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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Aug Update!

Hello Lovelies!!

It's been awhile as the Summer rolls on in full swing.

We had a few life changing moments that prevented thinking clearly enough for me to be here but they have settled now.

At the beginning of the year Choo found his son that had been given up for adoption 25 years ago and they had been in constant contact since. 2 weeks ago that son came to BC and moved in with us from Ontario. Quite the change but he fits right in and despite my ongoing anxiety about hoping we don't disappointment he's just adorable and pretty much a carbon copy of his dad. The girls have adjusted rather quickly and that's awesome especially since they are all adults. The extra weird part is seeing how much he's like his sisters for not having grown up with them and he's already got a job thanks to the spectacular people in our life.

The acceptance from the family and friends of him has warmed my heart and hopefully his!

The same day that he came in I received a call that one of my brothers passed away. Mine is a large family and even though there are many of my brothers I have yet to meet he was one of the few that I had met, so as exciting as it was to have the new addition another was lost that day.

The year anniversary of losing California also passed it the last month as well as losing Boscoe ( our tiny talkative cat ) somehow possibly Coyotes or another animal since he never strayed far from home we can only think he was taken by something.

Still having a carb issue on the Sportster to the point where I'm going to rebuild it myself because the one that was put on is worse than my original one and my mechanic is just too backed up to do it. I might as well learn since I would prefer to learn to do the maintenance myself and not only ride my own but take care of my own. I haven't ridden since I don't even remember when and I'm getting a bit stir crazy while I sit and stare longingly at her.

That being said I have been making slow progress on the BSA by learning and cleaning the Amal Carb on that one.

Thanks to this little baby I got all of the sediment out of the float bowl...which was caked.

I can take apart and put that one back together in my sleep now. She's a 5 year project that I'm 2 years into and besides stripping her down not much has happened there but this long weekend I'll be cutting out the old wiring harness and getting the frame ready to be stripped and painted. I finally found a place in Canada that I can get parts from at decent prices and I need alot of parts! So heading into the mid-summer I plan to get right up close and personal and make sure everything is ready and in motion for when I get the motor rebuilt.

I'm going to try and document as much as I can between Instagram and You Tube because even though I want to prove to the men in my life that I can do this...I want to prove it to myself more.

Emotionally though July was a rough month, I have an outlet now and here's hoping Aug holds more promise!

Alright guys have a great week!

See Ya

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