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Monday, January 20, 2014

Survivers With Fins! So Far So Good!

Hello Lovelies!

I have no idea why I call you guys Lovlies but you're stuck with it!

It's Monday again and unfortuntely nothing really intersting happened last week. You guys know I started a new job and in my old office I was plant obsessed. So far after 7 weeks in my new office I've accumulated 7 plants(mostly in the first 2 weeks). I promised myself I wouldn't go overboard! A co-worker in the office is almost as bad with fish as I am with plants.

Ok not quite but close enough.

I call her the Fish Pimp...

So many of my co-workers have Beta fish on their desks. Beautiful...yes but I can't keep them alive to save my life. 7 days tops! I told her this and last week she brought me goldfish! Which was AWESOME except that I've only used goldfish to cycle my fish tanks for other tropical fish, so they usually make it about 5-7 days too. I know how goldfish work and they have a high maintenace level in my book because all they do is produce waste...constantly and they're not in a tank they're in a bowl so they're even more work. That's ok though I'm up too the task although now I'm itching for a tropical tank once again.

It could go right on my jungle plant table...wait no daydreaming about the perfect environment for fish and plants.

Anyway, I had them about 2 days and then had to leave them for the weekend! I worried about Bob and Doug the whole time (and yes if I had a 3rd his name would have been Mackenzie)They were the first names that came to mind and it fit them, sort of as much as any name can really fit a fish. When I got into work this morning I was so happy that they are alive!If they survive another week I'll celebrate by locating a tiny plastic case of beer that I can throw in thier bowl.

Besides that nothing much happened so what have I got to look forward to??

A challenge I offered a new fellow blogger involving food she probably won't like but I'll get her to eat it.

In an effort to get us off the couch and out of the house, planning a once a month something to do project. It could be in the house as long as it's motivational. The nicer side of weather is on the way so I'd like to start taking advantage!

We'll see how that goes...

That's it for now guys!

See Ya

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