! So that's what we did.

On the way back full of giggles and food we headed for home, once we got there though hmmm...mommy lost her shit!

Our dogs are never ever not that they haven' been left alone before but it's very very rare that there is no one home. That being said I opened the door and they had garbage trailing from one end of the house to the other. I knew which dog started it ( Whiskey ) which dog aided ( California ) and which dog thought screw it I'm in ( Smokey ) needless to say...within seconds they were all hiding under something when I saw it. The 4 of us cleaned up the mess...everywhere and then Bean and I started on the Pulled Pork by the seat of our pants. All I can say is that an entire 2litre of A&W Rootbeer was the base of this recipe and we were concerned at first with what we put together but it was the best Pulled Pork I have EVER made!

I've only made it twice! I made sure to canvass the entire house for feedback and it was all good!

Note to self though...never put potatoes somewhere you don't usually put them won't see them for a few months. Sese and Lo got quite the kick out of Bean and I trying to handle that messy problem.

Thank god they didn't have a camera recording...

So after the food buzz and the house quiet Lo and I are outside talking about the day when in the sky I saw something wink into existence that was ON FIRE! Blue ball, red flaming tail is streaking across the dusky sky. I snapped out of it with enough time to frantically get Lo to turn around and she saw the big blue ball with a golden tail of sparks right before it winked out. All of that in maybe...10 seconds! I was shocked because where we live you just don't see that and for me to catch it was AWESOME! It reminded me of how small we are though and that space FREAKS ME OUT!

In all of the excitement though, it was the cherry on my Sundae of the day.

You guys rock!

See Ya
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