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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Haunted Places A Trip For Two

Hello Lovelies!

Trying to get back into making sure I'm here and present. It's tough sometimes trying to keep all of my Social Media updated and every now and then I just have to check out. I think part of it is because I haven't been using my blog journal that I just now remembered I haven't been using! I got so used to having it with me all the time so I could jot down notes for content and I really haven't had it for about 6 weeks now???

Holy crap where has my life gone???

So in a couple of weeks me and Blondunicorn are going to take an overnight trip to a Haunted place here in BC. We haven't locked down which one it will be yet but it's a plan in the works and I'm super stoked about it. So excited that I seriously just texted her to make sure we're still a go for that while I'm writing this.

Her response?? ABSOLUTELY!

Once I figure out where we're going I'll let you know. I'm pretty sure it will be towards the Okanagan because I don't want to go the other way. the Haunted Vancouver Island spots can wait for now.

So here are some of the most famous Haunted Places in BC 

I'm thinking that the Tranquille Sanitorium might be the go to place to truly creep her out. We'll see how that goes. she wants to camp wherever we go for the night...I don't think she'll want to stay there but if we do...

So excited! I'll keep you up to date.

K Have a great week!

See Ya
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