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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mindset and Motivation


Hello Lovelies!!!

Well I'm tired...the time change didn't do much to make it that way, I would have been tired anyway. The weekend was sunny and warm making it successful regardless of anything that happened. Porch weather is almost here and I can't wait!

So how was your week?

Mine was mellow and content, I did a little detailing and I could stay at the shop all day...and pretty much do until Choo wants to go home. Even if there's nothing for me to do around there ( like Sunday ) I can watch the guys work and talk about riding all day long even though I'm still new it's great to hear the stories...even the bad ones.

I met a guy who didn't ride for 33 years because his mother and father had gotten into an accident that scared them away from it and now he's doing what he wanted to do. Where for me, I didn't even know I wanted to do it until presented with the option.  I know women though that either only learn to ride because their partner wants them to and they either end up loving it or terrified of it.

Someone I know recently did just that. He bought his wife a Sportster and over the course of a couple of month convinced her to learn to ride. From what I understand he himself is a relatively new rider but he talked her into it. On Saturday he got into an accident that flipped his bike multiple times. He's OK, a bit limpy with some road rash. His bike however was on its maiden voyage with fresh paint will now have to be put back together again. He was lucky...

After the accident his wife was a solid "No" for riding.

I can see why it would change her mind especially if it wasn't what she wanted to do in the first place. Even with me being presented with it I wasn't going to do it for anyone other than myself because I wanted to do it and even though I haven't rode much I can't imagine not doing it now. In fact all I do is think about when I can do it again and go further.

Everyone is very encouraging and I'm being introduced to more and more female riders along way, with so many riders in general. On top of that I follow some great women on various platforms that inspire me all the time.

You know what else motivates me?

That I'm not only doing it for me but for them too, the people that believe I can do it even when I don't think I can or that I'll forget what I've learned and not only when it comes to gaining my riding experience although some of them have no problems sending me crash videos because you know... they're assholes but I have no illusions when it comes to that either.

Where was I?...oh ya... Motivation to learn which is why I could stay at the shop all day and just watch the guys work, taking in everything they do...except wiring...wiring looks frustrating and difficult but they're pros at it. Still working on mine at the same time and hoping we can get a plan together so that I can get back out there.

So many took the beautiful weekend to put Insurance or Permits on their bikes and go. They were everywhere taking advantage of the sunshine and dry roads. Just remember that there are things you should do to ensure you have a safe riding experience that first trek out after Winter weather. so I've attached a link to Motoress and Bike Bandit who have a great articles about getting ready to ride.

Motorcycle ride ready tips for the new riding season.

How to Prepare your Motorcycle for Spring

Kenny's Road is growing on it's own now as word of mouth circulates about something we wanted to do to remember those we've lost as we try to raise awareness about drugs, the fentanyl crisis and overdoses.

We finally picked a date (Aug 12, 2018) and even though our primary ride will be a small thing another group in Ontario would like to get on board with it as well and ride there on the same day.

I'm still working on that post but I'll admit it's a tough one to write and I have to keep stopping.

If you want to learn more about it as it builds you can check in here or follow me on Instagram 

OK Guys, Have a great week!

See Ya
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