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Monday, April 1, 2013

She's Gone and I Caught the Chicken on Fire

Well Lovelies, I have to start off this post with my trip to YVR to drop Sese off for her flight to LA to see a friend.

We had a BBQ send off for her with some friends and I'm surprised I slept Friday night because I think I was more anxious than she was about the whole thing and she only got about 2 hours of sleep. I almost slept in! I had 3 alarms set and not one went off, that being my fault because they were set for Mon-Fri and this was a Sat wake up. I got up though only 1 min after the alarm was supposed to go off so we were all good.

5 am  we're out the door and on our way to Richmond someplace that I never go and I've lived here all my life but that's OK. After calling our driver a douche bag for stopping for coffee before he picked us up then getting in the car to see my double-double Tim Horton's cup beside my seat I apologized with doe eyes, sat back and shut up...


At least the roads were clear of traffic that early in the morning. Once we got out of the car in front to the airport the mom panic started to set in. OK yes she's 20 and able to do all this stuff on her own but she was going to another country. Not so much of a stretch because they are our neighbours and at least it wasn't Scotland which is where she wanted to go this summer for 2 months. That's next year now oh...yes.

We found the check in and went to get her boarding pass. Neither of us really knowing how the airport check in went we checked her bags way too early and I had to leave her there in security while she went through but that's OK because she called me when she was done and I talked to her almost all of the way home. At 8am when her plane took off I was in a slight panic. Craig helped though by telling me to check the news repeatedly to see if her plane crashed.

Shut up Craig...

She called after she landed and my heart took a well needed rest!

 It's strange without her here but the zoo has kept me occupied since ( this is for you Jessie ) First if you text me when I'm drunk I'm not going to make sense and catch chicken on fire while drinking and BBQing ( not advised ) Man it went up fast! He promised me shots and umm....where were they? Besides that he's a good kid works hard at pimping himself out ( just kidding ) but he needs to find a nice girl to keep him in line. Is that mothering? Too bad that's what you got and if they don't pass pack approval you can't date her! ( Not Kidding ) Choose wisely... and I'm still waiting for my book, I'll harass you for it until it's in my hands.

The weekend was beautiful! Lots of sun, much needed warmth and time outside.

Season Finale of the Walking Dead!!! ( No spoilers )Things happened that I was hoping for but I didn't expect to be sad about 1 of them ( go figure ), now we have to wait forever for it to come back, but I had the Season Premier of Game of Thrones! Very excited for that and didn't realize the stuff I forgot that had happened but yup still hooked and looking forward to it every week!

That's it for now as I try to figure out how to make it the rest of the week until my kid comes home safe and sound in BC.

See Ya!
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