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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ways To Stay Sane As A Commuter.

Sometimes you can't stay sane as a commuter when it comes to issues you can't control.

First off when your day starts out with your fancy commuter train being stuck at a station nowhere near you and you're standing on a freezing cold platform surrounded by a few feet of snow and no one is telling you why your train is late you get agitated.

I used to take the bus and sometimes it wouldn't show up or it would be late but I would have my music and my book to still my mind while I waited. now though I travel with a friend since they switched my route so although I still read in the morning, I don't want to be rude and have my headphones on.

So after the train is about 20 mins late we finally hear that it's having mechanical issues and they suggest that we hop n one of the buses that will take us to a skytrain station. Well ok off we go, now the normal one we should have taken was packed so we took another one that would take us to the same point but apparently took 25 mins opposed to the 10 that the packed bus would have taken leading us to a lot of  "Where the hell are we going?" comments. All is quiet until two girls that know each other realize they're on the bus together but as they started to chatter, the bus stopped and they got off.

Finally we get to our station and head up to the platform where a train is waiting with the doors open so we rush on and after a few minutes we're wondering why the doors aren't closing because you know we're cold and need to get to work along with the other people thrown off by the first incident and what do you know those same two girls are on the skytrain and it's like they were the only two on it. The doors finally close and an announcement comes on saying that there's a medical emergency at another stop and that we'll be delayed.

Well at least we were warm but what we thought was quiet...they started, and were loud about it. The two girls standing right behind me and my friend were like squirrels on a mission. I heard so much about Nadia, Callum and Emily that I felt sorry for them. Except Emily because apparently no one should mess with her which the other two topics of conversation apparently did. Really it might not have been so bad except for all of the "DUDE!...Seriously!" and "Oh My God's" throw in a few "Likes" and they were chattering cliches.

It's bad enough that I have issues with space and really bad issues with rudeness that I wanted to slam their heads together but I could tell as I looked around the train that I was most definitely not the only one, so when they finally got off the train there was an audible sigh of relief from the car we were in.

Already a half hour late for work and getting closer to the city core our train comes to a HARD emergency stop throwing everyone forward. Concerned commuters were checking to make sure others are ok when we hear yet another announcement and they tell us that an Intrusion alarm was set off and that we would be moving shortly so we had 3 delays on the 3rd day of the week.


Strolling into work an hour late threw off my whole day. I was in a rush and couldn't think straight for pretty much the whole day but I got my work done as I counted down the minutes until I could just go home, put on my jammies and write this as I went over my day. The trip home was easy breezy until we were walking past 711 and there was a guy yelling at people that wouldn't give him change but whatever, I was home.

Sometimes I'll think to myself that you can look at someone and have no idea what's going on in there world so it's always best to be courteous no matter what and at the same time they have no idea what's going on in mine and should think the same way but that isn't how things work when you're a commuter do you stay sane as a commuter?

1. If you can, tune them out.
2. If you can't, breathe.
3. If you breathe and you still can't tune them out, pray they leave soon.
4. If they don't, pray that you don't go to jail because you lost your mind at their stupidity.

Now I'm going to go attempt to make something I saw on Pintrest that I will probably fail miserably at but at least I tried!

Happy Hump Day!

See Ya
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