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Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday's Stranger Danger Lesson! Homeless and Hellfire.

Hello Lovlies,

So today is a Stranger Danger Lesson for the week!

I walk to the Commuter train every morning and have to cross our local Recreation Center to get to the train yard. As you cross the parking lot there is the Terry Fox Library and then little covered bench area for people to sit in. Over the years I've seen various homeless people there sitting,sleeping and drooling. Where I live most of them are harmless, where as in the city most of them are harmful, rude and kick McDonalds cash registers over.

I will never forget that...

Sometimes though you get one that freaks you right out. I mean made me want to walk all they way around the building to avoid him before I could even hear what he was saying.

This morning I was walking in my usually fashion, in time to my music with my headphones in. I can see lunatic guy and I know he's crazy because he has very animated movements and he's talking to what I thought was himself. As I'm walking up and get closer I figured out quickly that I should have made a wide berth around him but, not wanting to let him know he freaked me out I decided to keep walking my usual way.

I listen to my music relatively loud so I figured that if he said anything I could get away with "not hearing him".

I was soooo wrong!

All of a sudden he's 2 feet away from me screaming that I ( meaning me ) put God in prison, I put Jesus in prison and because of that I was going to get smacked in the face???

Me, mouth open...

*blink blink*...

Now if there were any 2 people that could get out of ANY prison...prison of the mind...trapped in a cell ect, it would be them!
It's like not putting baby in a corner ( shameless Dirty Dancing plug )

Before I could even say anything or scream or run away, a very nice large man walked up and gently turned me away from the crazy guy and pushed me forward. He didn't even say anything it was like a scoop and walk quickly very quickly.

I had time to say a confused thank you and he was off on his way with the crazy guy behind me assaulting someone else with words of trapping God and his son and how that poor guy was going to be strung up and fed to demons for his trouble.

I might have to find a new route to the station...

See Ya

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