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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Just Call Me Shop Girl.

Well it's actually a Monday when I'm writing this!

Although in my defense I start writing it every Monday it just might not be posted that day.

The weekend goes so fast now and the week is fast enough between the commute Downtown and back everyday. Most of the time I'm just an invisible person in the hustle and bustle of the flow of people at 4:30 everyday, reading while I listen to music to pass the time on the Skytrain home.

The days fly by even more now that I have something else besides work and home...and now more work but that's ok because yesterday ( it's now Tuesday ) I got word that my bike is fixed! It came in the form of a video of the shop floor and I could hear her...the way she should be...and as the camera panned up it was her all back together and that low rumble minus the sputter that got her in there. They did it quick and I'll give her a quick clean up before bringing her home because I'm the Detail Girl now...apparently and I don't even care.

Spending a Sunday in the shop watching Hell Ride and conditioning leather that so desperately needed it was not work at all.

Who knew that I would love being around them so much! I always liked them but we're bordering on obsession now since I'm spending so much time around them.

Nope not bordering, I'm full on.

That's a good thing though, because this will be the 3rd riding season that I can be a part of and since I could only ride once last year and it was for maybe 15-20 mins when we figured out there was a serious problem, I almost feel like I've forgotten how to manage her.

She's a 1200 and a beast with her 4 plug Buell engine. At the same time being scared that I have forgotten something doesn't stop me from wanting to just get on her and go, just hoping and praying that I shift properly and see if I (bad habit) roll on the throttle while pulling in the front brake.

I had stopped doing that! Now I have shifted my bars, have thicker grips on her and changed my pegs so handling her will be a bit different but really I have no base of comparison because she's the only one I've ever rode.

Side note- I wanted her home yesterday if only to get her out of the shop because there is an 88' Heritage Softail that needs work and if you've seen my Instagram then you have seen the pics of that one. If not then here...

It sat under a Pine tree for a few years and her owner finally decided to get her fixed up. He said the last time he rode it, the Regulator caught on fire and it's been parked ever since. What I didn't like was that there are Pine needles all over it and in everything they could possibly slid into and that it was green when she got there. So I gave her a quick  rub down to get the dirt stuff off before I went to work on seeing if any of  the leather was salvageable.

Some of it is and some, not so much but she's getting a makeover and after just cleaning her up a bit she looked pretty good but there is lots of Rust that will have to be dealt with.

So with all of that being said,

What would you have in a detail kit? Is there anything you would swear by?
Products that just don't work? I feel some reviewing that's going to happen.

Ok gotta go.

See Ya!
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