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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Saturday night was alright!

   I had a night out with some girlfriends on Sat. night for my birthday! I was excited and ready to go way before it was time to leave.I had planned to walk to the restaurant since it wasn't that far from my house and strut my 38 yr. old stuff the whole way there for the last time before I turned 39 on Sun.

  Well I didn't have to strut anything because at the last minute Smassin my partner in crime picked me up in the F150 King Ranch truck she barely ever drives because she thinks it's too big and the mirrors stick out too far. A couple of illegal maneuvers and we were there...ok only 1 illegal maneuver. So we get to Earls a half an hour early where they have a White Peach Bellini that is soo yummy. We did try to make reservations but apparently they only reserve 30% of the restaurant and then don't take anymore depending on how big the parties are that's anywhere from 3-6 reservations ( Stupidest thing I've ever heard ).

the hostess tells us that there could be anywhere from 1-11/2 hrs wait until we could get a table for 10...?? 10 I thought...

Me- " Did you say 10? "

Smassin- " Yup "

Me- " I thought there were only 7 of us? "

Smassin- " Nope "

Me- " Who are the other 3? "

Smassin- " Never mind "

Me- " No really who are the other 3? "

Smassin- " I can't tell you "

You can't tell me that you can't tell me because then all I want to do is figure it out! So we decided we would wait at the bar until everyone got there and then we could decide if we were going to go somewhere else. We quickly determined that anywhere else we went with the amount of people we had would have the same outcome. A very long wait.

As we waited with Bellini in hand I picked at Smassin some more about who the other 3 people were!

Me- " Is it Mamabear? " ( An ex co-worker from RCSS)

Smassin- " Maybe... "

Me- " It can't be the Cannibal she fell down and cracked her skull! " ( She's Fijian they used to eat people. ) ( another ex co-worker from RCSS )

Smassin- " Maybe, I was told not to tell you! "

I continued to poke and prod until the girls started to show up. Lil Roux first and then low and behold Mamabear, behind her the Cannibal complete with staples in her head. Who could blame a girl for feeling special when an old friend with metal and fishing line secured to her cranium show up for my birthday! Who walks in with her? A woman we called the kitchen Nazi, she is a tiny Sri Lanken woman who would cut you if her station wasn't the same way she left it when she came in to work in the morning. Funny I thought...these are my old co-workers.

Just as I had that thought my current co-workers start filing in Panda, Dfehr, Kitty and the Groper. There were a few that I wish could have made it but hopefully soon. It only took 45 mins for them to put a table together for us. To the left of me current co-workers and to the right former co-workers!
We had fun and laughed and realized that it doesn't matter how cute the waiter is that doesn't mean he won't spill shit all over your gifts, take your plate before your finished eating and almost punch you in the face when trying to pour you a glass of water.

I was a good night! Can't wait to do it again. thanks so much guys!


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