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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Glad to be back.

   Well it's been a bit since I've been here. Between moving and no Internet for about 2 weeks also almost forgetting my password causes a slow in the flow I was trying to create.

   Found a house at the last minute quite literally it was down to the wire with 4 days left of the month to spare. It's hard to find something when you have pets your not willing to part with but we managed. The girls are settling in and it's Fall so everything is cozy as we wait for the BC  rainy cold season to set in. My writing also had to take a bit of a break until everything settled and I could find everything again. We are not the best packers, I'm not going to lie we suck at it but with patient friends and family to help everything went as unsmoothly as it possibly could. What a gong show that was.

    It's all about the changes I guess. Everything has to change sometime and depending on how you react to it and handle the effects of the change then you're good. I wish my dogs could handle change, they were so stressed out by the move that Whiskey has bald patches on his ass from chewing caused by anxiety and Cali can't seem to reach her ass and just spins in circles attempting to chew it. Funnier than you think...

    It's starting to feel like home now and there is still more unpacking to do or storing I'm still trying to figure that one out and then all will be right with my household and I can focus on the many projects that I have on the go.

   My OGR will be a little late this week but I do have lots to say about the beginnings and endings of some of my fav's in the past few weeks and my introduction to the PVR. I'm having sooo much fun with this one.

See you soon!
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