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Monday, April 23, 2012

Aging...Screw you!

Well another birthday is coming for me next week and as far as I'm concerned this will be my 39th and last one!
 Not that there is anything wrong with 40 but I find that thinking about entering that decade brings out the weirdest thoughts in my head like,

1) will I need anti aging stuff now?
2) If I use anti aging stuff when I don't need anti aging stuff will that make me age?
3) will gravity take over now and make everything drop to the ground?
4) will my children think I'm not cool anymore.

Will it lead to this????

I know that this is ridiculous but I can't stop them from creeping in and it freaks me out!

I went to the doctors last week and when he asked me how I was I told him " I'm almost 39 and not falling apart yet! " you know what he said??

" Just wait it's coming... "

 That is NOT encouraging. Once he started talking about Peripause...I tuned out. I am completely in denial about that and menopause in general. All I can say is I WILL TAKE THE DRUGS or take up drinking. I've seen many menopausal woman in my time turn to the bottle instead of the meds, maybe not though It only makes them crazier.

I think am getting far ahead of myself (hopefully very far).

I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and my face will look different or I'll develop a pouch you can hide a large bag of Nibs in or something! It's freaking me out! Mind you I won't turn 40 until next year and think of all of those beautiful people out there that are 40 and even 50 years old and they look fabulous. I'm not saying that the next phase of life is awful by any means and part of my life is just starting. That I look forward to!

If need be though I'm not one for plastic surgery or botox or collagen any of that shit, BUT... if I need to be lifted as in boob job lifted then that I might go for...maybe...if I'm not a complete chicken about it.

I do believe that you are only as old as you feel and I don't feel 39 yrs old! I will obsess about this until the 30th and then it'll be forgotten until this time next year when I have a total freak out before I embrace the next 10 yrs. when The Gong Show will be gone and I'll be left with the zoo.

I guess we'll see...
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