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Monday, April 22, 2013

Stoners to Geeks what could be better!

Welcome back to to Gong Show!

   A little less of a show this weekend due to the beginning of the Spring events that will draw my zoo far and away as the weather gets warmer.

   Even if you are not a pot smoker, unless you have breathing problems you have checked out the 4/20 celebration at the Vancouver Art Gallery where people get to break the law and the cops just watch. For the first time in I don't know how long, my house was empty except for me and Choo and... I ...was...kinda bored! I puttered around not quite knowing what to do with myself and then...I went plant shopping because...I love to plant shop!

   I found one that even the plant lady at the store couldn't identify and that led to me getting it for half price, so the search is on!
Sunday was the Vancouver Sun Run and the Vancouver Fan Expo! I was supposed to be at the Sun Run but didn't feel well and I wish I could have gone to the Fan Expo! Embrace your inner geek people! My house was practically empty again!

Sese texted me from the line up waiting to get an autograph from Amanda Tapping ( Stargate & Sanctuary ) who's booth was right next to Robert Knepper ( T-Bag & Cult ) Now I would have beaten down any ailment to go see Norman Reedus ( The Walking Dead ) but due to a scheduling conflict he couldn't be there. Lucky for me Sese brought me back a Darryl Bobble head! His tiny crossbow makes me smile!

Included in her grab bag was a Tardis bathrobe to match her Tardis blanket and the mug and the 2 Sonic Screwdrivers among other things Dr. Who. Allan came back with an Italian Stallion bathrobe from Rocky. They all had fun and I wished I was there!

For the Sun Run, runners and walkers in honour of the Boston Marathon where sporting Blue and Yellow to show their support.

My photo for this week will be posted under the 52 Week Project page above!

That's all for now guys.

See ya

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