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Monday, August 8, 2016

Maybe The Crazy Is Real?

Hello Lovelies!

This Monday is a little bit relaxed as much as the week was. Things were quiet except in my head as usual but at least it wasn't a chaotic tornado of thoughts. They were all orderly with a problem and hopefully a solution. I say hopefully because I haven't actually tried to put the solutions into action yet to see if they will work.

I'm always thinking about a life change because I'm still in a place that I don't want to be and fantasizing ( which I do very well ) about where to go and how to get there. What I want to be doing and not doing has a constant place in my brain. I always do what I have to but not necessarily what I want to. Yesterday I did literally nothing, I could have... should have... but had no urge to. The house was practically empty so no riding, and with no one home to distract me, my thoughts were like tendrils of smoke twisting around each other and merging in some places while flying free in others. Maybe that was the point, to be left alone with my thoughts and try to wade through them.

None of it was bad or depressing, all of it had a level of impatience and yet patience at the same time. I'm not in a rush at all and yet I feel rushed to progress in so many things but there are boundaries and that keeps me solid and grounded in my mind most of the time. But there is order and no order at all, it's like I can't win but I'm not trying to or trying hard enough so maybe...just maybe the crazy is real.

That quiet crazy I've been told I have.

2 steps forward and 1 back right? Except that I'm not going backwards... some of it takes a courage that I have to build up to and I'm ok with that because the reward will be so much better for me if I can take the fears that I have and can push past them to get to what I want because the only person that can push me to do me. I tell myself at work that I should take it one thing at a time and really that works for like an hour because I'm a multi-tasker.

So now that that is out of my system...or not, we can move on!

Oh! I did see Suicide Squad with the brood on Saturday and I don't care what anyone says I loved it. DC still had some randomly placed the plot, but the ensemble cast was worth it for me and I thought they worked well together. The critics were ruthless with the movie as they seem to be with DC but from the ones I've seen from the DC Universe, although I do like most of them for their dark side, Suicide Squad was the one I have enjoyed the most. I also enjoy that there is a Superstore right there so I could get a huge bag load of candy that I shouldn't eat, which is actually 4 bags of candy thrown into one bag and making about a five pound bag. Woooooo!

So it's a short one today so I'll leave you with this link to a Scottish man roasting DT it might make your day!

Have a great week!

See Ya

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